Expect the unexpected: Louis The Child take over The Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner with Chet Porter, DROELOE, and more

Expect the unexpected: Louis The Child take over The Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner with Chet Porter, DROELOE, and more283226065 1360211341145096 7695547924462874002 N

Ever wondered what a SNBRN hard rock set or a techno appearance from Chet Porter would sound like? Although crossovers of such sweeping character might have only been the stuff of melatonin-induced dreams, thanks to Louis The Child, attendees can expect the unexpected at Alter-Ego, a one-night-only event that invites artists to step outside their comfort zones. On August 20, Louis The Child and friends will shelve their sonic identities at the two-room affair, hosted across The Brooklyn Mirage and Avant Gardner.

“We wanted to create an event where artists are given a platform to express different sides of themselves and fans are given a totally unique experience. It’s a type of show we would love to go to, so why not create it?” said Louis The Child, who, in addition to curating the event, will perform a Playground Set and notably, their first “Throwback Set.”

Alter-Ego will position nine other acts across the New York venue’s stages, including Said The Sky, Shallou, DROELOE, EVAN GIIA, SNBRN, Tech Porter (Chet Porter), Taska Black, Pluko, and Win & Woo.

“I chose techno because i knew ‘Chet’ could rearrange to ‘tech,’ and I also just thought it would be funny,” Chet Porter commented on his choice to go techno. “I ended up making a majority of the music for the set myself, sort of as a personal challenge, but also because I had all of these ideas of what it should be like, and the easiest way to execute it was to just make them myself instead of trying to find songs with the moments I envisioned. The set ended up being a lot more melodic than I initially planned; it’s a nice mix of techno and progressive house-inspired stuff. I think it still very much feels like I made it. Oh, and I did all of the visuals too.”

DROELOE, SNBRN, Taska Black, Pluko, and Win & Woo also contextualized their Alter-Ego aesthetic choices, adding:

DROELOE (Alter-Ego Set: Drum ‘n’ Bass): “When I started producing, it was primarily because I needed beats to rap over, but when I found out about Noisia, I changed my focus more towards electronic music. However, it took some time to become comfortable in producing drum ‘n’ bass myself, because in my mind, it was more something to look up to than something I was able to do myself. How times change; I can’t wait to show you what I found and what I made. Let’s ball.”

SNBRN (Alter-Ego Set: Hard Rock): “Rock music has always had a close spot in my heart. To take the nostalgia of the music I listened to growing up and flip it with a little bit of SNBRN, how could I say no to that? Plus who doesn’t wanna see me in a wig…”

Taska Black (Alter-Ego Set: Hard Rock): “I’m really excited to indulge myself in a different world and put a new spin on what fans are used to hear from me for Alter-Ego; I haven’t been in New York in a while and can’t wait to be back.”

Pluko (Alter-Ego Set: Disco): “I’m playing a ‘disco’ set. I’ll be playing some disco classics, some housier remixes of my own tunes, and everything in between. I’m really stoked to play all these new edits and so excited to dance with you all.”

Win & Woo (Alter-Ego Set: Golden-Age): “2010-2015 was the era we met Louis The Child and started Win & Woo. We consider that time the Golden Age of electronic music. The music from that time inspired our career, and we are so excited to showcase it at Alter-Ego!”

Tickets to the multi-stage takeover are currently available for purchase here, with doors to open at 7:00 p.m. local time on August 20.

Expect the unexpected: Louis The Child take over The Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner with Chet Porter, DROELOE, and more082022 LTC Square

Featured image: Colin J. Miller

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Southbank Centre, Ninja Tune and Big Dada launch free education initiative for young music professionals

London’s Southbank Centre has launched a new free education initiative, Emerging Music Professionals, alongside independent labels Ninja Tune and Big Dada.

The free-to-access scheme has been set up for 18-24-year-olds who live in Lambeth, South London, and is supported by Lambeth Council’s ELEVATE Careers fund.

Its aim is to support people within the music industry who are from underrepresented backgrounds, and help develop a new generation of diverse producers, promoters and events programmers.

The programme is spread out across 10 months, and includes a week-long intensive foundational course, as well as eight monthly artist-led sessions. Those taking part in the course will be paid the London Living Wage, as well as expenses, and will receive support from artists, programmers and record label executives.

People will learn about A&R, marketing and promotion, record label structures and the live music industry, among other subjects. Following the course’s completion, participants will have the chance to collectively showcase their what they have learned, producing and promoting a digital-release compilation album through Ninja Tune, while a live music event will also take place at the Southbank Centre.

Mark Ball, artistic director at the Southbank Centre, said in a statement: “The Emerging Music Professionals programme will provide an incredible opportunity for young people who are looking to make their creative mark in the music industry but perhaps don’t see themselves represented in it.

“The expansive course, generously supported by ELEVATE, is testament to the incredible work of our Creative Learning and Contemporary Music Programming teams and, of course, the commitment to diversifying the talent pipeline by our industry partners, Ninja Tune and Big Dada.”

Applications are opens here, and will close at 5pm on 21st September.

Big Dada last year relaunched as a label focused on releasing music by Black, POC and minority ethnic artists.

In July, Southbank Centre announced that the likes of KMRU and Âme would be playing as part of the venue’s Purcell Sessions autumn programme.

Laurel Halo, Louis Carnell, Alien Body, more to play Ukraine fundraising event in London

Kyiv record label ШЩЦ will host a fundraising club event for Ukraine this Friday (19th August) at London’s IKLECTIK venue. 

Laurel Halo, Louis Carnell (fka Visionist) and Ukrainian trancepunk duo Alien Body will DJ on the night, while Kyiv’s Kiritchenko will present his live XOR project. All proceeds raised on the night will go toward Kyiv Angels, a team of young creatives and volunteers who are providing medical and humanitarian aid on the ground in the country’s capital amid russia’s ongoing invasion. 

Running from 8 pm till late, Tickets for the event cost £11, with further donations welcome. Grab your tickets here.

It’s the second fundraising event organised by ШЩЦ in London in recent months, following their sold out show with Felicita, Lolina, Solar X and Alien Body (who have organised these events) at Cafe Oto in May.

Sudan Archives shares video for new album track, ‘NBPQ (Topless)’: Watch

Sudan Archives has unveiled a brand new track ‘NBPQ (Topless)’.

The song is the third to be unveiled from the US artist’s forthcoming second album, ‘Natural Brown Prom Queen’, which will be released by Stones Throw on 9th September. She describes the new track as “my autobiography”.

You can watch a video for the song, in which Sudan Archives dons a number of colourful outfits, below.

She announced new album ‘Natural Brown Prom Queen’ in June with the release of lead tracks ‘Home Maker’ and ‘Selfish Soul’.

The album is centred around the theme of home and sees the US violinist, singer, songwriter and producer assume a character called Britt, “the girl next door from Cincinnati who drives around the city with the top down and shows up to high-school prom in a pink furry bikini with her thong hanging out her denim skirt”.

LYZZA shares video for new single, ‘Ressaca’: Watch

Amsterdam-based, Brazilian-born artist LYZZA has released a new single, ‘Ressaca’.

The track is the second cut to be unveiled from her forthcoming mixtape, ‘MOSQUITO’, which will be released on Ninja Tune sub-label Big Dada – which relaunched last year as an imprint for Black, POC and minority ethnic artists – on 16th September.

In addition to the release of the new track, LYZZA has also shared a video for the song, which you can watch below.

In a statement about the video, she said: “We wanted to capture my Brazilian heritage with this video as this is the only song on my project that is fully in Portuguese. We wanted to wink at the iconography that a lot of Brazilian music videos have; Rio de Janeiro, sand, cute girls and lots of dancing.

“Working on this video with a fully Brazilian crew in Brazil was an amazing experience and probably the most fun I’ve ever had on set.”

LYZZA announced the ‘MOSQUITO’ mixtape in July, alongside the unveiling of lead track ‘Deserve It’.

ALOK on his Hï Ibiza residency and new beginnings on the White Isle

The island is getting busier and busier. How do you think a DJ can help create a sustainable environment in dance music in Ibiza?

“I think it is important, not that I know much about this level of things in Ibiza, but I know what is going on in my country with the Amazon and how important it is to preserve this. It is really about the mindset that we are building around this. As any person, not just as a DJ, we have to have a consciousness about things, this is the most important part because once you know what’s wrong, it isn’t a mistake anymore, it is a choice and you have a choice to do it right. The thing now is how can we bring this consciousness to everyone that is here, and of course start to do things right. It is about awareness, that is what maybe is missing. It is important to bring light to the aspect, bring awareness to it. We come here more to party and if we are not aware of the other points, it’s not right.”

What do you think needs to be done to address the diversity issue in the scene in Ibiza?

“My singular experience is like this: we are the same but we are not treated the same, which is historical. We need to create a level playing field, it is not about something that can be easily fixed up. It is about the process, and again we have to get conscious about it and have empathy for everyone. My mum is a DJ and my dad is a DJ and I’ve seen how the treatment of women is compared to men for the last 25 years they have been playing. I am now seeing more and more women playing which makes me happy and it is part of the process.

“I wish we could have more diversity and I’m looking to see what I can do for it that will work. It’s about listening to the voices. I am very optimistic about every generation that comes, and every generation is more open-minded. They come and can lead the changes. This new generation has way more diversity in its perception, which is a good thing for the future.”

Hï Ibiza was voted the best club in the world in our DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll this year. What does it mean to you to be holding your debut residency here?

“It’s crazy, the club is very sophisticated and has a lot of technology. It is great, but it isn’t just about this, it is about the whole experience inside the club and also on the island, everything matched together. That’s why I think it is the No.1 club in the world, as it matches everything. To be part of this is great and to be a part of this history, and hopefully we can go on to write more history together. What I feel now is, for me, I have a great opportunity. I look at myself from 2019 and can’t recognise myself. I am changing, I feel fresh now, like a new version of myself. I feel it is the right moment for me to be at the club.”

London’s Rat Records to reopen under new name and management

The site of former London record shop Rat Records is to be taken over as a new record store under different management.

The shop will be run by Dash The Henge, a new label which has been launched with the “aim of introducing groups to the fore that might not get picked up by what we call the Mainstream Indie Industrial Complex,” according to co-founder Zsa Zsa Sapien of the band’s SCUD FM and Meatraffle. The shop will also be called Dash The Henge.

Writing on Facebook, Zsa Zsa Sapien added: “Dash The Henge Store will attract talent both local and from beyond as we will be providing platforms for performance and ‘special nights’ music, spoken word, political talks etc.

“The vinyl stock will be stored in customised racks built by a local carpenter so as to provide a central space for these events as the racks are moved to the sides of the room.

“Previously this space was a shop called Rat Records, a much loved record shop that sadly closed its doors early in the summer of this year and there was a real danger it would be turned into yet another fast food chain or even worse an estate agents. Fortunately, the council saw sense and refused a licence and the fact that it will rise again as another record shop is the stuff of romance and we hope to carry on the idiosyncratic style of the retail outlet that was once called Rat Records.”

No opening date for the Camberwell store has yet been confirmed.

Rat Records closed down in June after being founded in 1999.

In January, a 12-part video series launched to celebrate a number of the UK’s independent record stores.

Awakenings announces Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Helena Hauff, more for ADE 2022

Awakenings has shared details of its plans for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

The Dutch promoter is marking its 25th anniversary this year and will host nine events across ADE this October, with six of them taking place at Gashouder between 19th and 23rd October, and three further events going ahead at Ziggo Dome between 21st and 22nd October.

Playing across the series of events are the likes of Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Helena Hauff, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Paula Temple, Richie Hawtin, FJAAK, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Joseph Capriati.

Tickets for all shows are all available now, and you can find a full breakdown of the line-ups here.

The first names playing across this year’s official Amsterdam Dance Event parties were announced in July.

Awakenings ADE guest Charlotte de Witte was last year named at the top of DJ Mag’s Alternative Top 100 DJs.

How Sio found her voice

A singer-songwriter who barely knew her own talent, over the past decade, Sio has become the voice for the voiceless. Having received Apple Music’s Album of the Year accolade in 2021 for her long-player ‘Features’ and turned out hit tracks such as 2018’s ‘Forbidden’ and the previous year’s ‘1000 Memories’, she’s now highly sought-after across the African electronic music scene.

When she was 13, Sio sang in choirs at school, but didn’t think anything of her voice. A life-threatening illness caused by an inflammation of the brain put Sio out of school, but she still had a desire to sing. She went on to join the church choir in her hometown of Ennerdale, Gautang. “I was pushed to sing where I was supposed to and at a tone that felt most comfortable,” she says of her experience there. 

The sudden death of the church priest offered a young Sio a chance to shine, as she sang at the funeral in front of 6,000 people. “I myself did not give my voice much attention, as my form of expression was always in poetry, [that was] my safety blanket,” Sio reflects.

From singing at church, she went on “to explore rock music, however, house music was always in the background of everyday activities… in town, in the taxis”. She began to collect compilation CDs from House Afrika, Soul Candi and other outlets pushing house music, later gravitating towards deeper electronic sounds, such as ‘Faxing Berlin’ by deadmau5.

“The fact that the songs have no words and I really loved them, I knew that I could put any emotion and feeling into this without the imposition of a vocalist and their message,” she explains. As a poet, it took Sio a long time to get to grips with how to write songs. She didn’t like the rigid structures and restrictive way words were formulated. With a collaborative approach to her songwriting, Sio has found a way to articulate her immediate, true feelings when given a beat. “I am very good at hiding and my songs are essentially diary entries that only I know the true meaning of,” she says.

Legendary DJ Tony De Vit to be honoured with blue plaque at Birmingham’s Custard Factory studios

Tony De Vit will be honoured with a blue plaque memorial at the site of Birmingham’s Custard Factory studios next month.

The unveiling ceremony, which will make him the first UK DJ to receive such an honour, will take place on 24th September and it will be installed on the site of the Custard Factory recording studios where the artist produced and remixed more than 100 tracks between 1994 and 1998. During this time, he also regularly played DJ sets around the UK. De Vit ranked at No.5 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll in 1996 and 1997.

The ceremony on 24th September will also coincide with Birmingham’s Pride weekend, and a Pride party will take place at Birmingham club The Mill after the blue plaque’s unveiling. Find more details on that event here.

Tony De Vit was a pioneer of the UK’s hard house scene, playing frequently at parties held by the promoter Trade, and releasing a number of tracks via the associated record label. He passed away in July 1998 as a result of bronchial failure associated with his previous AIDS diagnosis.

Revisit DJ Mag’s feature on 30 years of Trade, from earlier this year here.

This isn’t the first electronic music-associated blue plaque to be installed in the UK, with one being founded at the previous site of legendary London record shop De Underground last year. Earlier this year, a plaque was raised at the original Shepherd’s Bush site of pioneering Black British record label and store Peckings Records. A group also recently spray painted a number of unofficial blue plaque-style pieces on walls around London commemorating the late, great Andrew Weatherall. 

Listen to Tony De Vit’s 1995 Essential Mix below.