Louis The Child talk ‘To Believe’ EP, 2022 tour run [Q&A]

Louis The Child talk ‘To Believe’ EP, 2022 tour run [Q&A]Louis

It’s been a momentous past few months for Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett of Louis The Child. In 2022 alone, the internationally acclaimed dance-pop duo achieved RIAA Gold certification on both 2015’s “It’s Strange” and 2016’s “The Weekend,” earned a coveted Platinum plaque for their WAFIA-assisted hit, “Better Not,” and performed for a jam-packed Outdoor Theater at both weekends of Coachella. And on April 22, Louis The Child officially dispatched their highly anticipated Euphoria follow-up, To Believe, via Interscope Records.

After debuting their never-before-seen live show at Coachella, Hauldren and Kennett sat down with Dancing Astronaut for an interview before they embark on their 2022 tour run, to commence at AYU Dayclub in Las Vegas on April 30. Browse Louis The Child’s forthcoming tour dates here, and read the exclusive Q&A below.

You guys threw up a billboard on the road to Coachella clarifying that you are, in fact, two individuals. Do you find that people still assume Louis The Child is a solo act?

Robby: “Sometimes, yeah.”

Freddy: “Yeah, from people who haven’t really dug in yet. If it’s their first time finding us through friends, they’ll still not know if it’s ‘Louie’ or ‘Lou-is.’ We still hear those things being talked about all the time. They’ll be like, ‘yo, is it Louie or Louis?’”

Robby: “And we’ll be like, ‘it’s neither.’ Just kidding, but yeah some people still don’t know.”

You’ve just released your latest EP, To Believe. Which are your personal favorite tracks on the project and why?

Freddy: “I think ‘To Believe’ is one of my favorites because it’s got this crazy second drop that everyone at Coachella reacted really well to. But I also love ‘Cry’ because of its message; ‘you don’t need to make me cry so you’re the here at the end of the night’ kind of vibe. It’s a well-said, beautiful song and we love working with Aluna. So, I think either ‘To Believe’ or ‘Cry’ for me.”

Robby: “I think ‘Blow The Roof’ might be my favorite. It’s got such fun, explosive energy during the drop. Of the new songs, it’s the one I felt best performing on-stage at Coachella.”

How would you distinguish the new EP from Euphoria?

Robby: “If you listen to the two [EPs], they’re not sonically the same, but [To Believe] still gives off the same type of energy, the same type of feeling. Something like ‘Blow The Roof’ probably wouldn’t have fit on Euphoria, but ‘Cry,’ ‘Talk,’ or ‘Gone’ might have…We’ve kept the same energy on a lot of the songs while pushing [our sound] to cover some new spots.”

You’re no strangers to performing at Coachella. What most excited you about playing the Outdoor Theater this year?

Robby: “I liked moving to a new stage where we weren’t given the same bells and whistles as everyone else playing there. For an electronic show with such a heavy emphasis on big production and lighting, it was a step up for us…Moving to a new stage that’s a lot bigger. Attracting people all the way from the electronic corner[s] of the festival all the way to the Outdoor Theater shows that they really want to be there for you. It’s a stage I’ve always wanted to play, ever since [my first] Coachella.”

Freddy: [Our Coachella set] was an updated version of the Euphoria show; we changed and moved around a bunch of things. We haven’t played this version of the set anywhere else; it was kind of like a new iteration for Coachella.”

What shows are you most looking forward to as part of your 2022 tour run?

Robby: “I’m very excited for Red Rocks.”

Freddy: “Gov Ball.”

Robby: “Yeah, Gov Ball, Electric Forest… Very, very excited for Forest; it’s going to be magical. I’m also excited for a couple new shows that we’re going to announce in the next couple months. We have a couple really big ones…And one interesting type of event that’s going to be different. I can’t say too much about it.”

How would you say Louis The Child’s sound has developed since your debut in 2015?

Freddy: “The sound we broke out with is different from the Euphoria era, but the Euphoria era pulls from what we’d been doing before we broke out. After learning all these new skills and applying them to the future bass sound, we were like, ‘what can we do now?’ We could go back to ‘complextro’ and all those big electro sounds, the old wave that we were on…I feel like To Believe is still in the Euphoria world, but the songs are a little prettier, a little less heavy, [while still maintaining] the classic Louis-style trap drops. [The new EP] is an evolved version of Euphoria, just not so strictly inspired by ‘complextro.’”

Robby: “The tempos we work in have changed a lot. There’s nothing on Euphoria or To Believe lower than like 104 BPM. The majority of the last two EPs [sit in the] 120s, whereas a lot of our early stuff’s in the 90s or late 80s BPM [ranges]…It’s gotten a lot more four-on-the-floor, ‘dancey.’”

What are your thoughts on the current electronic music scene?

Freddy: “I like a lot of the stuff that everyone’s doing. Years ago, we had a crazy bubble that popped, and it feel like it’s fizzled. But at the same time, electronic music has been able to stem out into different areas of alternative and pop music. Songs are super important these days, [more so than] the big euphoric synth drops from back in the day. If you’ve got lyrics that everyone wants to sing, electronic music still has legs to do anything.”

Robby: “I feel the same. I can’t remember the last big anthemic, [authentic] song that’s happened in electronic music. It’s dope where we’re at and I’m looking forward to it all getting shaken up again.”

Who would you love to collaborate with at this point in your careers?

Robby: “Man, I would love to do some shit with Baby Keem. He’s definitely up there on the list.”

Freddy: “Frank Ocean.”

Robby: “Yeah, Frank. Kendrick would be nuts…”

Freddy: “PinkPantheress.”

Robby: “Oh yeah, PinkPantheress; I would love to do some stuff with her.”

Featured image: Greg Noire

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