Release After Dark stacks Showtek, Duke Dumont, Boombox Cartel and more on May event calendar

Release After Dark stacks Showtek, Duke Dumont, Boombox Cartel and more on May event calendarRelease After Dark Website

Talking Stick Resort and Casino, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has officially set its schedule for the resort’s Release After Dark Dayclub this month, and with the lineup Relentless Beats has slated, it’s bound to be the Valley of the Sun’s hottest summer yet. Kicking off the season, RB brings Dutch duo Showtek along with New York City-based Gattuso for the first weekend of May. Release’s poolside stage will also see performances by Boombox Cartel on May 14, followed by Oliver Heldens on May 21, and Duke Dumont holding down Memorial Day Weekend. Then, Morgan Page will kick off June’s roster the following weekend.

Established in 1996, Relentless Beats has been the leading supplier of dance music in the southwest in recent years, making a name for itself as one of the most in-demand promoters in the country today. With nearly two decades of distributing electronic beats, from the underground and now to the masses, with each passing year the brand seems to inflate at record speed. Hosting some of the country’s most sought-after events such as Phoenix Lights, Decadence AZ, and a newly minted house festival Body Language, the Arizona event brand brings a consistent slate of crisp electronic programming to a burgeoning hotspot outside of Vegas and Los Angeles.

To view the full events calendar for May and to purchase tickets, visit Relentless Beats’ website.

Featured image: Release After Dark

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See it: Diplo, Miguel perform ‘Don’t Forget My Love’ on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon ‘

See it: Diplo, Miguel perform ‘Don’t Forget My Love’ on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon ‘Diplo

Following the success of “Don’t Forget My Love,” Diplo and Miguel traveled to New York City to translate the single, which appeared on the former’s self-titled LP in March, to the stage. With Diplo behind a keyboard and Miguel on vocals, the duo put together an intimate performance for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After delivering the live rendition, Diplo sat down with host Jimmy Fallon to talk about recent and upcoming DJ sets alike, including his slots at Coachella‘s main (with Anitta) and DoLab stages, his closing stint at Stagecoach, and his 2021 Burning Man sunrise set with Robot Heart Collective. “To do the sunrise set at Burning Man is the final boss for DJing,” Diplo declared.

See Diplo and Miguel live in action below.

Featured image: Diplo/Instagram

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HARD Summer to debut in Croatia with Calvin Harris as headliner

HARD Summer to debut in Croatia with Calvin Harris as headliner1 Cred Conor McDonell

Heading to Split, Croatia for the first time, HARD Summer will be taking over Žnjan Beach for the European debut edition of the festival. Taking place on August 6, Calvin Harris will headline the show while others will be announced at a future date. Having not played in the country for more than five years, Calvin Harris will make his long-awaited return to the sandy Croatian beaches, with what will surely be a strong supporting lineup to follow.

HARD events looks to expand its global footprint, as this event joins other Croatian debuts such as Kygo‘s Palm Tree Festival and Insomniac‘s Pula Music Week. Pre-sale for HARD Summer’s European run begins on May 4 followed by general-sale on May 5. More info and tickets can be found here.

Featured image: Conor McDonell

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Die Antwoord accused of child abuse, grooming by adopted ex-son Tokkie 

Die Antwoord accused of child abuse, grooming by adopted ex-son Tokkie Tokkie And Meisie Ben Jay Crossman

Content warning: This story includes references to sexual and physical abuse that might be disturbing for some readers.

“The darkest moments of my childhood is me seeing back everything that I actually did experience, and the worse part is that my own adoptive parents could have fucking killed me in that type of manner. I was scared… that ruined me,” Die Antwoord‘s ex-son Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez disclosed in a newly released interview filmed by the group’s long-time director, Ben Jay Crossman. Crossman originally met Tokkie, a precocious, aspiring actor at 9-years-old, when Tokkie was walking home from school in his hometown of Fietas, Vrededorp, Johannesburg. After this initial meeting, during which Crossman took Tokkie’s photo, Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yolandi would go on to adopt Tokkie as a foster child in 2013. Later, he’d take on a starring role in many of their controversial music videos.

The interview, which was uploaded to Crossman’s Youtube channel on April 19 and later surfaced on South African news network News24, details a childhood full of violence, grooming, and many serious allegations of child abuse against Die Antwoord, including neglect, exposure to pornography, drugs, and blood rituals. Tokkie attributes his decision to shed light on his experiences to his concern for his 14-year-old sister Meisie, who is technically still in Die Antwoord’s custody, though she is currently living with another family in Johannesburg at the moment.

In the exclusive interview, Tokkie detailed a childhood allegedly fraught with child abuse, often enacted by himself, Meisie, and his brother Adriaan. Many times while in Ninja and Yolandi’s custody, Tokkie was rewarded for committing crimes, behaving badly, and getting into physical altercations, he reports. He notes one traumatic event in which the pair congratulated him for repeatedly stabbing his own brother and then making him relive the trauma by starring him in a music video based on the violent accident, “DntTakeMe4aPoes.”

“They rewarded me for being bad…For Ninja and them them to congratulate me on doing crime, that’s not good. Bro, I could’ve been in jail how many times for attempted murder, even for just stabbing my brother. I went to visit my brother in the hospital the next day, with pipes in him taking out blood from the internal bleeding, and that hurt me,” Tokkie said. “I started crying and just left immediately…Even now I dream about it. I can’t get rid of it, it haunts me.”

Tokkie says he was also given weed and mushrooms, and constantly surrounded by people abusing other hard drugs. He alleges that his adopted mother Yolandi repeatedly asked him to stay in her bedroom with her, forcing the child to look at her naked body. Several times, Tokkie and sister Meisie were taken to a shoddy, makeshift “hospital” to get blood drawn for rituals. Both children were allegedly forced to participate in blood rituals wearing nothing but underwear, soot, and blood and skin prosthetics. Additionally, both children were told to undress completely and go into a sauna with their adoptive parents, as well as other naked adults, on various occasions.

“What I’m afraid of now is that Ninja asks my sister to get undressed in front of him every time he gets her new clothes. He asks her to change in front of him. Like, really? I told the parents looking after Meisie right now that I don’t want Meisie going to Cape Town…Anything can happen to her,” Tokkie said.

The pair’s now 20-year-old ex-son is currently living at his late mother’s home in Fietas with his brother Adriaan, after two years of no contact with Ninja and Yolandi. Tokkie and his brother are currently attempting to build a safe and nurturing home for their sister by refurbishing the property their mother left behind after she died from cancer in 2015. Tokkie often posts on Instagram about the home’s cleanup and about his aspirations to get into modeling and acting in the near future.

In a comment to News24, Crossman expressed regret for “not speaking out earlier” regarding the extent of abuse he witnessed under Ninja and Yolandi’s care, attributing his hesitation to their fame and lifestyle, which he said blinded him to the reality of what was occurring. Crossman has allegedly deposed a sworn affidavit and said he would be willing to testify against Tokkie’s former adoptive parents. News24 reports that Die Antwoord’s only official response to a detailed list of allegations against them—which came through their agent Scumeck Sabottka from MCT-Agentur in Berlin—was: “Die Antwoord don’t agree with Tokkie’s statements.”

Watch the full interview below.

Featured image: Ben Jay Crossman

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Noisia to release third and final LP, ‘Closer’

Noisia to release third and final LP, ‘Closer’Noisia Rukes

Noisia’s third and final album, Closer, will land on May 12, the drum ‘n’ bass trio confirmed in a recent statement. After the release of their 2016 LP, Outer Edges, Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen, and Thijs de Vlieger sought a new sonic direction for the Noisia project. The Dutchmen contextualized this process—which ultimately provided Closer‘s namesake—and makeup in the statement, writing,

“This [search for a new direction] resulted in an extensive journey that took us through a lot of new ideas and music. Although we eventually decided to stop, we are proud of the things we made along the way, and these tunes were always meant to be part of a larger whole. So before we finally close the book on Noisia, we wanted to share them with you, on one last album. Previously released or newly finished, they all represent directions we enjoyed exploring. In the end, we didn’t manage to figure things out. But we did get closer.”

Noisia’s final long-form, currently available for pre-order in vinyl and CD form, will span 20 tracklistings, 11 of which are unreleased. The remaining nine inclusions, like “Foundations” with Mefjus and “Supersonic” with Skrillex, josh pan, and Dylan Brady, will be familiar to Noisia’s following, having built rapport with listeners in the time leading up to Closer‘s release.

Notably, Closer will arrive ahead of Noisia’s handful of remaining tour dates, some of which belong to their Farewell Tour run. A complete list of Noisia’s outstanding tour dates can be viewed on their website.

Featured image: Rukes

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SUCHI releases new EP, ‘Seher / Lykke’ on Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce: Listen

SUCHI, one-part of the Daytimers collective, has released a new EP through Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label.

Out now, the release is comprised of two tracks: ‘Seher’ and ‘Lykke’. Speaking about the EP in a statement, the Oslo-born, Manchester-based DJ and producer said: “I wanted the two tracks on the EP to reflect a mood of day and night.

“‘Lykke’ (which means ‘luck’ in Norwegian) holds a deep yet upbeat vibe with looping female vocals, a squelchy acid bassline, and groovy bongo percussion. ‘Seher’ (which means ‘dawn’ in Urdu), on the other hand, is a darker, more minimal techno cut featuring echoing vocals of legendary Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

“I always try to incorporate elements from my cultural backgrounds in my music and Nusrat was a voice I always wanted to experiment with. The power behind his voice led to a more minimal production, so his voice could really cut through and shine. ‘Lykke’ balances out the darkness of ‘Seher’ with that percussive groove and I think as a two track EP it shows a slightly different direction in my production. I don’t want to be confined to any specific genres and that’s an important part of my ideation and creation process.”

The release is part of the second instalment of Future Bounce’s Club Series, following on from releases by Scratcha DVA x DemiMa, quest?onmarq, and The Busy Twist. Listen to the EP below.

Find out more about SUCHI in DJ Mag’s list of 12 emerging artists you need to hear from last month.

Revisit DJ Mag’s 2021 cover feature on Future Bounce label boss Jamz Supernova here.

Epic Games files for injunction against Google over Bandcamp’s Android payment system

Epic Games, on behalf of Bandcamp, has filed an injunction against Google over forthcoming changes to its payment policy.

Explaining the move, Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond said: “Since 2015, artists and labels have used Bandcamp’s Android app to sell music and merchandise directly to their fans, and we have used our own billing system to process payments, consistent with Google’s guidelines which specifically exempted digital music from incurring a revenue share.

“However, Google is now modifying its rules to require Bandcamp (and other apps like it) to exclusively use Google Play Billing for payments for digital goods and services, and pay a revenue share to Google.”

Google’s policy changes are due to come into force from 1st June, and if they stand, Diamond said Bandcamp will be forced to pass Google’s fees on to consumers or artists (the latter is something he has said “we would never do”), or face permanently running its Android business at a loss. Another alternative is that the company will be forced turn off digital sales in the Android app altogether.

Diamond’s statement also added that “the policy changes would impact our ability to pay artists quickly – instead of receiving payment after 24 to 48 hours, artists may not be paid until 15 to 45 days after a sale”.

He continued: “We believe it’s imperative for fans to be able to express that critical support on Android, and so to stop Google from implementing these new policies for Bandcamp and other developers, Epic is filing a motion to seek a court injunction allowing Bandcamp to continue operating as we have (you can read our filing here and my declaration here).”

In Epic’s injuction, the company argues that “paying Google even a 10% revenue share [following the policy changes] would force Epic to change Bandcamp’s current business model or else operate the Bandcamp business at a long-term loss”.

Google spokesperson Dan Jackson has pushed back against Bandcamp and Epic Games’ statements, saying: “This is yet another meritless claim by Epic, which is now using its newly acquired app Bandcamp to continue its effort to avoid paying for the value that Google Play provides.

“We’ve been transparent about Play’s Payment policy for more than 18 months and, as Epic knows, Bandcamp is eligible for a service fee of just 10% through Play’s Media Experience Program — far less than the fees they charge on their own platforms. Despite their claims, Android’s openness means that Bandcamp has multiple ways of distributing their app to Android users, including through other app stores, directly to users via their website or as a consumption-only app as they do on iOS.”

Last Friday, 29th April, a judge stayed Epic’s injuction, pending further order, which means it won’t go through just yet. The judge did, however, set a status conference for the Epic’s wider case against Google for 12th May, which means the battle between the two companies may develop further later this month.

Bandcamp was acquired by Epic Games, the games developer known for titles such as ‘Fortnite’, earlier this year.

Discogs announces new directory of independent record stores around the world

Discogs is launching a directory of independent record shops around the world to coincide with next month’s inaugural Independent Record Store Month.

Following in the wake of last month’s Record Store Day, the new initiative hopes to highlight the importance of independent record shops and their contribution to music culture. Independent Record Store Month will take place annually each June in line with this.

In a press release, Discogs said it was launching Indepent Record Store Month as a means of helping stores in “seeking ways to continue thriving in the face of inflation, a global pandemic, and supply chain disruptions”.

As part of the initiative’s first edition, Discogs will launch The Store Explorer, an online directory highlighting brick-and-mortar record shops around the world, which will be updated all-year-round. Participating stores will also receive a digital badge that verifies sellers in the Discogs marketplace who work from a physical record shops.

Independent store owners will also receive access to an upcoming virtual conference for participating indie record store owners, with more details on that due to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Finally, Discogs will share a curated collection of stories from, and guides to, individual stores, profiling different shops in areas around the world to encourage people to visit and support them.

Over 4,000 indie record stores will be invited to participate. Those who want to get involved can register their interest here, while you can find out more about Independent Record Store Month here.

Last October, Discogs revealed that more than one million cassettes had been listed via the music marketplace for the first time.

A new 12-part online series launched earlier this year celebrated a number of UK-based independent record shops.

Premiere: Ell Murphy x Mani Festo ‘Turning’

Ell Murphy and Mani Festo will release a new collaborative EP, ‘Turning’, via Murphy’s Jucey Tunes label this month. Listen to the title track below. 

Following recent collaborations with the likes of Stones Taro, TSHA and DJ Perception, Murphy links up with Club Glow co-founder Mani Festo, pairing her resonant vocals with banging two-step rhythms and jungle breaks across two tracks. 

Speaking about the title track, Murphy said: “It came together really quickly at the end of 2021. As soon as Nick (Mani Festo) sent me the instrumental, the vocal hook came to me almost instantly and the producer/vocalist dynamic flowed so easily. The song is about the dilemma of being in a situation with someone where the desire is strong, but it’s never gonna go to that next stage, and the feeling of needing to stop yourself falling any deeper before it becomes too late.”

Learn more about Ell Murphy, who also holds a DJ residency on Balamii, in our February Emerging Artists feature. Revisit Mani Festo’s Recognise mix and interview here

‘Turning’ will be released on 20th May. Pre-order/save it here.

A launch party for the ‘Turning’ EP will take place on 3rd June at Tola, Peckham with sets from fae, Jetsss, Priya and Murphy herself. Grab your tickets here

Rinse FM announces 60+ new residents, Friday night dance show with Emerald

Rinse FM has revamped its radio schedule with a number of new shows and over 60 new resident DJs joining the station.

Among the DJs and producers who will be hosting monthly shows on the station going forward are Yung Singh, Two Shell, Angel D’lite, NIKS, 96 Back, Ross From Friends, Al Wootton, DJ Plead, DJ Randall, Machinedrum, Metrist, DJ Hype, Giulia Tess, Vigro Deep and Jamie Jones.

A number of record labels will also be joining the station for shows, including K-LONE and Facta’s Wisdom Teeth; Simo Cell’s TEMƎT; Bambounou’s Bambe; TSVI and Wallwork’s Nervous Horizon; and Scuffed Recordings. FABRICLIVE will also host a show, featuring various guests that you might catch at the London club’s regular Friday night parties.

In addition to the new residents, Rinse FM DJ Emerald will start a new flagship Friday night show, ‘The Dance Show’, which will air every Friday from 6pm-9pm BST. Other dedicated genre shows will be devoted to Afrobeats (hosted by Neptizzle) and rap (hosted by Pretty Hood).

Speaking about her new show, Emerald said in a statement: “I’m so ready, excited and happy to begin this new chapter of radio. This show feels like a coming together of all my passions, experiences and knowledge gained over the past decade of my professional life.

“Three hours of my selection of brand new and forthcoming underground club focused dance music across the spectrum. Championing unsung heroes, hidden talent, and established pioneers.

“Expect deep dives into my favourite cities for club culture, explorations from the archives of my favourite record labels old and new, an array of exciting guests consisting of DJs, producers and label heads currently driving the electronic music scene plus guest mixes, b2b’s and live mixes from myself.”

See the full list of new Rinse FM residents for 2022 via the image below, and check out the station’s new look website here.

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