Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade: Resources and artist reactions

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade: Resources and artist reactionsSC

On June 24, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that established the constitutional right to abortion, protected under the 14th amendment of the Constitution. The Court’s 5-4 decision, which reverses nearly 50 years of precedent, provides each state the power to determine, set, and enforce its own abortion laws. At present, nearly half of the nation’s 50 states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortion. The implications will be dangerous and wide-reaching.

The June 24 move was preceded by a leak of a draft majority opinion indicating that the Supreme Court intended to overturn Roe v. Wade. The leaked document was obtained and published by Politico on May 2.

Protests have erupted across the nation and donations have poured in to abortion funds since the news of the Supreme Court’s decision was released on Friday morning, reports The New York Times. The vote, which reinforces economic, social, and political inequities while presenting the risk for higher rates of maternal morality and self-harm, has been met with outcry from the American public at large. Duly an injustice and a violation of women’s rights, the decision has magnified feelings of fear and grief in American women and in those who stand for reproductive freedom and rights. Emotions are running high as this crisis folds, so Dancing Astronaut has collected early reactions to the Court’s overturning of the constitutional right to abortion and compiled a list of mental health and abortion resources for our readers.

Mental Health and Abortion Support Resources:

Abortion financial assistance: National Network of Abortion Funds

Access to abortion pills: Plan C

Free legal advice: Repro Legal Helpline

Free medical advice and mental health support: Call/text +1 (833)-246-2632 (M+A Hotline)

Information on where/how to get an abortion: (provides personalized information on how to get an abortion, no search/user data saved)

Assistance with travel/logistics for those seeking an abortion: Practical Support Organizations

To volunteer: The United State of Women (USOW), Planned Parenthood, National Network of Abortion Funds

To donate: USOW, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, National Network of Abortion Funds, The Afiya Center, Our Justice


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Explore Vintage Culture’s new single with Solardo, the evolution of his sound, and more [Q+A]

Explore Vintage Culture’s new single with Solardo, the evolution of his sound, and more [Q+A]Vinta

In the last year, Vintage Culture has seemingly released music on every record label in sight. The Brazilian DJ is consistently one of the most supported artists in dance music, as his sound weaves genres together in artful fashion, resulting in a consistent stream of festival-ready hits.

Next up for Vintage Culture is a single with the UK based duo, Solardo. Released on June 24, Vintage Culture and Solardo come together for melodic-house single, “Adidas & Pearls.” As a current wave within house music looks to shift towards melodic and deep sounds, Vintage Culture continues to be at the forefront in the latest movement in trends. Dancing Astronaut connected with Vintage Culture for a chat about his ongoing sonic evolution, the labels helping him push his creative vision, and his new single with Solardo.

How has your sound evolved from your early production years of mostly Brazilian bass?

Vintage Culture: When I started as a teenager my world was smaller. My first ambition was to be playing at popular clubs and festivals in Brazil. Maybe in my quiet moments I dreamed of touring the world, or headlining international festivals, but I didn’t say that out loud. The immediate goal was to make music for myself and the audience around me. This style which is now called “Brazilian bass” really appealed to the fans. 

I combined this style with international influences that I grew up listening to—bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, [and] Radiohead. These artists have a great sense of melody and focus on the quality of the song itself. This has stayed with me. I think the fans can hear this on my new track, “Adidas & Pearls” with Solardo and Lowes. 

Now, touring the world, I’m exposed to influences from all over. This seeps into my productions without [me] even being conscious of it. So there was a natural evolution to the music. 

How much fun have the latest So Track Boa parties been? The last one at the Belo Horizonte football stadium looked wild.

Vintage Culture: So Track Boa in 2022 was like being reunited with family and friends again. I could feel the spirit of the crowd and the positive energy of 40,000 friends as soon as I entered the venue. There is no greater feeling in the world.  Being on that stage with those fans is the most comfortable place on the planet for me. This year So Track Boa, which is Portuguese for “only good tracks,” sold out very fast and was our biggest event yet. I’m already thinking about next year. I will be personally selecting the artists from around the world for the festival. 

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported the festival and my shows around the world. I appreciate the fans so much and want them to know this. Thank you guys!

Many of your recent releases have been on some highly recognizable labels including Insomniac Records, Spinnin’ Records, Cercle Records, and more. How do you go about determining labels to partner with?

Vintage Culture: Just like producers, record labels seem to specialize in specific genres, or they have a particular sound and vibe. This is about the musical tastes of their A&R teams. If you listen to the tracks from Defected, you can definitely hear a similar vibe running through them. 

With experience and time getting to know the people who work at each label, you realize which productions would work for each label and their A&R teams.

With such a busy touring schedule through 2022, how do you manage consistent quality in your output with such a chaotic schedule?

Vintage Culture: My mastering engineer is working around the clock—shout out to Pimpo Gama in Brazil. Keep in mind I spent most of the lock-down in the recording studio. I missed playing live very much, but in another way this was a very creative time for me. I spent lock down writing, producing and recording almost every day. There is a backlog of great songs waiting to be released. Combined with my new tracks, I probably have enough music for the next two years. 

The new track with Solardo is an interesting one, how did you find a balance of styles in the studio?

Vintage Culture: We have a high respect for each other’s work and we [each] have an appreciation of great songs. Lowes are very talented writers, so our goal was to combine our production skills to bring out the best of the song. We wanted to emphasize the vocal melody and lyrics without stepping on the performance. I’m very proud of “Adidas & Pearls” and together with Solardo and Lowes, we created a great track. 

Featured image: @vintageculture/ Instagram

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Dim Mak rising star Aviella goes ‘Solo’

Dim Mak rising star Aviella goes ‘Solo’Aviella.SOLO 3000p

At the forefront of Dim Mak’s rising stars is 24 year old LA artist Aviella – a highly sought after singer/songwriter who is turning heads with her solo artist project. Her recent releases on Steve Aoki’s tastemaking imprint – “Comfortable” with QUIX and “Scream It Out” with Callie Reiff – have further cemented her status as one to watch.

Aviella’s latest offering “SOLO” pairs a fun progressive house production with uplifting lyrics that shows off her sassy songwriting about being independent and in control of your life — a theme prevalent in most of her releases.

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DJ White Shadow and DJ Drew – Just the Way You Are

DJ White Shadow and DJ Drew – Just the Way You AreDjws Djdrew

With a Grammy on his shelf, and a new residency at Miami’s storied E11even under his belt, DJ White Shadow teams up with LA’s DJ Drew for a 2022 disco-pop reboot of a cult classic, just in time for pool party season.

Retaining the infectious charm of the original’s melodies, DJ White Shadow’s & DJ Drew’s take on “Just The Way You Are” is a masterclass in dance pop, delicately walking the line between the familiar and the future. Trading in acoustic guitars for analog synths, “Just The Way You Are” is big for the main stage, groovy for the club, and just sweet enough for the radio.

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Slushii returns with ‘Forever With U’

Slushii returns with ‘Forever With U’Slushii Forever With U

Slushii is making his triumphant return just in time for the summer heat to pick up.Now at home on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records, the electrifying artist has three months of Friday release planned culminating with a 15 track album set to drop on September 23rd.

The kick off for ‘A Slushii Summer’ begins with the brand new single “Forever With U”. The euphoric, melody-rich single blends Slushii’s trademark chip tune with dance pop leanings that deliver what can only be described as positive vibes. Fans of the project’s warm and cheeky production will be ecstatic that even after a hiatus the eccentric talent hasn’t missed a step — or a wonky beat.

Stay tuned every Friday for the latest release from the coolest project dropping this summer — Slushii.

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Ry Hill converts Labrinth’s ‘Forever’ into tech-house anthem

Ry Hill converts Labrinth’s ‘Forever’ into tech-house anthem25F9B65E 8C84 43D7 9122 6680471110E8 2

Los Angeles producer Ry Hill recently imparted a tech-house take on Labrinth’s hit single, “Forever,” from HBO’s Euphoria. Characterized by acidic monosynths and abrasive house percussion, Hill’s airtight production seamlessly carries Labrinth’s anthemic falsetto into a bass-driven climax. Hill told Dancing Astronaut,

“I’m a big fan of both Labrinth and Euphoria. I also love to make a hard-hitting house track every now and then, switch[ing] it up from my typical indie-electronic sound.”

Geared toward summer DJ sets, Hill’s “Forever” remix arrives on the heels of “FREAK,” his rework of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” and his vocal cover of “Heat Waves” alongside Teddy Beats. With a long-form original project underway, Ry Hill has set the stage for a momentous album debut. In the meantime, stream Ry Hill’s high-octane rendition of “Forever” below.

Featured image: Hector Prado

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Jauz, Habstrakt get down and dirty on ‘Like Before’

Jauz, Habstrakt get down and dirty on ‘Like Before’Jau

Diving into uncharted waters, Jauz and Habstrakt have linked up for a turbulent tech-house single, “Like Before.” Although the two producers are leaders in the bass-house genre, “Like Before” marks the first time that Jauz and Habstrakt have worked together, and it’s a tune outside both of their realms. While “Like Before” most closely resembles tech-house, progressive synths have strong influence on the number, making this jumpy single a decimating force for the clubs. Premiered by Habstrakt during his 2021 EDC Las Vegas set, “Like Before” has been a long-awaited ID that, finally, sees the light of day.

Out now via Musical Freedom, “Like Before” is Jauz’s first single since April’s “PPL” with Johnny GOLD; it is Habstrakt’s answer to April’s “Point” with Nitepunk. Having already seen massive support from fellow producers such as Alesso, Tiësto, and Dr. Fresch, “Like Before” will be heard at nearly every dance music festival this summer. Stream it below.

Featured image: @jauzofficial/ Instagram

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Ray Volpe relinquishes one of the year’s most-anticipated IDs— stream ‘Laserbeam’

Ray Volpe relinquishes one of the year’s most-anticipated IDs— stream ‘Laserbeam’275852903 504827754629644 8779855949639325616 N

It was one of the most played tracks at EDC Las Vegas 2022 and it garnered support from a long line of artists including Excision, ILLENIUM, Subtronics, MitiS, Moore Kismet, DJ Diesel, 4B, NGHTMRE, and ARMNHMR, among others. It even went viral on TikTok, all before its official release.

Ray Volpe has long been sitting on what might be the hottest ID in bass music, if not all of dance/electronic music—at least in 2022—but at long last, “Laserbeam” is here. The track has roots in Excision’s show at Virginia’s Hampton Coliseum. Prior to the show, Volpe had sent him what we now know to be “Laserbeam,” telling Excision that “it’d work well with lasers.” Excision proceeded to play out the track in sync with what appeared to be thousands of lasers. From there, “Laserbeam” took off, going on to be potentially the most-played track at EDC Las Vegas this May before making its way to digital streaming platforms courtesy of Disciple.

Volpe is in the midst of the run to his new EP, slated to release later this year. “Laserbeam” is the project’s sophomore single and answers May’s “Growing Wild” featuring Myah Marie. Beyond recently playing Red Rocks for the first time (in support of Sullivan King), Volpe is also set to play a bevy of festivals this summer, including ILLfest in Texas, Bass Canyon—where he’ll be going back-to-back with Blanke—and of course, Excision’s Lost Lands. Stream “Laserbeam” below.

Featured image: Snapaholix

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Subtronics issues dubstep rendition of Kx5’s ‘Escape’

Subtronics issues dubstep rendition of Kx5’s ‘Escape’Subtronics Cyclops Visual Palladium 2020 Rukes 2

Subtronics has followed in the footsteps of Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2021 John Summit and Spencer Brown by dispatching an official remix of Kx5’s “Escape.” Subtronics’ dubstep-driven rework directly follows his April remix of ACRAZE‘s “Do It To It,” which is currently nearing its 1,000,000th stream on Spotify.

“BEYOND HONORED TO REMIX THIS SONG,” Subtronics emphasized in a recent tweet. “I’ve always been a massive fan of deadmau5 and Kaskade…I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and make something that is unique while still being authentically me.”

After tending the decks at Electric Forest‘s 2022 installment, the “Griztronics” producer will make an appearance at Lollapalooza Paris 2022, followed by a slew of North American tour dates. Check out Subtronics’ current list of shows here and stream “Escape (feat. Hayla) [Subtronics Remix]” below.

Featured image: Rukes

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Mall Grab shares video for ‘Times Change’, featuring D Double E and Novelist: Watch

Mall Grab has shared a new single, and accompanying video, featuring D Double E and Novelist.

‘Times Change’ is the latest track to be unveiled from the Australian producer’s forthcoming debut album, ‘What I Breathe’, which will be released on 5th August. Mall Grab, D Double E and Novelist all appear in the video, which you can watch below, while the track draws on the producer’s signature breakbeat-indebted sound.

Speaking about the track, Mall Grab said: “I made this beat a few years ago in its first iteration with Novelist in mind. Once it reached its final stage I reached out to him, and he wrote the hook and his verse while we were in the studio in west London – conveniently leaving space for a second verse for another London legend.

“I was lucky enough to get D on the track for the second to close it off – both of them bringing their signature styles and finesse, rounding off one of my personal favourites on the LP.”

Among the other guests on Mall Grab’s debut album are Nia Archives and Turnstile’s Brendan Yates. The album, which was announced last month, explores breakbeat, house music, grime and jungle.

Speaking about the album when it was announced, the producer said: “I have been lucky enough to work with some of my favourite artists which have really been the glue that keeps the project coherent. There are a lot of familiar sounds on this album that my listeners and followers have become accustomed to and joined me in the deep dive.

“My adopted home city of London has been a huge inspiration to how my music has evolved and progressed, and on ‘What I Breathe’, I wanted to create a body of work which not only had something for everyone who has been with me the past 6 years, but also those who aren’t yet aware of what I’m about or the music I make.”

Mall Grab also last month released a collaborative track with Effy, called ‘Run It’.