WE ARE FURY, if found, Stirling show they ‘Belong’ with new drum ‘n’ bass single

WE ARE FURY, if found, Stirling show they ‘Belong’ with new drum ‘n’ bass singleCred Curtis Huisman

WE ARE FURY showcase their production chops on “Belong,” their third single of 2021 and notably one that finds them dipping their toes into the world of drum ‘n’ bass. It’s their first collaboration with if found, who just released a heavy official remix for Gryffin’sBest Is Yet To Come.” Stirling supplies the guitar riff and rock influence-ridden song with sublime vocals.

“Belong,” which follows the Canadian duo’s “Remember” and “Talking To Ghosts,” signals a new era of WE ARE FURY music following the release of their debut album, DUALITY, in the summer of 2020. The previous two singles featured full remix albums to boot, and if this tradition is to continue, listeners may soon hear a wave of alternative versions in the months to come. Stream “Belong” below.

Featured image: Curtis Huisman

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Papa Khan makes his Monstercat debut with ‘The Tide’

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Papa Khan has rolled out “The Tide” via Monstercat. One of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021 continues to make waves with his revolutionizing sound design with his debut release on the Canadian independent label. The tune, which taps into his emotive production, follows September’s “Wounds,” released via No Copyright Sounds. Sharing some sentiments about the single, the Indonesian producer stated,

“With the release of ‘The Tide,’ I wonder what my Dad would think about the fact that I signed to Monstercat. One of the biggest electronic labels in the world, and one of my dream labels. I told him in the beginning of the Papa Khan project that I would make it, and here I am making my Monstercat debut. I miss him and hope you enjoy this single as much as I know he would have.”

“The Tide” combines elements of the future-bass and riddim subgenres as Papa Khan once again uniquely demonstrates his versatility through melodic ambience, atmosphere, and low-end frequencies. The rising producer has increasingly made his presence known in the electronic scene over the past year while picking up support from Skrillex, Marshmello, ILLENIUM, and others along the way. Stream “The Tide” below.

Featured image: Papa Khan/Facebook

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Beatport, Microsoft Surface launch music education and event series, Originals²

Beatport, Microsoft Surface launch music education and event series, Originals²IStock 1177074 MEDIUM

On November 18, Beatport and Microsoft Surface announced the launch of Originals², a cross-continent music education and event series developed to “fuel the originality of the next generation of musicians,” according to Beatport.

The first event in the series will be held on December 2 at Art Basel in Miami, where the partners will celebrate the debut of a new Party Mode feature on the Beatport DJ app. Party Mode, which seamlessly integrates with Beatport’s DJ web app streaming platform, enables up to four DJs to play a set in real time from different locations. The functionality is slated to become available to the public in early 2022, but will be on display on December 2, when Beatport Link and Surface will connect Jamie Jones (scheduled to perform at Art Basel) with Loco Dice in Berlin to support a trans-Atlantic team up that will notably be the first back-to-back set to be hosted via the Beatport DJ app.

“The music industry has adapted incredibly in reaction to the pandemic, which inspired us to build the new DJ Party Mode feature on our popular Beatport DJ web app to enable musicians to collaborate on DJ sets, no matter where they are in the world. Microsoft Surface has been a fantastic partner to optimize the experience
for DJs with their innovative hardware and software,” said Ed Hill, Vice President of Beatport Media Group.

Originals² will continue to take shape in December through Originals² Academy, a two-day educational event for select creators that will take place in Miami and Berlin. Microsoft Teams will bridge the activity at both locations, much of which will be livestreamed to DJs at home to support remote learning and development. Originals² Academy is to be powered by the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8, which will enable Beatport’s team of creators to experience the latest technological innovations from Surface and Beatport in concert.

Although further details are not yet available at this time, Beatport and Microsoft plan to hold a second Originals² Academy that will double as a remix competition later in 2022.

Featured Image: Andrija Kova

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midiphy MatriX Graphical MIDI Sequencer & Isomorphic Keyboard Now Available

midiphy has announced the availability of the MatriX Graphical MIDI Sequencer and Isomorphic Keyboard.

midiphy MatriX extends existing midiphy (or MIDIbox) sequencers with a large 17×17 button/LED matrix for graphical sequencing and more. The grid can also be used as an isomorphic sequencer to control your MIDI instruments.

[embedded content]

The video intro, embedded above, covers these topics:

00:03 Introducing the midiphy MatriX
00:50 Graphical Sequence Composition
01:44 Editing Notes and Joystick Composition
02:38 Clip Navigation and Grid Modes
03:34 High-Res Edits and Quantization
04:20 Isomorphic Keys: Pentatonic Intermezzo
04:51 Macro Screen (LoopA Comannd Center)
08:02 Force-To-Scale (and Note Color Labels)
09:01 Scale Mode
10:01 Isomorphic Keys Tip: Geometric Playing
10:48 Keys Mode Controllers
12:29 Outro: Six Track Jam


  • 289 (17×17) RGB-backlit and light|shielded mechanical keys with custom keycaps for optimal light dispersion.
  • Full-color 128×128 high-end OLED display running at 60Hz for info and graphical sequence/clip previewing.
  • Extra sliders and buttons for parameter entry and additional functions.
  • Two bidirectional MIDI ports and a dedicated button to switch between them.
  • Dedicated navigation joystick for moving selections, scrolling through clips/sequences and more!
  • High-performance STM32F4 MCU using RTOS as a software base for a responsive and fluid user experience.
  • Full midiphy SEQ v4+ and MIDIbox SEQ v4 support – compatible with existing BLM 16×16+X protocol.
  • Enhanced LoopA support: advanced editor with note color mapping and pan/zoom controls (microtiming), 160 scales (with note quantization), reassignable isomorphic keyboard and performance controls.

Pricing and Availability

midiphy MatriX is available now as a DIY kit for 1,189.99 €.

Artisan Nucleus Analog-Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer Now Available To Pre-Order

[embedded content]

Artisan Electronic Instruments’s Mike Bachman has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Nucleus analog hybrid monophonic synthesizer.

Bachman says that Nucleus “combines the sound design of East and West Coast ideas, blends analog and digital technologies, and packs a vast sound palette into an intuitive user aesthetic.”

The Nucleus is a 60hp synth that’s available as a Eurorack or desktop module. While it’s compact, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of sonic possibilities, with: two discrete analog oscillators; a digital oscillator that can do basic waveshapes, Karplus-Strong synthesis, Swarm wave, custom waveforms, noise, bit-crushing and more; a flexible filter with multiple low-pass, bandpass and high-pass options; 4 six-stage Envelope Generators; 3 LFOs; deep modulation options and more.

Oscillator 1 is based on an analog discrete Saw-core circuit providing Saw, Triangle, and variable pulse/PWM waveforms. Tied into it is a modulate-able 4 stage wavefolder, for creating metallic tones. The Sub-Oscillator has its own variable filter, producing smooth sine waves or all the way through a rich square.

Oscillator 2 is also a fully discrete analog design, with Saw, Variable Pulse/PWM, and PWM with Sub-Octave. It also has a selectable 2 or 3 stage Digital Ring Modulator. Oscillator 2 can also Hard-Sync to a separately controlled digital 4th oscillator. And it can be Frequency Modulated by Oscillator 3, through a dedicated VCA controlling the FM depth in real-time.

Oscillator 3 is digital. It can do basic waveshapes, but also offers variable slope Saw to Triangle wave, an adjustable width Swarm wave, and String tones using the Karplus-Strong physical model. There are ten slots for custom waveforms and a noise source. Oscillator 3 also has a bit-crusher/sample reducer effect, if you want to get into more digital effects.

The filter is a unique cascade multi-mode design that runs in 2 pole Low Pass, Bandpass, and High Pass modes, as well as 4 pole versions of each. Bachman says that it’s the Dual-path Regeneration and 8-pole design that gives a unique character to the Bandpass modes, providing variable and modulate-able bandwidth and dual peak resonance. The filter can track over a wide range, so you can “play” the peaks and get a 5-oscillator sound or chord.

The filter has modulation inputs for cutoff, resonance, and filter shape. Finally, you can dirty up the sound with  asymmetrical soft clipping circuits.

Modulation Options Galore

The Nucleus also offers a deep and powerful modulation matrix, with 50+ modulation sources and 30+ destinations that are all available simultaneously.

They include:

  • 4 six-stage Envelope Generators (delay, attack, hold, decay, sustain, release), with looping, linear, and expo shapes and time and sustain modulation
  • 3 LFOs provide 9 waveshapes, key-sync, delay, and rate modulation.
  • 2 external CVs and 4 modulation paths from the keyboard add more real-time modulation control.
  • You can also take those modulations sources and Add, Multiply, Average, Lag, Quantize, Switch, Sync knobs, contour, and route MIDI CC to create new modulation effects.

All 200+ parameters are saved with patches, and you can save up to 200 patches.


  • Osc 1: Analog Discrete Saw Core with Wave-folding  & PWM
  • Sub Osc 1 with variable waveshapes
  • Osc 2:  Analog Discrete Saw Core with PWM, Hard Sync and FM
  • Osc 3:  Digital Wavetable, Karplus Strong + Noise & Bit Crushing
  • 3 input Digital Ring Modulator
  • 8 Pole Multi-Mode Dual Peak Filter
  • VCA with soft and hard clipping distortion
  • 4 ADAHSR Envelopes with variable shape
  • 3 LFO with key-sync and delay
  • Modulation Adders, multipliers, lag, contouring….
  • Full MIDI In/Out interface
  • User-selectable CV In and Out
  • 100 user patches and built-in standard patches
  • Over 50 Modulation sources
  • Over 30 Destinations (all simultaneous)
  • 60 hp
  • +12v 120ma / – 12v 50ma

Introduction to the Nucleus:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

Production of the Nucleus is being funded via a Kickstarter project and it is available to project backers starting at $770 for the Eurorack version.

Note: Crowd-funded projects can involve risk, see the project page for details.