Seth Hills, Crime Zcene solidify release trilogy on STMPD RCRDS with ‘Stardust’

Seth Hills, Crime Zcene solidify release trilogy on STMPD RCRDS with ‘Stardust’Screen Shot 2022 06 07 At 10.04.44 PM

Three years after Seth Hills and Crime Zcene first came together on a track had everyone calling for its release following Martin Garrix‘s Ultra 2019 set, the two have officially cemented a collaborative trilogy. And they wasted no time doing so, with “Stardust” marking the duo’s second time linking up on STMPD RCRDS this year after delivering “Illumination” with ALBA back in January.

“Stardust” more closely revisits the festival-driven sound that Seth Hills and Crime Zcene had dipped into on “Echo” their first time around. And that’s exactly what their third go-around results as, with the pair channeling up a heavy-duty sliver of bass house that enables “Stardust” to be a prime candidate to reenter Garrix’s sets this summer as he gradually begins to trade around the non-original music that’s included in his Sentio sets.

Featured image: Seth Hills/Instagram

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NFT giving access to clubs and festivals announced

An NFT collection giving access to a number of clubs and festivals has been announced.

As part of a new web3 product from Clubbing TV and Klubkoin, 7,777 unique NFT wristbands will be minted on the blockchain, each one of them adorned with a tag line, with various categories, colors, backgrounds and styles. Phrases will include “I play vinyl”, “You are not on the list”, “We prefer Z to A”, “Techno”, “Burning man changed my life” and “I hate airports”.

Out of the 7,777-strong collection, more than 150 of the wristbands will place purchases on “THE LIST”: a lifetime access guestlist to worldwide famous clubs & festivals such as Amnesia Ibiza, World Club Dome in Germany, India’s Supersonic, We Are Fstvl and Rampage Open Air, with more to be added in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, 5,000 owners of the wirstbands will receive a wearable perk in one of the biggest Metaverses, Decentraland, giving access to exclusive events in the metaverse and to the VIP area of the Amnesia & JENR8 virtual clubs. There’s also lifetime subscriptions to Clubbing TV up for grabs, as well as the chance to purchase a wristband containing 100,000 hidden Klubcoins.

Speaking about the collection, Laureline Teste Wyrich, COO of Clubbing TV, said: “What we’ve always wanted at Clubbing TV is to create a solid community around every genre of the electronic music scene. The List is welcoming massive festivals and clubs with very different identities and styles which are all represented on the channel. 

“We believe that party people should be the ones making the rules in our industry and we aim to give a real voice to holders in this new chapter. We are in this for the long haul: the lifetime access, the collaborative podcast & TV show, the parties in the metaverse, the DJ springboards… And this is only a non-exhaustive list of what’s on our roadmap!” 

Sign up for information about THE LIST NFT drop here.

Charlotte de Witte to close Tomorrowland’s mainstage next month

Charlotte de Witte will become the first-ever female headliner to close Tomorrowland’s Mainstage next month.

The Belgian techno star has been performing at the Belgium festival for 10 years but has not yet been booked for the headline slot. De Witte is scheduled to close out the Mainstage on Saturday 30th July following a set from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Tomorrowland will be spread out across three weekends in July at its regular home of Boom, Belgium, with over 800 artists slated to play the 16th edition of the festival, which returns this year for the first time since 2019. Italo-Belgian DJ Cellini is set to make his debut on the Mainstage on 22nd July, with headliners Hardwell and Armin van Buuren performing on the Mainstage on the 15th and 29th July and the 15th and 22nd, respectively.

Centered around the theme The Reflection of Love, Tomorrowland takes place from 15th until 17th July, 22nd until 24th and 29th until 31st July. Pick up tickets here.

Earlier this week, the Belgium festival announced the full timetable for its 2022 edition

Polyphonic Aftertouch On The Behringer UB-Xa Synthesizer

[embedded content]

In his latest video, Bernd Brüning, aka The Synth King, explores the polyphonic aftertouch of the upcoming Behringer UB-Xa synthesizer.

Polyphonic aftertouch is a keyboard feature that’s, unfortunately, been extremely rare. It brings an added dimension of possibilities and expression to you keyboard performance, because you can add expressive modulation to individual notes. It’s one of the features the promise to make the Behringer UB-Xa more than a cheap knockoff.

“This little piece of music showcases the superb keybed of the UB-Xa,” notes Brüning.  “It provides velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch, enabling you to play your music with extraordinary expressivity.”

Here’s what Brüning shared about the technical details of his performance:

“In this split performance, filter frequency, volume, LFO speed and intensity of the upper preset (in unison mode employing only one voice) is controlled by poly aftertouch. Moreover volume, VCF and VCA attack is also controlled by velocity.

The lower pad sound uses OB-8 “second page” functions such as LFO rate delay here controlling panorama position. Furthermore LFO rate is influenced by poly aftertouch as well.

This music genre begs for delay and reverb. I´ve used two Lexicon PCM 70 connected to my main mixing desk as send effects.

Everything is played life and recorded in one take without any edits or further audio processing.”

Check out the performance and share your thoughts on the UB-Xa’s polyphonic aftertouch capability in the comments!

Shut Up & Play: The ‘100% Eargasmic’ UDO Super-6 Synthesizer

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Sound designer Jexus shared these audio demos for their new collection of 128 custom sounds for the UDO Super 6 synthesizer.

The videos are more than a preview of the sound library, though – they do a great job of demonstrating the range of sonic possibilities of the Super 6.

Jexus describes the sound of the UDO Super 6 as 100% eargasmic, adding “The warmth, depth & smoothness of the Super-6 sound is one of a kind, there’s nothing else quite like it in the synth world. “

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

The patch library is available now for $24 USD.

Check out the audio demos and share your thoughts on the Super 6 in the comments!