Teenage Engineering Creates Mother Of All Decks (MOAD) For Swedish House Mafia

Teenage Engineering shared these images of the jumbo live performance deck, MOAD (Mother Of All Decks), that they created as a custom design for Swedish House Mafia‘s 2022 Coachella set and US/EU tour.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“back in 2010, when we launched our very first product OP–1, we were approached by a group that was soon to shoot a music video for their first song. that group was swedish house mafia, and the song was “one”, feat. pharell williams. and it was also the beginning of a long friendship. 10 years later, we’ve teamed up again on our first product collaboration, MOAD – mother of all decks.

live at coachella with the weeknd

the live performance deck is 5 m x 1.2 m and breaks down into nine parts, to be set up or taken down in about 30 minutes, making it easy to tour with. when it finally came time to construct the deck, we worked with another longtime friend of ours, daniel araya.

the inside holds a computer, multiple mixers, dj decks, sequencer and samplers, effect processors, custom made light effects and mechanical tape reels.MOAD made it’s debut at coachella 2022 and will travel with swedish house mafia on their us and eu tour.”

A Complete Guide To The Behringer Crave Synthesizer

[embedded content]

This series of videos, via XNB, offers a complete guide to the Behringer Crave, a standalone semi-modular synth design based on the Moog Mother-32.

The first video, above, offers a complete walkthrough of the Behringer Crave and its capabilities.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro
02:13 – Output VCA
04:55 – Envelope
10:53 – OSC
20:11 – Filter (VCF)
28:01 – Modulation (LFO)
29:50 – Glide
33:17 – Keyboard mode
37:16 – Rec a pattern
42:48 – Banks,Pattern,step,save
52:59 – Accent, Rest
56:43 – Edit patterns
01:02:26 – Gate and Tie
01:09:03 – Glide
01:15:37 – Ratchet
01:19:22 – Put in practice
01:23:04 – Step mode
01:27:26 – End,Reverse,Hold,Mute
01:31:35 – Arp
01:37:22 – Conclusion

The second video, below, takes a look at the Crave’s patchbay:

[embedded content]

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro
01:16 – LFO Tri, LFO Squ OUT
08:02 – Cutoff, Res IN
10:02 – MIX 1&2 IN, VC MIX Out
18:36 – OSC CV & OSC FM IN’s
26:07 – LFO Rate, Env, KB CV
38:26 – Multimeter
44:05 – OSC MOD
49:29 – EXT Audio, SQR & SAW OUT
55:09 – Mix CV & MIX VC Mix
01:03:43 – Multiple In & Out’s
01:07:47 – Gate OUT
01:11:29 – ENV GATE IN
01:17:42 – Tempo & Play/Stop
01:27:54 – Reset & Accent
01:30:09 – VCF, VCA CV
01:38:11 – ASSIGN

Note: Since the Crave copies the Mother-32 design, most of this discussion will apply equally well to the original Moog design.

Check it out, and share your thoughts on the Crave in the comments!