How To Get Started With Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

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In this video, via Thomann Synthesizers, German synthesist Martha Bahr (aka Panic Girl) offers an introduction to how to get started with Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Bahr discusses selecting a case, building a collection of Eurorack modules, controlling your modular with a keyboard or sequencer, and performing with a modular system.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro & Overview
1:26 Case
2:52 Sound Sources (VCO)
5:39 Mixer modules
7:26 Audio Interface module
7:58 Filter (VCF)
11:11 Sequencer
13:10 Modulation (LFO)
13:40 VCA
14:39 Envelope
15:34 Interface modules
16:28 External Keyboard and Sequencer
16:57 Mult Module
17:20 Performance

Check out the video out and share your thoughts on getting started with Eurorack modular synths in the comments!