Nora En Pure adds ‘Luscious Rain’ to expansive 2021 repertoire

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Nora En Pure has had quite the year performing around the world, dropping exceptional singles and EPs over the course of the tour. Dispatched by (surprise!) Enormous Tunes, “Luscious Rain” is a head-nodding triumph, and the title fits the bill in the midst of the not-so-sunny season.

Her fifth one-off single of 2021, “Luscious Rain” arrives on the heels of En Pure’s deep-house take on Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl.” The latter remix landed in between “Life On Hold” and “Tantrum,” which, as En Pure exclusively told Dancing Astronaut in an on-site interview at DAY.MVS, were supposed to arrive as a dual-track EP. In the end, Nora En Pure sought to showcase the songs’ unique differences by relasing them individually.

“Luscious Rain” is an enthralling addition to En Pure’s 2021 catalog of singles. Stream the deep-house gem and its extended mix below.

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Dog Blood are sitting on new music, says Boys Noize

Dog Blood are sitting on new music, says Boys NoizeDog Blood

As Skrillex listeners continue to wait with baited breath for the multiple LPs of which the “Butterflies” maker made mention in March, Dog Blood fans can follow suit. The news comes thanks to Boys Noize‘s anything-but-subtle allusion to new music in his recent Reddit AMA. In a response to a participant who probed into the possibility of Dog Blood dispensing their remix of “Midnight”—from Boys Noize’s 2016 album Mayday—the producer admitted that the take isn’t likely to hit platforms in its familiar form, but could someday resurface in different dress.

Whether Boys Noize’s use of a wink face could be read as a coy confirmation of a future flip to come is unclear, but it’s buoyed by comparatively more concrete news: Dog Blood have “got some new shit.” Although Boys Noize didn’t ascribe a release time to the new music, listeners can add it to the list of the new material that they hope to hear in 2022. Whenever it does come ’round, it’ll serve as a direct answer to Dog Blood’s 2019 EP, Turn Off The Lights.

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Goldie announces new album as Subjective with James Davidson

Goldie and Ulterior Motive’s James Davidson are releasing a new album together under their Subjective alias.

Set for release on 25th March, the 14-track ‘The Start Of No Regret’ was produced remotely by the pair over the last 18 months, with Davidson working from his studio in Bournemouth and Goldie based in Thailand.

The album features a number of collaborations, with the likes of Greentea Peng, LaMeduza, Tom Misch and Natalie Williams, among others, all appearing.

“I really love the way that this album time travels through so many poignant aspects of mine and James’ life through rave culture, jungle, drum & bass and indie influences over the last 20 years,” said Goldie in a statement.

‘The Start Of No Regret’ follows on from the release of the first Subjective album, ‘Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects’, in 2019.

You can listen to ‘Sunlight’, which features Lady Blackbird, the second track to be unveiled from the new album, here.

In August, Goldie suggested in an interview that he believed humans are descended from aliens.

Revisit DJ Mag’s 2018 feature on the sound of his label, Metalheadz, here.

Run The Jewels drop new video for ‘Never Look Back’: Watch

The video is inspired by ‘Night Of The Living Dead’

Christian Eede

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 – 16:46

Run The Jewels have unveiled a brand new video for their track ‘Never Look Back’.

The visual, which was premiered over the weekend as part of Adult Swim Festival 2021, is shot in black and white and takes cues from ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, with Killer Mike and El P fending off zombies.

‘Never Look Back’ appeared on the hip hop duo’s 2020 album ‘Run The Jewels 4’, which was followed up by a deluxe version of the record, released in September.

You can watch the video for ‘Never Look Back’ below.

In March, Run The Jewels launched a new range of clothing, for kids. They also, last November, contributed a song, called ‘No Save Point’, to the soundtrack for video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’.

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Wil Akogu drops off his reflective new album, ‘Die An Idea’

Although migrating away from your home country is never easy, being able to see different parts of the world and receive potential opportunities is a blessing. Born in Nigeria, rising artist Wil Akogu moved to the states when he was 11-years-old, bouncing between American cultural hubs like Chicago and Los Angeles. Though he was around a new influence, Akogu never lost his connection to his culture, as he meshed elements of his homeland with styles from where he built himself as an artist. Looking to showcase this style, he checks in with his impressive new album, Die An Idea.

Clocking in at 11-tracks, Die An Idea is a peek into the mind of Akogu, as he leaves no emotional stone unturned. Touching on topics ranging from religion and relationships to things like perseverance, Akogu does a brilliant job of articulating his feelings throughout the reflective project. On records like, “WTMM,” he creates an air of uneasiness as he details a time in which he realized he had little to lose and was ready to risk it, accompanied by a video that appropriately captures that feeling to a tee. Other standouts from the project include, “Grown,” “REDLIGHT” and “God’s Chant,” a 3-song-run that perhaps showcases Akogu’s potential in the most accurate way.

With a couple of strong projects under his belt, it’s now time to hop on the Wil Akogu bandwagon. Take a listen to Die An Idea below and get familiar for yourself.

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Roqy Tyraid is back with “Tyraid Tuesday 8” [Video]

Phoenix emcee Roqy Tyraid is back with the 8th entry in his Tyraid Tuesday music series. This edition sees him flexing his lyrical biceps over JME‘s “Taking Over? (It Ain’t Working)” instrumental and the result is a high-intensity verbal workout. Tyraid makes mincemeat of the punchy dark grime backdrop and delivers a plethora of internal rhyme schemes, couplets peppered with pop references and insightful elements. Nothing is quite off the table as Tyraid aims to prove he is one of the best with the pen as he seamlessly takes listeners through varying levels of what he has to offer. The flow and cadence are sharp as ever so hold on to your seats as you are in for an enjoyable ride.

The visuals shot by Medaforacle are straightforward and pretty much focus on Tyraid’s performance style. It does away with any special visual effect or glitz and delivers a raw, uncut representation of the lyricist in his comfort zone doing what he loves best. “Tyraid Tuesday 8” is the first entry since he was given the honor of “Best Rapper” in Phoenix New Times.

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Rich Delinquent details his debut album ‘Sadboi’ in a track-by-track [Exclusive]

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Rich Delinquent reveals the poignant core at the heart of his stripped-back electronic-emo sound in his debut album Sadboi.

Unafraid to discuss the harsher realities of depression and anxiety, Rich Delinquent channels his feelings around life and love into Sadboi. Fearlessly examining the complexities of relationships, addiction, and the pursuit of passion through his songwriting, Rich Delinquent utilizes his lyricism and emotive vocals to fully express himself in his first full-length body of work. Incorporating a full spectrum of genres, emo, R&B, and hip hop elements seamlessly interweave with Rich Delinquent’s stirring electronic production. The project represents the artist as a triple-threat, showcasing his singing, songwriting, and production skills over the course of a compelling ten-song journey. 

Sadboi is out now on all streaming platforms, and in an EARMILK exclusive, he shares deep details on each of the album’s tracks in his own words below.

“Inhale, Exhale”

Life moves so fast and chaotically, yet can feel so slow at the same time, Inhale, Exhale is a reminder to take a moment to breathe and collect yourself before you lose your mind.  The combination of the calm and intense sections of the song sum up this juxtaposition perfectly. 

Being the first song on the album, you’re made aware that you’re about to enter the world of Sadboi… And you’re in for a ride. 

“Bad Time”

No time to waste here, we’re straight into Bad Time, a song that derives itself from a real experience filled with my demons and horrible decisions. Who would have thought being alone, intoxicated with strippers would have been a bad time. Reflecting on the situation and its potential terrible outcomes, it become apparent that you should never dance with the devil. The high energy production represents the rush you get from substance, whilst the lyrics are directly from my inner dialog of coming to terms with the ‘Bad Time’.

“She’s Happy?”

Ever see the beauty in someone who can’t see it in themselves?

You feel helpless, as every attempt to show them their imperfect perfection fails to rescue them from their own mind that has fabricated a cycle of negativity. But you never quit supporting and loving them for who they are because you understand the hell they go through on a daily basis.

This is “She’s Happy?” hopefully this songs upbeat music can help you realise that you’re perfectly imperfect.


And here we are at Sadboi. The song that sums up the entire album, It’s a “fuck you” to your demons, to the people that didn’t have your back, who told you no and not to follow your heart. I have made peace with my life decisions up to this point, good or bad and I’m happy I’m a SADBOI. You should be proud of the person you are no matter what the outcome of those decisions are if you have been true to yourself.

“I’m the Controller”

Break-ups suck! They can completely consume you, dominating every thought you have especially when you keep going back to each other. But this is the point where we take the control back and overcome the tsunami of emotions and confrontations. A powerful beat underlays the entire track to represent the authority we have over ourselves and that we won’t let this horrible part of relationships consume us anymore.

“Broken, Healing”

Interlude time. you might need to recoup after the first half of the album but I’m having none of that, here we sonically destroy everything because that’s the only way we know how to heal.

“Cocaine Late Nights”

Combining fragmented, futuristic synths and emotion-drenched lyrics, ‘Cocaine Late Nights’ is a heart-on-sleeve modern pop banger that draws from the paranoid undertones of betraying your lover and realising you have wasted your love. Another anthem to overcome another bad decision.


Let’s run away from our problems for a moment, together, to this avant-grande pop piece with its progress bass lines and grounded duet. We are Renegades that can’t be saved from each other, prefect for each other yet totally destructive together. So we fleet with our emotions and see where they get us on this journey. 


Realising that the relationship you’re deeply in is actually falling apart due to manipulation, you’ve been gaslit at every turn and you are just starting to see your lover’s true colours. The entire musical bed pumps up and down along with the rollercoaster of being gaslit. Should you run or fight? Gaslighting will guide you through the turmoil.

“Quick Love Pt. 2 / Inside My Head”

This song is but a shoutout to my day ones and a book end to the album taking a vocal sample from every previous song and tying them together into a new song just seemed like the perfect way to sum up this emotionally saturated, sonically futuristic album that is Sadboi.

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Dalby Biehl finds love beneath the “Blanket”

“Blanket” is the latest release from emerging 15-year-old singer Dalby Biehl who caught our attention with her unique genre-bending style. The mid-tempo pop record details the type of love the young singer yearns for and fully pours her heart on wax with evocative songwriting that listeners can relate to. The  Tricky Stewart produced record oozes a rich foundation of lush guitar riffs, cinematic string textures peppered by a crispy drum groove that drives it to a plateau. Despite her young age, Dalby sounds like a veteran with her commanding vocal runs and layered harmonies that linger in the ear long after.

Dalby Biehl is a multi-faceted artist who is also a songwriter, and activist. The Atlanta-based, Newport Beach, California-born artist has been carving her niche in the industry from a tender age and her debut project was independently produced at the age of 12. She adds via email that she doesn’t like to be boxed into a particular genre and is always willing to expand her musicality depending on the situation. As a performer, Biehl has also traveled the globe doing shows and making songs and spent a particularly long time in the UK but now back in the ATL, she has since been working on several songs and an upcoming project with legendary producer, Tricky Stewart.

Dalby Biehl is actually the niece of the late anti-Apartheid activist Amy Biehl who was murdered in South Africa in 1993.

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Ultra unloads packed second wave of 2022 talent with Seven Lions, Tchami, DubVision, Afrojack, and more

Ultra unloads packed second wave of 2022 talent with Seven Lions, Tchami, DubVision, Afrojack, and moreUMF2018 0325 225720 0246 ALIVECOVERAGE

Ultra’s highly anticipated homecoming date at Bayfront Park is truly a lot closer than it seems, and the Miami staple is continuing to come out swinging with its lineup reveal. Less than a month after unveiling its initial wave of headliners—the earliest its done so in its 20-plus-year history—Ultra Music Festival is already dropping the curtain on a second group of names that adds to an already top-of-the-line roster ahead of March 2022.

For what will be serve as its first Florida-hosted event in three years, Ultra is leaving nothing to chance in ensuring that the collective dance music world is back where it belongs come Miami Music Week. Joining previously disclosed headlining names that include Madeon, Alesso, Martin Garrix, and Pendulum will be Seven Lions, Tiësto, Afrojack, Vintage Culture back-to-back, Claptone, Armin van Buuren, NGHTMRE back-to-back Jauz, and RESISTANCE returnees Adam Beyer, Sasha / John Digweed, and Joseph Capriati.

As always, Ultra’s phase two announcement, comes under its support list, which includes a slew of all-but-confirmed STMPD RCRDS stage members DubVision, Matisse & Sadko, and Julian Jordan as well as names to round out Ultra’s other group of stage slots, including ACRAZE, FrostTop, William Black, Tchami, WHIPPED CREAM, 4B sharing the decks with SAYMYNAME, WAVEDASH, and Wax Motif among countless others. As expected, the lineup’s largest question mark of the moment—the blurred-out name smack dab in the center of its headliner section—still remains unanswered, with alphabetical signs continuing to point to it being the return of Hardwell as Ultra touts its Sunday closer as being one of electronic music’s “most iconic artists.”

Ultra unloads packed second wave of 2022 talent with Seven Lions, Tchami, DubVision, Afrojack, and more2022 MIA Billing PH2

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23-year-old Jem unveils the captivating single “Secrets”

Turkish-London-based independent singer-songwriter Jem shares the transfixing single “Secrets”. Despite being his debut release, the cinematic cut reveals an artist rooted with wisdom and the clarity of exactly the kind of artist he wishes to be.

[embedded content]

Blending Middle Eastern percussions and bolstered by a rock-infused guitar, the single pairs his Western sounds with the delicate sonics of the East. A flourishing exploration into contemporary culture, the paired visuals from renowned director Mu Tunc are cinematically captivating and enhance the track’s authenticity. The raw acoustic guitar plucks create an earthy texture to the track, encompassing the listener to truly be in the present.

Sometimes I visualise my songs before writing them,” he explains. “With this song, imagery came to me in a dream-like state, and all I did was react musically to how these images made me feel. When writing Music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up. I’ve always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.”

The track’s collaborative partnership between musician and director has enabled its ability to connect with its listener. The harmonies throughout are meditative, leading to an inspiring single underscored with warmth and sepia tones. Bolstered with vivid imagery, “Secrets” is a kaleidoscopic blend of worlds.

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