Zomboy mints brand new record imprint with ‘Flatlined’ featuring Micah Martin

Zomboy mints brand new record imprint with ‘Flatlined’ featuring Micah MartinZomboy Rebel Bass Single

Marking the first release on his new Rot N’ Roll record label, Zomboy has enlisted the vocals of Micah Martin for “Flatlined.” With the recent folding of the beloved, enduring Never Say Die imprint, Zomboy has taken matters into his own hands as he builds a new label for the future of bass music. “Flatlined” is Zomboy’s first single of the year following 2021’s “Valley of Violence.”

A pioneer of the modern bass music scene, the UK-based producer’s unique style exhibits heavy face-melting bass to go along with rock-inflected vocals, making for a reliable formula for success. “Flatlined” begins slowly with a spooky, rattling framework to darken the mood, before the emo-inspired lyrics explode through futuristic synth layers and thundering bass. Stream “Flatlined” below.

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Experience paradise in Dubai: Tomorrowland launches luxury destination Terra Solis

Experience paradise in Dubai: Tomorrowland launches luxury destination Terra SolisTL22 057 PERSFOTOS TERRA SOLIS Overview2100

The most magical festival in the world will be expanding its realm into the deserts of Dubai from September 2022 – June 2023. Tomorrowland will be welcoming guests to Terra Solis, a brand new resort just a short drive away from the Dubai International airport. While the musical component of the resort’s amenities remains relatively unknown as of now, anything put on by Tomorrowland is guaranteed to be a memorable music experience.

Included in the Terra Solis experience is a “unique glamping experience in the Arabian dunes,” a resort-style pool with music, and exquisite restaurant cuisines from around the world. More info on the resort, musical events, and overall information are expected to come from Tomorrowland shortly.

In the meantime, click here to book a stay at one of three accommodation packages.

Featured image: Terra Solis

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Insomniac shares official EDC Las Vegas 2022 compilation

Insomniac shares official EDC Las Vegas 2022 compilationEdc Lv Lauren Coakley Photography

With 70 tracks of pure auditory nirvana, Electric Daisy Carnival has finally shared their 2022 compilation series for the quickly approaching Las Vegas mainstay.

Pulled from this year’s fledging lineup, Insomniac‘s latest playlist features emerging acts from the likes of Honeyluv, Nostalgix, and Qrion, to solidified players like Tinlicker, A-Trak, and two of Dancing Astronaut’s Artists to Watch from the last two years, LP Giobbi, and Moore Kismet. The compilation will also feature exclusive singles from VOLAC, Jessica Audiffred and Point.Blank, JSTJR, and more.

This year’s compilation playlist is a must-listen in preparation for the renowned festival, offering outputs across all stages and styles, in addition to being the perfect way to find new music ahead of this year’s event. Check it out below.

Featured image: Lauren Coakley

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A-Trak enlists support from Illyus & Barrientos on ‘Together At Last’

A-Trak enlists support from Illyus & Barrientos on ‘Together At Last’A Trak Photo Credit Jenny AndersonGetty

A-Trak‘s latest arrives in the form of a house-fueled, post-COVID celebration. Featuring Glasgow-based duo Illyus & Barrientos, “Together At Last” is now streaming everywhere via A-Trak’s esteemed Fool’s Gold Records. Intricately percussive and effortlessly mixed, the gospel-driven house cut marks the Canadian selector’s second one-off single in 2022, landing hot off the heels of the Duck Sauce producer’s Put The Sauce On It EP.

A-Trak took to Twitter to share a short-length video outlining the new single’s Ableton project file. Watch how the track was made and stream “Together At Last” below.

Featured image: Jenny Anderson

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Goldenvoice mints debut lineup for San Francisco’s debut Portola Festival

Goldenvoice mints debut lineup for San Francisco’s debut Portola Festival67ec9c4c 6ad3 43eb 8cdd F71000df274b DSCF5628

Goldenvoice‘s latest undertaking, Portola Festival has announced a wildly impressive roster of artists for its 2022 debut. Scheduled for September 24 – 25 at San Francisco’s Pier 80, not even two months after Outside Lands‘ return to its early-August slot at Golden Gate Park, the brand new two-day event has unveiled performers Flume, The Chemical Brothers, KAYTRANADA, Jamie xx, SG Lewis, Gorgon City, Ben Böhmer, Lane 8, and Fred again.., among others.

The new Bay Area attraction derives from the Portola Festival of 1909, which ultimately marked the city’s reopening after enduring the cataclysmic 1906 earthquake. 113 year later, Goldenvoice has revived a historic piece of San Francisco history, launching a brand new celebration of community postured as a dance-focused music festival. Register for pre-sale here and view Portola Festival’s entire debut lineup below.

Goldenvoice mints debut lineup for San Francisco’s debut Portola FestivalFS5VVrbVUAAsU O

Featured image: Amanda Ulrich

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Day Trip Festival to host MK, Bob Moses, Lane 8, FISHER, and more

Day Trip Festival to host MK, Bob Moses, Lane 8, FISHER, and moreDay Trip

For the second year of Insomniac‘s new house music property, Day Trip will return to Long Beach, California from June 25 – 26. While 2021’s event was originally scheduled to be held at SoFi Stadium before moving to the NOS Center, Insomniac Events will now provide a unique experience along the Queen Mary Waterfront. 2022’s festival will feature a Deep End and High Tide stage with both stages featuring some of the most in-demand talent in dance music.

Day Trip’s stacked lineup includes Insomniac mainstays such as Meduza, Lane 8, and FISHER while also bringing in sought-after international acts like MK, Mark Knight, and Wade. Two-day general admission tickets are currently going for $159.99 and can be purchased here.

Featured image: Insomniac

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MIDI Polyphonic Expression has been updated with one powerful feature: better documentation

At the beginning of May, The MIDI Association quietly announced MPE 1.1. What’s new? Absolutely nothing. It’s the same spec. So why the new version number? They listened to your questions, issues, and feedback, and made the whole document easier to read, understand, and implement. And that might be better than any new feature.

For those of you just joining MPE, the idea is simple: instead of a pitch bend or aftertouch or vibrato impacting all keys at once, MPE can assign per-note expression for polyphonic instruments. It’s actually a bit comical to me that people wonder whether this is important. That’s easy to answer: if it’s a monophonic instrument, totally not, if it’s a polyphonic instrument, totally it doesn’t make any sense without it. Imagine if you added vibrato on one string and all the other strings… yeah, basically the way electronic instruments have conventionally worked makes sense to keyboardists and organists and absolutely no one else. Enter MPE, and you have one very easy-to-implement solution.

What can it do? Things like this (pictured at top):

LinnStrument and Moog Model 15 go perfectly together

But technologies don’t become reality becomes someone published a paper or defined a spec. They get hashed out by humans. Humans have questions. Questions need answers. Enter MPE 1.1 – enabling better interfacing with those humans.

MPE Working Group, with representatives of the MIDI Association, Moog, Yamaha, Keith McMillan Instruments, and others – including our hero dev and MPE evangelist Geert Bevin – met and made this happen.

There is literally not a single technical change here, but that’s okay – MPE is working reasonably well where it’s implemented. What could matter to users is, better documentation means it’s more likely you’ll see MPE in software and hardware, and implemented in a more consistent way.

As the authors put it:

Every point of confusion or misinterpretation we’ve encountered over the past few years has been addressed. All the implementation rules are now gathered together into section 2 “Detailed Specification”. Further, the best practices and appendices have been elaborated to provide greater detail and examples.

I almost didn’t post this when I got that far, but then started browsing through and thought to myself, self, uh, no, this is exactly the time to talk about MPE, especially knowing various hardware and software engineers read CDM. So it’s well worth a perusal of the updated documentation, especially if you looked at MPE in the past and didn’t get anywhere. Check it out from MIDI.org:


They’ve also given a clue to what they’ll work on next – auto-configuration between MPE senders and receivers. It all uses MIDI-CI Profile, a gee-whiz feature that we saw with MIDI 2.0 that sounds great (instruments automatically “knowing” how to work with other hardware or software), but that we haven’t really yet seen in action. So this is potentially exciting, especially as MPE is a bit more involved than plain-old-vanilla MIDI. And they do promise it’s coming in 2022, which (checks note) would be this year.

The announcement

And check some Geert TV – though, of course, the next star of MPE could be you. Aherm. Okay, let’s watch:

[embedded content]

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Premiere: Maggie Tra ‘Apsara’

Maggie Tra will release her new single, ‘Apsara’, this Friday (20th May). Ahead of its official release, have an exclusive first listen below. 

The Australia-born Khmer/Viet DJ and producer follows her recent ambient single ‘Broken Rice Feat. Phan Thuỷ’ and an appearance on Juba’s ‘The Assurance Compilation’ with a cut that weaves Khmer vocal samples through a thumping house beat.

The track is named  after the traditional Khmer Apsara dance. Speaking about the title’s relevance, Tra said: “I’ve always wanted to be an Apsara dancer, so I thought what better way can I be one than by making a song that showcases what I envision a dancer’s strength and femininity would be with a modern twist.”

Tra is also the founder of SYS Sister Sounds, a Hanoi-based collective geared toward teaching aspiring women and people of marginalised genders to DJ and make their start in the music industry. The platform also recently developed into a label, which has released Tra’s music alongside an EP from Vietnamese producer Jo Ngo. In June, the label will release a new single from Saigon’s KIMTrang. 

You can pre-save ‘Apsara’ here.

Premiere: DJ IC, DJ Jim Mastershine & Idd Aziz ‘Meremeta (Echo Deep Dub Mix)’

DJ IC, DJ Jim Mastershine and Idd Aziz will release their new collaborative single, ‘Meremeta’, this month via Sneja Recordings alongside a collection of remixes. Listen to Echo Deep’s ‘Deep Dub Mix’ of the track now. 

London-based IC and South Africa’s Mastershine represent two generations of dance music, with the former cutting his teeth as a garage and house DJ in the early 2000s alongside a Rinse FM residency, before becoming embedded in the city’s Afro house scene. Mastershine has made big strides in the SA house scene since debuting with the ‘Relief’ EP in 2018, drawing influence from world-renowned acts like Black Coffee. He’s since released a prolific run of EPs, and DJ’d alongside the likes of Da Capo and Problem Child Ten83.

‘Meremeta’ is the latest in a run of collaborations from the duo, who teamed up on the ‘Adrenaline’ EP in 2021 alongside G Boy SA. Like the four tracks on that EP, ‘Meremeta’ is a cut of techy Afro house; its thumping rhythm underpins a dizzy melodic dialogue between blazing synths and Nairobi-born, Norway-based Idd Azz’s hugely expressive vocals. 

Remixes for ‘Meremeta’ come from artists across SA and beyond; Johannesburg’s Echo Deep and Supreme Rhythm and Cape Town’s Mr Norble Guy appear alongside Eswatini’s Parcel SWZ and Lusaka, Zambia’s Kreative Nativez. Each brings a distinctive dancefloor flavour to the release, with Idd Aziz’s vocal serving as the emotional anchor across all interpretations. Listen to Echo Deep’s ‘Deep Dub Mix’ below. 

‘Meremeta’ will be released on 27th May. Pre-order/save it here

Natasha Diggs announces debut London headline show with Soul in the Horn

Natasha Diggs has announced details of her debut London headline show.

On Saturday, 18th June, the New York City-based DJ and producer will bring her NYC party Soul in the Horn to Hackney mixed-use arts and event space Oval Space. The announcement comes two months after Diggs performed at Disco Disco’s pool party in Miami. You can revisit DJ Mag’s stream of the set below.

Headlined by the so-called “45 Queen” Diggs, the day and night party – which will take place both indoors and outdoors – will also feature sets by special guests including Omar, Jay Phelps, Soul in the Horn act L3NI, and more guests yet to be announced.

Promising something “extra special,” Diggs shared the news via her Instagram page on 6th May. 

Tickets for the show are on sale now.