Moore Kismet shares new single, ‘Call Of The Unicorn’, featuring Tasha Baxter: Listen

Moore Kismet has released a new single, ‘Call Of The Unicorn’.

The track sees them collaborate with vocalist Tasha Baxter, and follows on from the release of a string of singles this year, including ‘Rumor’ with WYN and ‘Vendetta For Cupid’ with TYGKO. 

“‘Call of the Unicorn’ originally started out as a sound design experimentation session, but ended up becoming something so much bigger,” Moore Kismet says of the new song. “When I started flushing out the full arrangement, I realised that I wanted this song to have an anthemic feel. Not too much going on, but still enough to draw a listener into the song.

“Tasha Baxter is a songwriter and vocalist that I have admired since I was a little kid. When we first met, the only thing we can talk about is how much music meant to us. I sent her the original demo of ‘COTU’, and within days, she came back to me with a vocal cut. We want people to feel powerful, beautiful, and strong when they listen to this song. It’s how it makes us feel, and we hope that message spreads to everyone who hears it.”

The song is set to feature on Moore Kismet’s much-anticipated debut album, ‘UNIVERSE’, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Read DJ Mag’s recent feature on the artist here.

Watch the video for ‘Call Of The Unicorn’ below.

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Livecoding glitch, eye-searing colors, AI poetry, and the knowledge to make it yourself for free

The latest absolutely eye-popping work made with free Web live-coding tool Hydra comes from artist Naoto Hieda, with sound by the duo Ekheo (Aude Langlois and Belinda Sykora) and some eerie AI poetry. If that didn’t melt your brain entirely, you can follow along with tutorials to harness the powers of Hydra, too.

Which music does Leewa like? Leewa likes to sing!

[embedded content]

That should qualify as a substance-free total mind trip.

But if that got your eyes open, Naoto-san has a whole series of very useful Hydra tutorials and other AV goodies on their channel, largely in English (though I’ll toss in one in Japanese as we have a few readers who speak that). And yeah, that as always reveals the wonders of the fantastic free and open-source, artist-friendly tool created by Olivia Jack. It’s great for coders who feel uncomfortable making art, great for artists who feel uncomfortable writing code, great for people who are generally uncomfortable and just want to fill their screen with colors, just all-around great:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Actually, I can even follow this tutorial for combining Hydra with p5.js (the JavaScript version of Processing):

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Previously, in Hydra:

Find more of Ekheo’s work – research, gender, identity – at their project site:

And you get more performances like this one, alongside Hieromorphe, channeling Carl Jung into a sea of textures and voices that seem to spill out of the channels. I don’t know why people think Berlin is only “Berghain techno”; it’s very often we’re doing this … just maybe y’all aren’t lining up for hours for it, sure (maybe in an alternate universe that’s reversed? dunno):

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Howard Kaye shares a glimpse of his refreshed sound on ” Last Generation”

UK artist Howard Kaye showcases his experimental sonic style on “Last Generation,” a track which explores the relatable message of taking life for granted. Reflecting on the very human reaction of putting ourselves first when faced with trouble, the track leads with a combination of droning guitars and beats layered over Kaye’s soaring vocals.

Pinned to Kaye’s observations of how people went out of their ways to protect themselves over anyone else, especially during the pandemic, the track is deceptively catchy with a hard-hitting chorus that gets us playing it on repeat. Tapping into a genre-hopping sound that has seen him jump from the world of hip-hop and electronic to rock and beyond, the track establishes Kaye’s ability to build power-packed soundscapes around intelligent song writing.

Inspired by the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot, Kaye’s endless passion for music has simmered and bloomed from a young age has led him to develop himself as an explorative act, launched forward by confidence and authenticity. Offering “Last Generation,” as the first glimpse of his experimental, reinvented sound, Kaye comes out of his creative shell.

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Rezz releases new album, ‘Spiral’: Listen

“This body of work reflects an evolved version of my music with new sounds, more vocals and more collaborations,” she’s said of the new album

Christian Eede

Monday, November 22, 2021 – 18:02

Rezz has released her new album, ‘Spiral’.

Originally announced in September, the release of the artist’s fourth album follows the unveiling a string of singles in recent weeks that included ‘Chemical Bond’ with Deathpact, ‘Let Me In’ with fknsyd, ‘Sacrificial’ with PVRIS, and ‘Taste of You’ with Dove Cameron. Elsewhere on the new album, there are collaborations with PEEKABOO, EDDIE, Shadow Cliq and fellow Canadian act Metric.

Speaking in a statement about ‘Spiral’, Rezz said: “This body of work reflects an evolved version of my music with new sounds, more vocals and more collaborations while still maintaining the origin that captivated my audience.

“I wanted this album to be heavily branded visually around hypnosis and a spiral themed production. Like all of my projects, I just make whatever feels natural in the moment.”

Following the album’s release, Rezz is due to head out on a tour of North America at the start of 2022.

Listen to ‘Spiral’ below.

R.A.P. Ferreira returns from the malaise with jazz on his side in new single “East Nashville”

January’s Bob’s Son album set up R.A.P. Ferreira as hip-hop’s bop poet laureate, masterfully stitching together narratives and painting broad, expressive strokes over rap’s tattered canvas. The album was heavily lauded and it seems the laureate may have been resting on his laurels in the months since the release, but any radio silence has been shattered by the release of a new single, “East Nashville”, and welcome news of a new R.A.P. Ferreira album. Jazz legends of the atonal Möbius strip be praised.

“East Nashville”, as well as being a touching tribute to the place Ferreira lays his various extravagant hats, takes a more straightforwardly funky approach than much of the work on Bob’s Son, and hits the groove perfectly. As if to say, I can do regular boom-bap, I just choose not to, Ferreira skips all over a jazzy, playful vast ness. beat, casually dispensing couplets and insights so pragmatically it’s easy to take them as gospel. The beat is decidedly lo-fi, but any attempts to study or relax to it will ultimately prove fruitless thanks to Ferreira’s undeniable turns of phrase. An upbeat organ melody and crackling drums keep the necks cramping while elsewhere third eyes are being prised open.

The lyrics shoot off on various freeform tangents, but the general arc concerns R.A.P. Ferreira and a few good Nashville folk embarking on the classic American road trip, complete with artistically justified misadventures. The track is purposely peppered with local references designed to keep music reviewers thousands of miles away rightfully out of the loop.

“You never seen Professor Pretty Feet half-step

Black Aztec in Tribec, sippin’ Schweppes

Poetic terrorist made inept

Took the L and kept it pushin’

Recouped in Houston, resumed the cruisin’

Soulfolks do the bruisin’

In Pasadena, lean into that audio patina

Mementos in Sacramento

Sacraments in escrow

Vêtement, tore a hole

In Minneapolis, we became unbearable”

Ferreira has an instinctive understanding of tone and flow, as well as the inner mechanisms of words, and he gleefully sets about deconstructing them around his own blueprints, often little more than rough sketches which are fleshed out in the moment. If this is a snippet of what we can expect from the upcoming album, the snappily titled The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures, released on November 26 on Ruby Yacht, R.A.P. Ferreira may be lining up his usual art rap fare but with a more upfront inflection. This may be the release to elevate him to a new plateau and make his witty semi-autobiographical anecdotes part of the curriculum. Pre-order The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures here to avoid having to type it all in.

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Ruby Francis shares the lush new single “Disconnect”

North London singer-songwriter Ruby Francis shares her new single “Disconnect”. A sleek R&B offering that showcases Francis’ clean-cut production and sweet vocals, the single is a warming track laced with gooey instrumentation.

With lush R&B tones that draw on noughties neo-soul and Francis’ honeyed vocals, “Disconnect” is a sultry single wrapped in a blanket of warm, soothing melodies. Interweaving hints of funk with buoyant pads and synths, the single’s fusion displays Francis’ very best work. Released alongside her debut album Archives, Francis tells us that the LP is a combination of songs written over a number of years about her “encountering different phases and experiences; from overcoming breakups and relationship hurdles, mental health struggles, exploring fantasies and characters as well as just having fun. These were all songs that have been archived. I hope that the listener will relate and create their own meanings and concepts through the journey of the songs.”

While “Disconnect” also tackles everyday struggles, it’s a single that tells us we need some time out to take a break from the tiredness of inequalities. Delving into her world of swirling R&B and soulful songwriting, Archives is a powerful debut album with 13 songs glazed with sticky-sweet harmonies. If you want to see Francis at her very, very best, check out “Let Me In” featuring Blue Lab Beats – phenomenal.

Archives is out via Unity Records now.

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Yani K paid attention to what “Mama Said”

Up and coming act Yani K first caught our ears some years ago with her song “Antisocial” which gave an interesting take on the effects of social media. In her new single titled “Mama Said”, she brings her unique insight into the dynamics of adulthood in this day and age.

The reflective record, produced by Mulade, is ripe with warm textures, crisp guitar riffs, and soft drums and clocks just below the two-minute mark but it’s just enough for Yani K to share her life experiences as an adult. “Mama Said” takes us through the youthful exuberance of wishing to be older, independent, and in control of her life but when reality hits, all that starts to fade. From bills piling up, friendships slowly fading away to mismatched life priorities, the truth is adult life is not that fun. 

Yani K is a Maryland native who is somewhat green to the industry and has two EPs under her belt with Glass Half Full being the last project she put out. It seems “Mama Said” is a one-off release as no project is attached to it.

Get “Mama Said” on Apple MusicYouTubeDeezer.

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Bangladeshi musician Sabbir Nasir delivers call-to-action against human evils on “Drowning”

Bangladeshi musician, poet and philosopher, Sabbir Nasir protests the evils of the world, touching on important topics of human trafficking, child prostitution and more on impactful protest song “ Drowning.” Opening with  soaring synths and airy vocals, the EDM-pop offering comes alive with funky basslines and subtle guitars, underpinned by catchy dance beats as Nasir draws us into the depth of his heart.

Heartfelt and emotive, “Drowning,” is serene yet thrums with currents of anger as Nasir calls on the elimination of all the evils that enveloping human race, a powerful music video from Shahrear Polock, carrying the message of the sensitive track forward. Channelling his signature lyrical style that seeks to address the unfairness of society, Nasir weaves strong connections that swell with the strength of his soulful voice.

[embedded content]

Having made a name for himself as a folk act, Nasir has slowly and steadily infused his interest in sonic experimentation moving effortlessly across various music styles.

With touches of spirituality and technical training coming together to develop an artistry that’s as organic as it is carefully crafted, Sabbir Nasir delivers a fiery mix of frustration, protest and a call for action on his latest foray that marks another notch in recent series of successful singles.

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Ross from Friends launches new free plugin and 50GB of samples

The new tool was designed when he was working on his album ‘Tread’

Declan McGlynn

Monday, November 22, 2021 – 15:56

Producer and DJ Ross from Friends has released a free new tool for music makers, and 50GB of samples from his studio. The tool – called Threso – was designed to record every sound once the volume goes over a certain threshold, and to stop the recording once it drops below a certain threshold. The audio file is timestamped and automatically moved to a folder to access later. 

Of the tool, Ross from Friends said: “Over the course of writing ‘Tread’, Thresho automatically created this audio diary of everything I did in the studio. The album is defined by this process, so I wanted people to be able to interact with it to get a closer understanding of the album as a whole.⁣⁣”

As well as letting other producers use the tool – which is a Max for Live plugin – the Ninja Tune producer also uploaded 50GB of samples that were made using Threso over the course of the album’s recording. You can download the sounds and the plugin here – RFF will be sharing some of his favourite projects made using the sounds and will be sending gifts to those he reposts on his Instagram.

Lila Drew releases the cosy, folk-hued single “Crystal Ball”

Singer-songwriter Lila Drew releases her cosy, folk-hued single “Crystal Ball”. Built upon an elegant percussive backdrop, the single entices us further into the world of the Drew’s evocative artistry with a sickly sweet coax. 

Met instantly with her dreamy vocals and a placid guitar melody, the eery echoing effect to her voice harnesses the track’s intent to vocalise emotion. Her compelling songwriting shines through as the single unravels into a narrative dissecting the uncertainty of the world around her. Whilst “Crystal Ball” navigates through a tapestry of delicate acoustic sonics, its tenderness lies with the enriching textures that build together to form a weighted bond. 

Telling us more about the recording processes of the single, Drew says: “There’s a lot of frustration in it – I remember going to the studio with Jordan Reyes, who produced this song, and wanting to yell into the mic. That was something I’d never done before. All of the vocals I’d ever recorded had been so soft, for the sake of hiding my own fears underneath reverb and delay… The background vocals in Crystal Ball are all first takes of me just screaming the song from across the room, the mic picking up only the loudest frequencies. It’s maybe as sincere as I get. It’s a special sort of feeling.”

Drawing inspiration from Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison, it’s clear that these artists have had an impact on her trajectory. Her rawness and honesty thrives in the folk-tinged environment that “Crystal Ball” delivers and it’s this wisdom within her youth that gifts Drew the opportunity to be the greatest.

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