MOONWOOD unveil their dreamy new tune “Sydney Lights”

Travel restrictions placed on us due to the pandemic have been a struggle for many. Whether it is travel for pleasure, work or returning to the place we are from, getting out of our normal environment sometimes is just the escape we need. MOONWOOD sings of a new appreciation for your native city in “Sydney Lights.” With a light, passionate tone gliding over wistful guitars and shining synths, the tender track is so warm and inviting, with the imagery of Sydney lights illuminating the city clearly engrained in your mind. That longing to go to a place you once called home can be heard in the yearning angst oozing off the vocals.

The Australia born, United States and Canada based band consists of Jake (lead vocals), Justin (drums), Aaron (keys), Will (bass) and Paul (guitar). Inspired by U2 and Kings Of Leon, they enchant listeners with their gentle, melancholic sound. This release possesses that same delicate quality fans know and love. Singer Jake shares, “As a result of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting still, not being able to travel or leave the state. We have had no choice but to stay in our homes to think and reflect. It was in that place that this song was born.”

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