The Velveteins are determined to “Make It Through”

Losing someone close to you can be a very difficult thing to cope with. We all deal with grief in different ways, but for many of us it takes a while to really come to terms with this kind of tragedy. The Velveteins beautifully detail that profound process in their newest single “Make It Through.” With twinkling arrangements and airy vocals this mellow yet passionate tune exudes a sense of hopefulness pushing through notes of pain. Singing with such gentle fragility, “We didn’t make it but we’ll make it through,” the sentiment becomes hard to ignore. 

The indie rockers are known for their otherworldly, psychedelic sound. Frontman Spencer Morphy started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014 and then were later joined by Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak. The four-piece has since found success through their lush, laid-back sound and mesmerizing live performances. Their growing fan base spans across the globe and they show no signs of slowing down. This new single not only expresses the loss of a few close friends, but also illustrates their strong dedication for their career as well.

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