Showtek’s ‘Welcome Back Home’ is a timeless house hit

Showtek’s ‘Welcome Back Home’ is a timeless house hitShowtek Press Pic Dancing Astronaut

Few acts in all of dance music have grown alongside the industry like the Netherlands’ Showtek. From early releases like “Bassment” and “Controller” to the now infamous “Bad,” the duo’s collaboration with David Guetta that just surpassed 1 billion streams, Showtek have demonstrated their constant ability to stay ahead of the sonic curve.

Their latest single, a joint effort with MC Ambush titled “Welcome Back Home” continues this trend; however, it sees Showtek look to the past before turning their gaze to the future. The release takes clear inspiration from piano-driven classic house anthems, but gives the genre-defining melodies more room to play with a modern palate of synths. Driving the track home is the earnest and powerful vocal track from MC Ambush, who boasts, “Now bring back the music,/Now bring back the love, /Now bring back the unity,/And all of the above.”

As invigorating for the soul as it is for the ears, Showtek’s latest track is out now via their very own Skink Records. Listen below.

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