Tresor Records announces Drexciya catalogue special edition reissue

Tresor Records is preparing special editions of its Drexciya catalogue to mark the 20th anniversary of co-founder James Stinson’s passing and the releases of the electro pioneers’ ‘Transllusion’ and ‘Shifted Phases’ albums.

First up in the reissue series will be ‘Neptune’s Lair’, out 2nd September and originally released by Stinson and Gerald Donald in 1999. The updated ‘Hydro Doorways’ single will arrive later that month. Following the September releases, the special editions will come out over the next six months: ‘Harnessed The Storm’ and ‘Digital Tsunami’ coming in November; the two ‘Transllusion’ records ‘The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate’ and single ‘Mind Over Positive And Negative Dimensional Matter’ in February 2023; and ‘Shifted Phases – The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope’ to close out the anniversary rereleases in March 2023. 

Each of the reissues will have new artwork by Detroit-based artist Matthew Angelo Harrison who will combine the Drexciyan mythology with the Black American experience and the history of labour in the US using his abstract aesthetic aided by 3-D printing and digital graphic technology. 

Check out ‘Neptune’s Lair’ on Bandcamp.

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