Elephante teams up with longtime-fan-turned-co-producer Sabai for ‘Love Again’

Elephante teams up with longtime-fan-turned-co-producer Sabai for ‘Love Again’Elephante Press Shot

Elephante has been busy teasing new music amid his tour in support of his 2021 album, Heavy Glow. Now, after some road testing, “Love Again”a collaboration with Sabaihas landed.

“Love Again” is nothing short of emotive; trapped with heartfelt vocals from Elephante himself, as well as heavy instrumental influences that enter before the single’s melodic-house build erupts, it’s a worthy follow-up to Heavy Glow. The single noticeably channels some of the overarching sounds of the LP, profiled in an interview-feature included in Dancing Astronaut‘s Saturday Night Sessions series.

The story behind “Love Again” has roots in Sabai’s appreciation of Elephante’s music. “After the surreal experience of hearing my song played on one of the biggest stages by an artist who I’m a true fan of, I was inspired to get back to my room and start working on a demo, which I labeled ‘Elephante x Sabai.’ In the weeks leading up to the tour, we were talking about ideas for new tracks, so I sent him that demo which evolved into ‘Love Again,’” Sabai explained. “Honestly, this is a dream come true collaboration for me, and I had so much fun working on this with Tim (Elephante). Our taste in music is very similar, and he’s so talented. I feel grateful for this opportunity.”

Stream “Love Again” below.

Featured image: Nicole Lemberg

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Modbap Modular Introduces Transit, Two-Channel Stereo Eurorack Mixer

At Superbooth 2022: Modbap Modular by BeatPPL has introduced TRANSIT, a new 6hp two channel stereo Eurorack mixer with mutes, ducking, and an all-analog signal path.

[embedded content]

Transit has an all-analog signal path with dual mono (stereo) inputs on both of its 2 channels. Each channel lane has performative mute buttons with LED indication. Each channel lane has its own ducking input that allows for side-chaining. Each channel lane has its own gain control. Transit also has a dual mono (stereo) output with master level and an independent 3.5mm stereo headphone output with its own level control.

Transit takes two stereo — dual mono — lanes of audio with an all-analog signal path and embellishes each of them with its own input gain control (CH1 GAIN and CH2 GAIN), mute button (CH1 MUTE and CH2 MUTE), and ducking input (CH1 DUCK and CH2 DUCK), the latter operating like traditional side-chaining on a compressor, whereby an input signal, CV (Control Voltage), or trigger input — i.e. LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator), Clock, Gate — modulates the gain reduction of the audio. Applying this well-known production technique to the ever-widening world of Eurorack should appeal to audio professionals, beat-makers, and musicians to whom it is already familiar from a wide variety of music genres where an effect is activated by an audio track.

Transit also boasts a 3.5mm headphone (PHONES) jack with its own independent volume (PHONES GAIN) control knob, while its all- analog signal path’s final destination is a left and right stereo output (LEFT OUT and RIGHT OUT) with an associated MASTER volume knob.

Says Modbap Modular by BeatPPL designer and founder Corry Banks: “The idea for Transit came about because our Per4mer quad performance FX unit sat perfectly in one of our Modbap20 powered Eurorack pods. … In this configuration, it comfortably resided on the desktop amongst all my tabletop synths, drum machines, and samplers, but I found that I wanted a bit more control over the signal into Per4mer — plus, perhaps, a headphone jack — and I definitely wanted a master volume level control for live sets. So it made perfect sense to subsequently design a module that could fill the empty 6HP next to the Per4mer in the 20HP Modbap20. Together, Transit and Per4mer make for a perfect pairing while complementing the tabletop synth and beat-maker desktop.”

Pricing and Availability. Transit is available to order for $249 US at retailers worldwide and via the ModBap webstore. The module is expected to ship in June 2022.

Holy Ship! Wrecked announces 2022 lineup: Dom Dolla, Lane 8, John Summit, and more

Holy Ship! Wrecked announces 2022 lineup: Dom Dolla, Lane 8, John Summit, and moreHoly Ship Wrecked Alive Coverage

From December 13 – 17, Holy Ship! Wrecked will return to the sunny shores of Riviera Maya, Mexico for another 2022 installment in its all-inclusive series.

The event’s lineup features a host of dance/electronic must-sees, including Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2021 John Summit and one of our Artists to Watch in 2022, TSHA, along with certified veterans like Mr. Carmack, Justin Martin, and Louis The Child. This list is complemented by Holy Ship! Wrecked featured parties including performances and curation by Desert Hearts, Lane 8‘s This Never Happened, and Summit’s newly launched label, Off The Grid, among others.

The paradisaical event will set sail on December 13 before docking at Riviera Maya’s Hard Rock Hotel through December 17. The pre-sale opens on May 12. General sales will start at 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT on May 13. Secure your ticket here with a $99 deposit (per person) from May 12 – 13 only.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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This Ain’t No Picnic 2022 to host Honey Dijon, Four Tet, KAYTRANADA, and more

This Ain’t No Picnic 2022 to host Honey Dijon, Four Tet, KAYTRANADA, and moreHoney Dijon

Goldenvoice continues to bring the heat to California. The organizers behind Coachella, Stagecoach, and Splash House are back, this time with a lineup for This Ain’t No Picnic. The first iterations of This Ain’t No Picnic were hosted in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s at Oak Canyon Ranch in Orange County. Now, more than two decades later, Goldenvoice will revisit the once indie- and alternative-rock-focused festival in at a throwback edition of the event, to be held at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena from August 27 – 28.

LCD Soundsystem and The Strokes will headline the festival. In addition to the rock, indie, and pop artists that it will showcase, This Ain’t No Picnic will also indulge dance/electronic listeners with KAYTRANADA, Four Tet and Floating Points, Honey Dijon, and more. Two-day tickets start at $299 and can be purchased here.

Featured image: Gala Festival

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REAPER delivers debut album—stream his ‘DISRUPTOR LP’

REAPER delivers debut album—stream his ‘DISRUPTOR LP’REAPER PRESS APRIL2022 BEEDEEE 3

With just a little over two years of activity under his belt, REAPER has already established himself as a key figure in the North American drum ‘n’ bass movement. Since his declaration as a Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021, REAPER has garnered the interest of drum ‘n’ bass enthusiasts in the United States dance/electronic music scene, amassing millions of Spotify streams while nabbing slots at some of the country’s most prominent festivals, including EDC Las Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Excision‘s Lost Lands.

Out now via Insomniac‘s Bassrush records, REAPER’s DISRUPTOR LP has been “designed to create a new wave, a new motion, and initiate acceleration,” according to the artist, who says he wants to be remembered as a force that eternalized the drum ‘n’ bass movement.” And with his ingenuity and the support that he’s continuously gained throughout his career to date, assuredly, he’ll do just that.


Featured image: Reaper

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Bastl’s delicious Pizza: waveshaping meets FM for a tasty modular oscillator

That’ll be just the right toppings. The latest from our friends at Bastl Instruments is an 8HP digital oscillator with hybrid synthesis and tons of patching options – three oscillators in one.

Bastl have been teasing this one for a while, so it’s great to see what the whole pizza thing was about. (There’s still no answer to why it’s called that, but I’ll try to … use some sophisticated spy techniques to find out.)

And it’s really quite a nice balance – a complex, FM-derived oscillator, but in a playable and compact form. It’s capable of weird sounds but without forcing you to decipher some overly weird interface. It looks improvisatory.

Click to embiggen.

You have essentially three oscillators in the module as the basic architecture:

  • One main oscillator with phase modulation (frequency modulation) and wavefolding
  • Octave (sub) oscillator
  • Ratio oscillator

The sub and ratio oscillators then become modulating oscillators for the main oscillator, with their own square-sine-saw shape controls and the ability to ring modulate the main oscillator.

There’s also an FM index crossfader, and either the ratio or sub oscillator can be used for phase modulation (via a switch).

Plus, you can use an external signal as the input and directly phase modulate with that. Now, you don’t have to tune this thing – it’s a digital oscillator, not an analog oscillator – but you can also use the V/oct input to play in tune with an external input, and use that signal quantized or unquantized. (You can also calibrate that source to tune to your input.)

Actually, let’s let them explain that tuning:

Because of its digital nature, Pizza does not have to be tuned, and its approach to tuning is different. You only go to the Tune mode when you actually need to. Otherwise, the PITCH knob serves as either octave transpose or detune.

Not only do you have these three oscillators in one, but they have their own outputs – MAIN out, PULSE, and OSC OUT. See specs below.

The project Bastl says is three and a half years in development, with “our junior developer Martin Klecl, coded by Florian Helling, and supervised by Václav Peloušek, with contributions from Lennart Schierling and the whole Bastl team.”

A 300-unit preorder starts right now, for 297 EUR (with VAT; 245 without). Ships in June.

We’ll go have a visit to the Bastl booth, of course. I hope they brought that signature coffee again.

Full specs:

  • Complex oscillator with 3 internal oscillators
  • Main Oscillator with phase modulation (FM), wave folding, and ring modulation
  • Octave Oscillator with independent output, square-sine-saw waveshaper, and independent output
  • Ratio Oscillator for FM with user-adjustable ratios and square-sine-saw waveshaper
  • 3 waveform outputs
  • Pulse output of the Main Oscillator
  • FM Index crossfader between Ratio Oscillator and Octave Oscillator
  • Index Mod attenuverter for the dedicated CV input
  • SHAPE section with wave-shaping of operators, 2 flavors of wave-folding, and ring modulation
  • Sync input to reset all oscillators
  • Octave transposition and detune via Pitch knob
  • Tune mode for adjusting semitone transposition and fine-tune
  • EXT input to replace phase modulation of the Octave Oscillator with external signal
  • V/OCT input with automatic calibration and quantization
  • Assignable CTRL knob and CV (lin/exp FM, ratios, octave, detune, waveshaping, VCA)
  • Firmware updates via micro USB

And in the name of pizza, yes, they’ve made a lovely animation:

[embedded content]

I love that there’s all this beautiful artwork accompanying the hardware itself. Check these images:

Even the board looks lovely:

Looking forward to this one.


Amapiano added as genre on Beatport

Beatport has added amapiano to its official genre tags.

Previously found under the “Afro House”, “Deep House” and “Dance/Electro Pop” tags, the South African house hybrid of kwaito and diBacardi (also known as iNkwari) will be easier to find under its own category, Beatport has announced. Beatport says the official genre tag will allow for simpler discovery, charting and playlisting, as well as better visibility across the digital music retailer’s site. 

The addition is a part of Beatport’s efforts to expand and clarify its genre categories over the last few years. In 2021 alone, Beatport announced the launch of tags for “Jackin’ House”, “Mainstage” (inspired by festivals), “Organic House / Downtempo”, “Electronica” and “Indie Dance”, “Trap / Wave”, and a slew of bass-heavy genres: “140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime”, “Bass / Club”, and “Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass”.

Since its origins in the early 2010s, Amapiano has gained global popularity. Read up on the history of the genre and learn about the most exciting amapiano producers around now in Shiba Melissa Mazaza’s feature from earlier this year.

Watch Bou live from DJ Mag HQ, this Friday

This Friday (6th May) we welcome Bou to DJ Mag HQ for a 60-minute livestream.

To say Bou is in high demand right now would be an understatement. Recent years have seen the Manchester DJ and producer become one of the biggest and brightest new stars in drum & bass. He’s a regular in the No. 1 spot on Beatport thanks to tracks like ‘Veteran VIP’ for Souped Up and all three of his singles on his own Gossip label. He sold out his debut headline show at London’s E1 in March and is due to play everywhere from Parklife and Tomorrowland to Glastonbury and Lost & Found festival this summer.

You can sign up to attend Bou at DJ Mag HQ for free here, or tune in below from 17:00 (GMT).

We’ll be announcing more streams in the coming weeks.

You can keep up to date with announcements via DJ Mag’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Shygirl announces debut album, ‘Nymph’, shares single, ‘Firefly’: Listen

Shygirl is releasing her debut album, titled ‘Nymph’, this September. Lead single ‘Firefly’ is out today.

The 12-track album features a host of collaborators, including Arca, Sega Bodega, Mura Masa, Karma Kid and Cosha, with production from Vegyn, Kingdom, Noah Goldstein, Danny L Harle and BloodPop. It’s out on 30th September via Parisian label Because Music. Details on the tracklist have yet to be revealed. 

The experimental pop artist is known for her collaborations, including several with some ‘Nymph”s featured artists like Sega Bodega and two recent singles with slowthai. Shygirl’s previous EP, ‘Alias’, included a joint production with the late SOPHIE. 

Watch the video for ‘Firefly’ as it premieres at 6 PM BST today.