The Velvicks unleash their spirited new single “ChaChaCha”

It is said that you can try and run from your problems, but you can never run away from yourself. The Velvicks release their latest riveting rock anthem, “ChaChaCha,” detailing the story of a woman who flees Mexico City only to discover her problems have followed her. Highlighting gritty guitars, pounding drums and fiery vocals, the track hits hard, as Vick Nader sings, “she drove all the way down from Mexico City/making decisions was never your best.” 

The bold Brazilian rock band is comprised of Vick Nader (lead vocals), Vinny Da Silva (guitar), Apoena Frota (bass) and Ed Marson (Drums). Reminiscent of Foo Fighters and The Black Keys, their jangly energetic sound captivates fans. This new release packs that same potent punch. The band shares, “This song is a take on how everyone is the main player in creating their own problems, whether it’s self-sabotaging one’s goals or fear of moving forward, or avoiding confrontation; only to realize that problems pile up quickly, especially with the abuse of alcohol and illegal substances.”

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