Fourth of July Weekend at The Brooklyn Mirage: Cityfox takeover featuring TOKiMONSTA, Bob Moses, and more

Fourth of July Weekend at The Brooklyn Mirage: Cityfox takeover featuring TOKiMONSTA, Bob Moses, and moreImage1

On July 2, The Cityfox Experience will position 14 of the underground’s finest, including TOKiMONSTA, Bob Moses (club set), Joris Voorn, and Justin Martin, across three stages at The Brooklyn Mirage. The takeover is Cityfox’s second spring/summer affair at the recently renovated open-air venue following Cityfox: Regenerate, its sold-out season opener at The Brooklyn Mirage in May.

The 21-plus rain-or-shine event will kick off at 7:00 p.m. In the spirit of the holiday weekend, the Mirage will offer a specialty food and beverage menu that serves as an ode to American street food, complete with lobster rolls, shrimp po’ boys, and more. Tickets to the takeover are currently available for purchase here. View the venue’s event calendar here.

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Featured image: Bryan Kwon

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The insanely tiny Teenage Engineering TX-6 now records and connects and makes more sense

It’s the ultimate music gear you can swallow.* Sorry, make that carry in your pocket. And now the TX-6 starts to make more sense.

For all the naysayers, the TX-6 earned some supporters early on. It’s a mixer, it does FX, it’s an audio interface, it’s got other little toys in it. And there’s something appealing about just how small this is, as pure design accomplishment and fetish object.

There is some method to this madness. It always struck me that how the TX-6 could work was as music gear you always had with you. Digital DJs are at an enormous advantage – carry a couple of USB sticks, and the club does the rest. But we already take for granted that our smartphone can stand in for our computer in a pinch, and the stuff it does is important enough that we want it with us (and charged) at all times.

So, even though the TX-6 may not be for everyone – and it definitely, absolutely is not for everyone – it could be a beautiful proof of concept for a different category of music tool. It could be the rack full of gear you carry around with you at all times, in a way your smartphone and iPad and even some handy synths and whatnot can’t. It could finally

Just one snag – the TX-6 didn’t actually do everything you need at launch. Crucially, it missed out on recording or storage, which more or less missed the point. So I am surprised that this firmware is dubbed “1.1.4,” because it feels more like 1.5. New products often seem useless at launch and then get fleshed out. This is the TX-6 looking like an actual, complete product.

And not only did the Teenagers add recording, but they added connectivity (MIDI and Bluetooth, which also makes the built-in synth and whatnot useful) and sync (also with Bluetooth support). There’s a cue that’s more usable. And mono inputs mean you can make greater use of the mixing features.

Here’s the full feature set (copying here) – record, playback, sync, connect, and get hands on internal features via your external gear, even wirelessly:

  • usb mass storage disk record/playback for 24-bit 48 kHz stereo wav files, including armed recording with automatic start on audio detect.
  • PO-sync output on aux and cue, with selectable 8th note for PO-sync and 16th note for modular systems.
  • external midi control of all TX–6 parameters, for complete remote control over midi.
  • extended midi support for synth mode to play the synth chromatically using midi notes from an external keyboard.
  • added ‘scenes’ to save and load all settings.
  • usb audio multiple sample rate support: 48 kHz and additionally 44.1 kHz, for compatibility with MPC live etc. 
  • BLE midi clock in/out support with clock routing settings.
  • BLE host mode to connect peripherals like BLE midi keyboards.
  • switchable aux and cue outputs, to be able to utilize the higher output level of the aux jack if needed for high impedance headphones.
  • added balanced mono input mode in addition to the stereo / mono / split modes.
  • parameters keep their values until a knob is moved, making it easier to switch knob config without undesired behavior.
  • no snap back of the freeze FX parameter. click to reset instead.
  • smoother change of FX I send.
  • stability bugfix for usb midi host mode.
  • usb audio mode set on menu exit, instead of directly.

[embedded content]

TX–6 update 1.1.4 [Teenage Engineering blog]

Firmware download

Having finally got my hands on it at Superbooth last month, it really is usable in practice, and it’s even smaller and more precisely-machined than you can get from the pics. I don’t know whether I’d budget for this box myself, but now I can say it looks like something that would be fun to own. And as a larger demonstration of a design idea, it could point to how miniaturized all-in-one gadgetry could be useful in future.

Mainly I just want to get together with the Swedes for some backpack-sized gigs, even if I show up with some cheaper gear. No luggage allowance needed. Heck, I’ll even save some CO2 and take buses and boats and things.


*CDM reminds you please do not eat any electronics.

Premiere: Zombies In Miami ‘The City Of Love’

Zombies in Miami will release a new EP, ‘The City Of Love’, on Parisian label Motordiscs next month. Listen to the title track below. 

The Mexican duo follow releases on labels such as Kompakt, Cómeme, Correspondent and Running Back with two original cuts that boast their classic indie disco heft, with a nocturnal twist. The title track feels a touch indebted to Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from Twin Peaks, its minimal guitar plucks rolling over a moody-yet-funky Italo beat and mournful new wave vocals. 

‘Aurora’ takes a housier turn, its rumbling bass groove and shadowy synths feeling tailor-made for the dancefloor’s deeper moments.  The EP is supplemented by a remix of the title track by Barnt, who adds a psychedelic deep house flair to the original mix. 

‘The City Of Love’ will be released on 8th July. Pre-order it here

On Thursday 7th July Motordiscs will host a release party at Rex Club in Paris, featuring sets from Barnt, Zombies In Miami (Live) and Daniel Weil. Tickets available here.

Sampa the Great announces new album, ‘As Above, So Below’, shares single: Listen

Sampa the Great has announced a new album, ‘As Above, So Below’, which lands on 9th September via Loma Vista.

Alongside Denzel Curry, who made an appearance on the LP’s previously released first single, ‘Lane’, guests include Kojey Radical, Angélique Kidjo, and Joey Bada$$. The LP is the follow-up to 2019’s ARIA Award and Australian Music Prize-winning debut album, ‘The Return’.

The Zambian-born Botswana-raised poet and rapper has also shared a new single and video from the LP, ‘Never Forget’, which features Chef 187, Tio Nason, and Mwanjé. The single is “an ode to Zamrock”, particularly kalindula music, and is accompanied by a video also featuring the aforementioned artists. The archival footage in the clip shows Zambian musician Paul Ngozi, the late president Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia’s first president), and Zamrock maestros WITCH.

“This tribute was inspired by the band WITCH and their lead singer Mr Jagari Chanda, who has become one of my musical mentors,” she said of the song. “I discovered Zamrock later in my life and was surprised that this music was known globally, yet not fully celebrated and acknowledged in Zambia today”.

She continued: “It hit home for me as I felt similarities in my own journey, having had my career take off outside my birth country. I thought it was fitting to pay homage to those who came before me and merge past, present and future through music and imagery; passing the baton from one generation to the next”.

Check out the video and see the LP artwork below. You can pre-order a copy of the album here.

The Prodigy announce 25th anniversary vinyl reissue of ‘The Fat of the Land’

The Prodigy have announced a 25th anniversary limited-edition vinyl reissue of ‘Fat of the Land’.

Landing on 4th November via XL Recordings, the 2xLP silver 12” vinyl package of the original 1997 album comes with a “reimagined version” of Alex Jenkins’s artwork, as well as a drum & bass remix of ‘Firestarter’ by the legendary Andy C, which you can hear below. 

Pre-order the anniversary vinyl of ‘Fat of the Land’ here.

The Prodigy will embark on a 10-date sold-out UK summer tour next month, beginning in Sheffield on 8th July and culminating in three nights at Brixton Academy. 

Earlier this year, it was revealed that The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett has scored a new Netflix horror movie, ‘Choose or Die’. Formerly titled CURS>R, the film stars Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, The 100’s Lola Evan’s and Sherlock Holmes’ Eddie Marsan, as well as Robert Englund, who is best known for playing Freddie Krueger in the horror classic, ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’.

Hagan and Aymos link up on new Afro house single, ‘Sise Ntweni’: Listen

Hagan has teamed up with South African vocalist Aymos for a new single, ‘Sise Ntweni’. Check it out below. 

“‘Sise Ntweni’ is a club-ready track that highlights how South African music has been a significant source of inspiration for me and partially being the foundations towards my tribal groove,” said the British-Ghanian producer. “Pairing up with South African artist, Aymos, Sise Ntweni emphasises the importance of having a strong network of individuals around you.”

“In all walks of life, having a strong network of individuals can help you in times of need,” he added. “Aymos’ voice has a universal spiritual presence that can be felt by all ears whether you understand the South African language, Xhosa, or not.” 

Aymos is a South African vocalist known for his amapiano tracks, and who previously featured on Karen Nyame KG’s ‘Sensei II’ EP.

This new single follows Hagan’s ‘Forward Focus’ EP, which kickstarted new London label One Level last year. The release saw him explore “new sounds beyond the Afro-centric club and funky rhythms of his work to date”, and takes in influences from across various parts of the world. He has previously released on labels including Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce and Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper.

Read DJ Mag’s 2021 interview with Hagan, and listen to his Recognise mix, here.

Read Ria Hylton’s feature about the UK Afro house scene here.

DJ Deeon in ICU due to heart infection following amputation and pneumonia

DJ Deeon has revealed that he is currently in ICU due to a heart infection.

The legendary Chicago DJ and ghetto house pioneer shared a picture of himself on Facebook yesterday (29th June) with breathing apparatus accompanied by the caption: “In hospital, amputation, Pneumonia, NOW ICU. With heart infection. Wishing you well. AND ASKING FOR PRAYERS PLEASE.”

Messages of support for Deeon have been shared across the dance music community, some of which you can read below. 

DJ Deeon, real name Deeon Boyd, kicked Chicago’s ghetto house phenomenon into gear, establishing his career with a string of releases for Dance Mania in the ’90s and refining his sound across nearly three decades of productions and DJing. He is among the “teachers” named in Daft Punk’s iconic track of the same name from the 1997 album ‘Homework’. You can read more about his influence on the duo in Gabriel Szatan’s DJ Mag feature, Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ at 25: Teachers and Students.

This year, DJ Deeon was nominated in the Underground Hero category in DJ Mag’s Best of North America Awards.

Boyd has suffered a number of serious health issues in recent years including a series of mini-strokes that left him unable to tour. He launched a Crowdfunder in 2020 after the effects of poor health and a loss of income due to the coronavirus caused him to face financial hardship.

“Im not one to ask for help – it doesn’t sit comfortably with me – and i believe you should never get something for nothing so here I am offering to you what I can. Unreleased remixes, Back Catalogue Material, Exclusive Merch, Video messages, Remixes you name it,” he wrote on the Crowdfunder page at the time.

Check out DJ Deeon’s latest release, ‘HOUSOHOLIC 2’, below.

Magnificence returns to STMPD RCRDS for first time in four years with ‘Hallucinate’

Magnificence returns to STMPD RCRDS for first time in four years with ‘Hallucinate’278192897 548796903286730 4120540567502737085 N

Another Magnificence appearance on STMPD RCRDS had been in order from the moment “Closer” had been unleashed back in September of 2018. Fast forward almost four years later and that deserving reunion has finally been realized, with Magnificence taking his sophomore lap around the release ring of Martin Garrix’s label. Not even a full month removed from his Mike Williams-paired release, the now-solo Dutchman has been recalled to STMPD RCRDS for his second overall outing of 2022, “Hallucinate.”

Paired with a 30-minute digital stream to celebrate his STMPD RCRDS return, “Hallucinate” shows a more melodic edge to Magnificence’s darkened persona within house. The four-year intermission between label deliveries upholds the saying that patience is a virtue, with Magnificence expertly finessing both sides of the bass- and deep-house worlds into one unequivocally refreshing single that fills out his STMPD RCRDS release trifecta.

Featured image: Magnificence/Instagram

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Good Morning Mix: ODESZA resume ‘NO.SLEEP’ mix series with 13th edition ahead of ‘The Last Goodbye’

Good Morning Mix: ODESZA resume ‘NO.SLEEP’ mix series with 13th edition ahead of ‘The Last Goodbye’66773978 1101003983424506 1026867787678648065 N

It’d been more than two calendar turns since the last installment in ODESZA‘s “NO.SLEEP” series,” but with The Last Goodbye less than a month out, the timing seemed as good as ever to restart it. A week earlier, the duo had teased that it “might be time for a new NO.SLEEP” and it didn’t take long thereafter for the Foreign Family heads to make that a reality, uploading a near-hour 13th edition in their iconic mix series.

Coincidentally landing on the same day as Lane 8‘s “Summer 2022 Mixtape,” ODESZA’s latest “NO.SLEEP” brings the tradition back of releasing a new mix just ahead of a new album, following the 12th one that arrived ahead of BRONSON and the 11th one—which came three years before that—that arrived before A Moment Apart. And ODESZA puts their curation skills on full display while we wait for the return of their live show in Seattle, spanning more than 20 tracks in the 13th “NO.SLEEP” and featuring music from their own album, Jamie xx, Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 Fred again.., Caribou, Flume, and more.

Featured image: Julian Bajsel

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R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse and trafficking

R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse and trafficking, following his conviction last year.

Last September, the disgraced R&B star stood trial in New York City for racketeering and sex trafficking. The jury found him guilty on all nine accounts, including one charge of racketeering and eight counts of violating the anti-sex trafficking law known as the Mann Act. Kelly has been detained at the Metropolitan detention centre in Brooklyn since the verdict.

On Wednesday (29th June), US District Judge Ann Donnelly imposed the sentence at the federal court in Brooklyn U.S. after she and the court heard seven statements from survivors about the impact of Kelly’s exploitation on their lives. She also ordered Kelly, real name Robert Sylvester Kelly, to pay a $100,000 fine, according to the Associated Press

“The horrors your victims endured,” Donnelly said during the sentencing. “No price was too high to pay for your happiness.”

The court heard from Kelly’s accusers, who described a pattern of violence that went on for decades. “You made me do things that broke my spirit. I literally wished I would die because of how low you made me feel,” said one unnamed survivor, directly addressing Kelly, “Do you remember that?” she asked.

Lizzette Martinez, who was just 17 when she met Kelly at a Florida mall, said in her victim statement: “Robert, you destroyed so many people’s lives.”

Kelly did not address the court.

The ‘Ignition’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer was represented by Jennifer Bonjean, a lawyer who represented Billy Cosby.  Kelly has denied his involvement in any wrongdoing and plans to appeal his conviction. “He disagrees with the characterisations that have been made about him,” said Bonjean.

Kelly is currently facing another federal trial in Chicago for child pornography and obstruction-of-justice charges, which is due to begin on 15th August.