Bang Face Weekender returns in 2022, announces first 64 names

Bang Face Weekender is set to return to Southport in 2022, and has revealed the first 64 names coming along for the ride.

After a hiatius due to the pandemic, the next edition of the wild weekend-long party will take place from Thursday 5th May to Monday 9th May, soundtracked by some of the best names in electronic music.

Among the first artists to be confirmed for Bang Face 2022 are Metalheadz boss Goldie and previous DJ MAG UK cover star, SHERELLE, who’ll be joined by the likes of Squarepusher, Rebekah, Evian Christ, and Astrophonica‘s head honcho, Fracture.

Elsewhere, more sets will come from LCY, another previous cover star in the form of Local Action’s India Jordan, SPFDJ, Samurai Breaks, Baby T FKA B. Traits and Glasgow’s Konx-om-Pax.

You can see the first names for Bang Face Weekender 2022 below. On-site chalet accomodation has sold out, but hotels are still available through the Bang Face website



Dorian Electra



Black Sun Empire

Little Sis Nora


Luke Vibert

Lorenzo Senni


Baby T

Mampi Swift


Lil Mariko


Evian Christ (DJ set)

Top Buzz

Baby D

Cera Khin

Ceephax Acid Crew

Mark Archer


India Jordan



The DJ Producer







Hyper On Experience




Pete Cannon




Jerome Hill


DJ Vibes

DJ Druid


Samurai Breaks

Ruby My Dear

Stazma The Junglechrist




Kanji Kinetic

Count Baldor







Sample Junkie

Dave Skywalker


Saint Acid

& The Bang Face Hard Crew

Printworks launches new Bulldog Gin Courtyard

Printworks has launched a new Bulldog Gin Courtyard.

The South London venue, which is linking up with Defected and Glitterbox for its New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day parties this year, has revealed the new space heading for its outside area, after first introducing the Courtyard to Field Day Festival.

“As the gin of the music world and a long-standing partner of Printworks, BULLDOG Gin is excited to announce the launch of its new BULLDOG Gin Courtyard,” the press release states. “A dedicated space within the venue where clubbers can enjoy twists on favourite gin classics with a new menu including the Supersonic Gin and Tonic and the BULLDOG Gin and Ginger.”

The remaining dates for this year’s autumn/winter schedule at Printworks feature The Chemical Brothers, who are locked to host a Bugged Out! party with Erol Alkan and Jossy Mitsu, MK’s Area 10, parties from Gorgon City and Richie Hawtin, Anjunadeep, and drum & bass outfit Noisia’s last ever London show.

Find out more about Printworks here.

Printworks was voted 7th in the DJ Mag Top 100 Club’s Poll 2021.

In October, eagle-eyed viewers spotted that DC’s forthcoming Batman movie, simply titled ‘The Batman’, features a scene filmed at London’s Printworks.

The best Black Friday deals for music software

Black Friday, Black month, Black November – whatever time span this now means, here are hand-picked examples of some of the best deals on music-making software.

Disclosure: CDM has an advertising relationship with some vendors listed. Paid placements were not offered in this section, however.

AAS (Applied Acoustics Systems) software is up to 60% off. I’ve been addicted to AAS for years as a fan of physical modeling – and readers know I’ve been singing the praises of Multiphonics CV-1. Especially nice – the modeling collection, with the Multiphonics CV-1 modular, String Studio VS-3, Strum GS-2, Chromaphone 3, Lounge Lizard EP-4 electric piano, Ultra Analog VA-3 synth, and the very lovely Objeq Delay (which is really also a resonator), are all 60% off for US$199.

I’d spring for the bundle, but the modular at US$49 is also a great deal.

Free Swatches: Plus, for free there’s their cute Swatches sound pack:

Waves free plug-in: Lofi Space. It’s become something of a Black Friday tradition – Waves has another giveaway plug this year. This one combines a bright, sparkly echo with tempo sync and a plate/spring reverb. The usual caveats apply – you have to install the latest Waves software to get at it. All their other stuff is deeply discounted, too, but I suspect you know that already given how Waves advertises. Just grab the plug-in today – it’s cute enough.

Ableton at 25% off. Ableton just don’t discount things so often, so here you go – that 25% deal includes upgrades, so now might be the time to nab Live 11.

All of Soundtoys plug-ins are on sale, with up to 70%+ off plug-ins and deep discounts on Soundtoys 5 (the 21 plug-in bundle) and Effect Rack (which packs a convenient selection into a single rack).

The bundle at US$229 is a great deal; I’ve been revisiting this selection lately. In particular, EchoBoy remains one of the most convenient selections of basically all the major echo hardware in one device, FilterFreak and Crystallizer are indispensable for rhythmic filter tricks and granular reverse echo, respectively, and Decapitator is a pretty perfect hardware-modeled saturation.

Bitwig Winter Special. US$299 for Bitwig Studio instead of US$399. I think you might also be able to get upgrade discounts, but you have to log in to check that one.

Pigments is just… so good.

Arturia software at 50% off. The V Collection vintage synths I mentioned yesterday. But let me here and now give Arturia credit for getting their FX Collection 2 somewhere on just about every production I finish – that’s half off now. And Pigments remains just really, really good – among many other power synths, it earns special credit just for being easy on the eyes as you dig into its modulation, and having so many engines and sonic palettes, well worth 99 bucks.

Native Instruments calls this “cyber season,” but I have an even simpler message. Sure, there are steep discounts on everything, which might be the time to catch sound libraries like Mysteria, but – Reaktor. If you don’t have Reaktor, you should have Reaktor, especially at 99 bucks full or 49 upgrade. Massive X is also appealing at half off. See the NI sale page.

Reaktor, being Reaktor, might well be the best deal on this page. Reaktor Blocks is still insanely good, especially as lately I’ve been powering it up with Toybox stuff. Oh, yeah, speaking of which –

Toybox stuff is 40% off. That’s a beautiful deal given they already give you a mind-boggling number of modules on the cheap, and a ton of their stuff is actually free – including next-level geekery like connectivity with TidalCycles. I can’t recommend this enough – – and you can even run some of their free modules on the free version of Reaktor Blocks for an all-free modular rig.

While you’re there, they just posted a free nano block called Lofi DAC – turning any patch into a lofi vintage sampler.

Puremagnetik has 50%+ off their stuff. Simply one of the longest-running, most unique soundware purveyors out there are doing big discounts, even including their “100-year” Century bundle. They deserve special mention for including instruments and effects closely tied to leftfield production, thanks to founder Micah Frank – and that’s why you see a lovely bird in this pic.

It’s just the sort of creative stuff we love, and the cure for “make everyone sound the same” marketing in music software. All the deals:

Cherry Audio Synth Stack 2 is another credit card magnet – US$199 for a bundle of Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums package, DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury-4, and Quadra. Sure, some of these you’re seeing frequently modeled by rivals, but some – Jupiter-4, Quadra, Polymoog, Memorymoog, Realistic MG-1 – not so much. Everything also has M1 support with the exception of Voltage Modular (keen for that one).

Baby Audio for up to 44% off. If you could wear out a plug-in folder, I’d have done that lately to Baby Audio. Bundles and individual plug-ins are discounted. Spaced Out, Super VHS, and TAIP are all great – think futuristic echoes/reverbs, fuzzy VHS tape grunge, and very compelling tape emulation and distortion in one, respectively.

[embedded content]

Output software discounted. The full Output Bundle is over $2500 of software for $551 after discount. Even as software gets more crowded, it’s tough to beat the recipes for progressive production here like Substance (for bass) and Analog Strings or Portal and Thermal effects, among others.

d16 for half off. D16 is another evergreen beauty. PunchBox alone is worth a look, making almost embarrassingly powerful kick drums. They have what remain some of the best software emulations (like the legendary LUSH-101 and Phoscyon). And I still haven’t found anything that sounds quite like Devastator 2. Polish engineering!

BLEASS software for 50-60% off. That includes App Store picks, for some true essentials for iOS, but now Mac and Windows editions, too – including the just-announced Alpha synthesizer, introed right now. And yeah, I’ve been talking about their stuff.

Bram Bos’ apps for US$3.99. Oooh, this is very good news, indeed. Bram’s apps on iOS are better than some actual hardware drum machines, for instance. Check it:

And last but very much not least, now is a great time to pick up all the goodness at Audio Damage. BLACKVEMBER2021 is the code for 40% off the full order – including Quanta granular and Enso looping tools, plus a lot of great classics of software. Shop Audio Damage to see the developer some of the other developers are trying to rip off.

More to come… those are the ones I’d be tempted by now, if not for already using most of it. Got more? Sound off in comments.

Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Disclosure, and more top 2022 All Points East lineup

Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Disclosure, and more top 2022 All Points East lineupTame Impala

All Points East coordinators have curated a diverse two consecutive weekends of music programming for the festival’s 2022 iteration, to take place in Victoria Park, London from August 19 – August 20 and August 25 – August 27. Gorillaz, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, and Tame Impala will headline the first weekend, with The National, Disclosure, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds following suit the second weekend. Of note, All Points East represents one stop on Kraftwerk’s larger calendar; the group recently announced its intention to activate its summer 2022 3D North American tour after previously postponing the initiative due to COVID-19 health concerns.

Pusha T, Floating Points, and FKJ represent just a smattering of the supporting talent during All Points East’s opening weekend. An equally genre-spanning assortment of artists will appear during the following weekend, including Channel Tres, Freddie Gibbs, and Fleet Foxes.

Tickets to All Points East are available for purchase here and come with a payment plan option.

Featured image: Koury Angelo

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Electric Forest 2022 dates are here

Electric Forest 2022 dates are hereElectric Forest Credit Anthony Norkus

Electric Forest‘s COVID-19-induced hiatus will formally come to a close on June 23 – 26, 2022, festival organizers announced on November 25. Writing “a reunion awaits,” Electric Forest coordinators shared A Million Shining Lights – 10 Years of Electric Forest, a short documentary on the festival’s history, in tandem with the 2022 dates.

The Rothbury, Michigan mainstay was originally slated to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in 2020, but like other festivals, was postponed due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 health crisis. Moving forward, a limited number of 2022 wristbands are to be released, with on-sale dates soon to come. Details on the 2022 lineup, shuttles, group camping, and wristband exchange are also pending.

Via: Electric Forest

Featured image: Anthony Norkus

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Futility is a shortcut-packed answer to working faster in Ableton Live, and it’s just four bucks

Futility v4, developed in Max for Live, has just arrived. And it’s an incredible timesaver – get channel strip, mixing, arming, and device settings right under your fingertips, anywhere in Live, even in the Arrangement. Cost: 4EUR+.

I was already a big fan of developer Valium~Du~Peuple, starting with their ClipGain, which brings up a pop-up control for adjusting gain from anywhere your mouse is pointed. Futility works the same way – add the Max for Live device somewhere convenient (like the Master, probably), assign a keyboard shortcut (or even MIDI controller), and then pull it up whenever you want.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

What’s great is, then you can mix, toggle mute, solo, and arm (individually or as a group), and crucially for Live 11, move clips right into a new Take Lane. There’s also a Device Switcher to toggle track’s device chain, which may be the feature I use most.

Here’s the full list for Futility v4:

It works on the selected track:

– un/mute the selected track

– un/solo the selected track

– un/arm the selected track

– unmute, unsolo, unarm every tracks

– show/hide the envelope/modulation tab in the detail clip view

– un/fold the selected track

– un/zoom the selected track vertically and horizontally in Arrangement

– toggle play/stop the selected clip (in Session)

automatic track arming option

– focus to the browser/arrangement/device view (useful for navigating with your keyboard’s arrow keys).

quickly move your selected clip to a new Take Lane (requires Live11)

– Save your Live set from your midi controller / midi map.

– “Devices Switchers” are shortcuts to turn on/off the first 10 devices/plugins in the selected track’s chain.

– “Track Control” is a floating mixer that opens up at your current mouse’s location!

I’m in – especially with deadlines looming at the end of the year.

Lifetime free updates, four bucks. The Track Control and Devices Switcher are new. There’s also a free unsupported v2 if you’re skint and want to give this a try.

But let’s review some other great shortcuts to get even quicker:

It’s great – the chance to work faster, finish tracks, then go outside and par– oh. I’m being told we are not allowed to go outside again. Okay, it means you can get done with your Live arrangements quicker and then…play video games or sleep or get back to your job and Zoom calls, whatever. Enjoy… that.

Gorillaz ‘Song Machine’ live show to hit cinemas in December

A live performance of Gorillaz’ ‘Song Machine’ is set to hit cinemas in December.

Following the release of their studio album ‘Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez’ last year, the Damon Albarn-fronted digital band has announced a worldwide screening of the album, titled Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong.

Captured at the band’s Kong Studios HQ in London, the film sees digital members Noodle, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and frontman 2D joined by Damon Albarn and the full Gorillaz live band, for a performance of the album, plus a host of special guests for interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

‘Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez’ encompasses 17 tracks in all, featuring slowthai and Beck alongside the likes of Elton John,  Fatoumata Diawara, Kano and St Vincent. 

Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong will be screened in cinemas worldwide for one day on Wednesday 8th December. For full ticket and viewing information, head to

Check out the trailer for the film below.

[embedded content]

Earlier this month, Damon Albarn confirmed that a Gorillaz film was in the works with streaming giants Netflix.

Read our recent 20th anniversary feature about how Gorillaz’ self-titled debut ushered in a new era of pop music here.

Pap Chanel releases deluxe album “Pretty and Paid 2.0”

Last Friday, rising hip-hop artist, Pap Chanel, released Pretty and Paid 2.0. A deluxe version of her 2020 debut Pretty and Paid, the latest release is packed with eight new tracks. Including features from Future, Blac Youngsta, and Herion Young, the new project further showcases her dynamic lyricism, versatility, and energy. 

Growing up in a small town outside of Atlanta, Pap Chanel has been putting on for the country girls. Dedicated to delivering powerful bars that flex her lyrical agility, the 21-year old is showing that she’s not new to this. “I grew up in a house full of boys, they made sure that I got my roots. I knew everything there was to know about music”, she said. In an industry that is slowly making space for women to dominate, Pap is finding her way and setting herself a part. “I’m loving all the women out here but I’m defining myself through my trials and tribulations”. Finding her style early on, the rapper floats on tracks like “Gucci Bucket Hat” and “Okay Den” with an unapologetic and gritty delivery, an offset to her upbeat, bubbly personality. 

Most of us have one alter ego, but Pap Chanel has a few more.Throughout her album, she shifts between her varying personalities, adding more dimension to her music. “Papiana is my favorite. She’s cocky. She doesn’t mind starting some shit up”. On the homegrown cut “I’m From”, her alter-ego “Tupap” seems to take over as she deep dives into some storytelling. Boasting 15 tracks, Pap Chanel gives way for “Papiana”, “Paprika”, “Tupap”, “Papi”, “Papatouille”, and “Papillion” to come alive. As 2021 comes to an end, the rapper has no plans for slowing nor sticking to one lane: be on the lookout for her virtual cooking show, modeling shots, and whatever else she has in her bag. 

Connect with Pap Chanel: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

J Appiah looks for answers on “Wyhg”

Alternative soul singer/songwriter J Appiah digs deep in his new single “Wyhg” (“Where’s Your Heart Gone”) and details the dark patches that are spread across a seemingly perfect relationship.

“Wyhg” takes us on a journey of self-reflection, regret, and ultimately owning up to one’s wrongdoings. The East London singer employs an engulfing guitar-laden canvass to bring this to fruition. He starts off with a laidback melodic run before exploding to a rousing bluesy gospel chorus to seal the deal. The record is as dynamic as they come and J Appiah’s evocative lyrics are the icing on top as run the gamut of emotions that run through the veins of a man trying to find his center amidst guilt.

“Wyhg” follows a spate of post-lockdown musical activity from the singer whose previous releases include “Bitter X Sweet” with a video directed by SXSW Grand Jury Prize winner Mitch Kalisa and “Breathe” in October. All three of his latest releases examine feelings of alienation and self deception.

Connect with J APPIAHWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Legendary Manchester venue Night & Day launches petition to prevent permanent closure

Manchester venue Night & Day has launched a petition to prevent permanent closure.

The Northern Quarter venue, which opened in 1991 and is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, has been served with a noise abatement notice from the city council after complaints from local residents.

“On the 18th of November, Manchester City Council Licensing served Night & Day Café with a Noise Abatement Notice,” the venue’s petition page reads. “Manchester City Council (MCC) are threatening to close Night & Day by saying we are a noise nuisance.

“During lockdown a new resident moved to Manchester and to a property that’s within close proximity to the venue. As the restrictions lifted and life retuned to the surrounding Northern Quarter area, we were able to put on our first live music event. The resident visited us next day and has since reported us to MCC a number of times. We have met the resident a number of times to explain what we do and that nothing has changed operationally to how we operated pre-lock down and the 28 years prior to that.

“We ask for Manchester City Council Licensing to remove our Noise Abatement Notice and for the Council to address the real issue here which is that housing with ill-considered planning and construction has been approved and built next to a pre-existing live music business. Night & Day is located at 26 Oldham Street. Over the past 15 years, flats have been built or existing buildings converted to flats around us with no real thought or consideration to the pre-existing business, building and what it does.”

As of today, the petition has over 62,000 signatures. You can support Night & Day here.