HALIENE delivers sentient debut album ‘HEAVENLY’

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HALIENE puts her lyrical and vocal artistry on its most comprehensive display yet on her debut album HEAVENLY, a project that finds the singer-songwriter unapologetically standing in her power. Lyrically, the LP bleeds with the rawness and poignancy that comes with confronting “subjects that cause us to question and wrestle with our deepest nature, like vulnerability, finding strength in fragility, grief and loss, forgiveness, transformation, unconditional love, intuition, and connections that seem to transcend time and plans of existence,” says HALIENE. There is no eschewing of emotion on HEAVENLY; it aches when it needs to, but from these experiences come clarity and eventually, strength. HALIENE traces this vault in a poetic fashion across HEAVENLY‘s 12 tracks, though it’s worth noting that not all of them are sung. The LP’s intro and outro are monologues that conceptually set the scene and close it, respectively, and its penultimate number, “Metamorphosis,” with Markus Schulz, is entirely instrumental. Schulz is one of two artists to feature on the album, the second being Amidy, who works alongside HALIENE on their previously released single, “Parachute.”

HEAVENLY fittingly finds a home on Tiësto‘s Black Hole Recordings. Laden with supple, emotive melodies, many of which flirt with elements of trace, a genre with which HALIENE has long aligned her sound, HEAVENLY can be streamed below.

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Sri Lanka – ශ්‍රී ලංකාව – benefit compilation in eerie, delicate drones and ambient sounds

The famines born of corruption continue, planetwide. It’s hard to find words sometimes, but the latest release of artists banded together on Syrphe find both words and sounds for expression, in an international compilation dedicated to Sri Lanka.

Every track is a gem of its own, a rich world of fragile vibrations and surfaces. That includes favorites of ours from Jawad Nawfal to Syrphe chief C-drik Fermont to Isuru Kumarasinghe to other artists I’m grateful to get to discover here:

It’s worth a read of the full release notes:

A compilation dedicated to the Sri Lankan people, all benefits will be given to Raise Sri Lanka, an organisation that collects money in order to supply medicines to those in need.

Sri Lanka is one more country that faces a huge crisis due to political, economic and agronomic mismanagement and corruption.
For the first time in its history, the country is facing famine. This is not due to climate change and bad weather conditions but to corrupted politicians whose noble ambition to entirely ban pesticides was implemented from one day to another without prior knowledge of the dreadful consequences of such badly planned action.
A switch to organic agriculture is important but it is obvious that such change should be done slowly and carefully. There is no need to be a genius to understand that organic agriculture produces less than the current agricultural model, especially if farmers have not been taught how to deal with organic farming.

Some people never learn.

History has showed us what kind of disaster politicians with little understanding of agriculture and land management can trigger, even when they come from a farmer family (I think about Chinese leader Mao Zedong and its attempt to eradicate sparrows that led to a booming locust population that ate everything in its path, therefore, grain production in most rural areas collapsed and a massive famine began but I also think about the Khmer Rouge policies in Cambodia that had foreseeable and avoidable consequence and that despite the regime’s leaders awareness of their catastrophic effects continued to be strictly enforce and led to a famine too).

In the Khmer language, two words exist to define “famine”, one is “turaphik” (when starvation is due to natural causes), the other one is “bong-ot”, that implies human causality.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his clan brought an entire nation to its knees by misguided ambitions that are unfortunately leading to “bong-ot”.

Money will be sent to this campaign :

Cedrik Fermont, Berlin, September 2022.

There’s more detail in the included PDF.

Speaking of Jawad, I want to write a full review but don’t want you to miss this incredible release from his label VV-VA, with mastering by C-drik at Syrphe – it features Lebanon’s incredible Elyse Tabet, Sarah Huneidi (both on visuals and additional electronics, vocals, and mix). Just … go ahead and add it to your cart and I’ll come back to them.

MVMNTS: Vibrating, shuddering sounds from Hiro Kone x Roxy Farman benefit Pakistan relief

Welded sheet metal and springs have a contact-mic dialog with modular synths in a chillingly brilliant EP by Hiro Kone and Roxy Farman (Wetware). All proceeds benefit Pakistan relief, and today is Bandcamp Friday.

MVMNTS is firey, thunderous stuff – like being inside an industrial warehouse during a hurricane-slash-alien invasion. There are modular squeals and hums, twisted metal, and cascades of timbres colliding. The duo’s opus is an output of a residency at Pioneer Works, prior to a public performance there that added in more materials. Here, the EP focuses on the spring-metal instrument, welded together by Pioneer Works Technical Director Kyle Keays.

The connection to relief for Pakistan isn’t only symbolic, either – Roxy has family there and is working directly with connections on the ground to provide relief in the aftermath of the country’s catastrophic flooding. So it’s well worth sending some support (US$5 or your choice of donation or gift). They’ll turn funding back to COVID Bail Out NYC after this collection, and check their other releases while you’re shopping.

Full description with today’s updated statement:

Hiro and Roxy. Photo here from the album artwork, photographed by Lena Shkoda. Courtesy Hiro Kone.

As you know over 33 million people are currently displaced in Pakistan. A horror that is directly the result of the global norths ceaseless carbon emissions. Two years ago when the pandemic started, Roxy and I put out a small EP of our time at Pioneer Works to help raise money for Covid Bail Out NYC. We are momentarily diverting those funds today and for the next week to relief efforts in Pakistan. Roxy is currently speaking with friends families in order to determine the best way of getting funds there either through mutual aid groups and/or families directly. We will update later but for times sake and because it’s Bandcamp Friday we will take up collection now. Every cent helps. Thank you.


During their August 2019 music residency at Pioneer Works, Roxy Farman (Wetware) and Hiro Kone conceived of a very large metal instrument made out of sheet metal and springs, welded together by Kyle Keays. Using contact mics attached to the instrument while playing, they could send envelope and gate triggers to the modular synth, eliciting a call and response between these two dynamically different instruments. The following is a series of experiments from that period.

These sessions were captured live in the studio at Pioneer Works, ahead of their public performance which utilized video, voice, violin, modular and the spring board instrument. 

Check Pioneer Works space in Red Hook, Brooklyn – it’s a fascinating combination of science and art and community building, and a new spiritual successor to the likes of Bucky Fuller and Black Mountain College, updated with 21st-century technology and inclusivity.

And let’s check in with more from these two soon, hopefully.

John Summit’s Off The Grid Records goes turbo on debut compilation album, ‘Excursions Vol. 1’

John Summit’s Off The Grid Records goes turbo on debut compilation album, ‘Excursions Vol. 1’271329598 658100465319185 2912424057455201836 N

Appropriately on time for Labor Day Weekend benders comes Off The Grid Records’ first compilation album, Excursions Vol. 1, curated by the label founder himself, John Summit. The LP contains six tracks from nine rising house and techno artists: Max Styler, Matt Sassari, LUCATI, Ranger Trucco, Basura Boyz, BEDRAN, Ron Carroll, Vitor Vinter, and SUDDEN HEAT.

Since announcing his record label in March, Dancing Astronaut’s 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year has already issued three official releases through Off The Grid, but in classic Summit fashion, he’s decided to take things to the next level with its debut compilation album. True to Summit’s promise that Off The Grid Records would be is the hub for “all things house [and] techno,” this new project embodies just that, capturing that inimitable summer will never end essence from start to finish.

Featured image: Greg Torres

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Eliza Rose’s ‘B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All)’ with Interplanetary Criminal claims historic No.1 spot in UK charts

Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal’s summer dance anthem, ‘B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All)’, has reached No. 1 in the Official UK Singles Charts.

Knocking Scottish duo LF System off the top spot after over seven weeks as reigning UK champions, ‘B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All)’ has overtaken the likes of Elton John and Britney Spears, Beyoncé, David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles to claim the No. 1 spot.

Released in June this year, the track began building momentum over the summer, quickly finding favour at festivals and viral popularity on TikTok — most recently used by Manchester United. The tune’s Lewis Carroll inspired video, directed by Faboo TV founder Jeanie Crystal, which celebrates the LGBTQ+ performance art and nightlife community of Hackney, London, has amassed over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

The single is the 1,400th ever Official UK No. 1, and also makes Rose becoming the first female DJ to top the Official Singles Chart in over 20 years.

Listen to ‘B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All)’ below.

Photo: Official Charts

Premiere: DJ Katapila ‘Fadidi’

DJ Katapila is next up on Tash LC’s Club Yeke label with the ‘Techno Africa’ EP. Listen to ‘Fadidi’ below.

The DJ and producer from Jonestown, a coastal district in Accra, blends classic Detroit house and techno beats with traditional Ghanaian rhythms, infectious melodies and his own Twi vocals across six explosive club cuts on this EP. Marking the producer’s fourth solo release – and his first since 2018’s ‘Aroo’ – it’s a striking reintroduction to the artist and his distinctive, dancefloor-driven sound. 

Speaking about the EP, Katapila said: “I’m so happy that I have a release with Club Yeke. This will be my debut release with them. I love the label and the feeling was mutual. I am very grateful for CY, some people expect me to come back to the UK and to play shows everywhere. Enjoy the good music. Thanks to the producers and everyone who supported the record so far.”

‘Techno Africa’ lands on 9th September. Pre-order it here

SHERELLE remixes Real Lies track, ‘Since I’: Listen

SHERELLE has remixed a track by Real Lies, ‘Since I’. Check it out below.

Released today, 2nd September, ‘Since I (SHERELLE’S in a K Hole Remix)’ is a reworking of the original track, which features on the London-based duo’s recent second album, ‘Lad Ash’.

Speaking about the remix, SHERELLE said: “It’s an honour working with Real Lies as I have been a massive fan of them for so long. Their ability of storytelling is unmatched. I was drawn to their nostalgic ode to raves of better days. From the club to the afters. Real Lies are intrinsically important to the story of dance music and the emotions that come with it.”

“For the remix of Since I, I wanted to tell an even darker story with the tune,” she continued. “Something omnipresent and stuck in the void. Nothing about it represents better days… rather actually represents the opposite. This one is for the wonky nights and dangerous settings!”

Real Lies’ Kevin Lee Kharas added: “After seeing Sherelle tear a Rotterdam dancefloor to shreds earlier this year, we felt compelled to get her spin on our own tribute to full throttle, never-ending nights, Since I. Sherelle is doing magical things at high speed. Just like how we like it. We’re flattered to have her unique twist on the song.”

Revisit DJ Mag’s 2020 long-read on the rise of BEAUTIFUL founder SHERELLE. 

In October, SHERELLE will co-host an academy for aspiring queer and BIPOC artists.

Warehouse Project to host Eat Your Own Ears anniversary party with Four Tet, TSHA, Overmono, more

Eat Your Own Ears will celebrate its anniversary at The Warehouse Project this autumn.

On Saturday, 19th November, the London-based promoters and record label will take over all three stages of the venue at Manchester’s Depot Mayfield – Depot, Concourse, and Archive – with sets by the likes Four Tet and Floating Points, current DJ Mag cover star TSHA, Overmono, DJ Seinfeld, I.JORDAN, Jossy Mitsu, Daphni, Tarzsa, Joy O and Leon Vynehall.

Taking place as part of the Manchester venue’s 2022 series – which also boasts Peggy Gou’s Gou Talk, Michael Bibi and PAWSA’s Solid Grooves and more this season – the event will also feature the likes of Folamour, Jayda G, Romy, among others. Check out the full line-up below.

Speaking about the landmark event, Eat Your Own Ears founder, Tom Baker, said: “Ever since Eat Your Own Ears hosted an event at The Warehouse Project at the Boddingtons Brewery back in 2006, EYOE has very much enjoyed being part of curating some epic and thrilling events, seeing the WHP grow and develop into something very special.”

“There is always a fantastic level of expectation and buzz when the lineups are revealed,” he added. “So I’m very proud to celebrate Eat Your Own Ears’ anniversary with another eclectic and brilliant lineup that brings together so many of the artists EYOE has worked with over the years alongside some exciting new artists, that is sure to be a truly joyous and magical night in Manchester.”

Running from 2pm to 4am, tickets for the takeover are on now on sale.

Last month, Four Tet shared a new track, ‘Scythe Master’, which appears on a new compilation released through Eat Your Own Ears Recordings.

GIDEÖN launches new label, Homo-Centric, with ‘Ritmo’ EP

GIDEÖN has launched a new record label, Homo-Centric, with a new EP.

The London-born selector, producer and co-founder of Glastonbury’s Block9 stage – real name Gideon Berger – created the imprint to “showcase his own productions and to amplify the work of queer artists in underground dance music with a specific focus on highlighting and celebrating the queer heritage of House music.”

Marking the launch of the imprint is GIDEÖN’s own EP, ‘Ritmo’. Set for release on 28th October, the four-tracker is led with new single, ‘Aaron Carl Lives On’. Listen below.

In a statement, GIDEÖN said: “To re-establish the lines of queer musical tradition at the heart of House, lost to AIDS and the capitalist desecration of dance music itself. Homo-Centric both acknowledges and reveres the original LGBTQIA+, Black and Latin pioneers of House – their DNA permeates all subsequent journeys in the genre. Homo-Centric maintains that the original founders and champions of House must be recognised, named, and honoured.”

“After many years of procrastination, I have finally founded the Homo-Centric Records imprint to share some of the music I’ve been making and to serve as a platform to showcase great work from other artists committed to the true spirit of House music,” he added.

“To start off proceedings, the first collection of tracks on this debut EP are dedicated to a personal hero of mine: the late, great Aaron Carl (1973-2010). The first single “Aaron Carl Lives On” features Aaron’s iconic words and wisdom on the phenomenon of House music.”

French orchestral techno producer Worakls teases studio album with new single ’54’

French orchestral techno producer Worakls teases studio album with new single ’54’Workals 54 Liv

French producer Worakls may not be a household name for the US main stage contingent, but the deeply talented Parisian has been crafting orchestral dance music for nearly a decade with critical acclaim. Hot on the tail of his Paris protest-inspired single ‘Pipeline,’ remix duties on Armin Van Buuren’s ‘One More Time’ and his US tour, the Frenchman returns with the lead single off his forthcoming studio album.

’54’ is both an ode to the club of the same name and his daughter’s name — LIV — or 54 in Roman numerals. Far more textural and developed than Studio 54 disco of yore, Worakls stirs up something that can only be defined as French orchestral techno. It’s a genre and sound all his own.

Things open up on ’54’ decidedly minimal, a persistent kick and a wonky metallic synth leading the charge. But it’s when he introduces the keys and widens the sonic aperture that the production really comes to life. A gripping blend of cinematic strings collide with a unifying melody, a techno backbone, and a finely controlled orchestration. For those familiar, it’s a quintessential Worakls track — and one of the best yet.

‘54” is out now on Worakls own imprint Sonate. Catch him on his “Orchestral” Tour throughout Europe this September to December.

Worakls Orchestral Tour Dates:

September 23 – Halle Tony Garnier – Lyons, FR

September 24 – Zenith Paris – La Villette – Paris, FR

September 30 – Zoner Bobyhall – Brno-Královo Pole, CZ

October – Hungarian Railway Park – Budapest, HU (SOLD OUT)

October 15 – Zenith Nantes Metropole – Nantes, FR

October 20 – NDSM Warehouse – Amsterdam, NL

October 21 – Rockhall – Esch-sur-Alzette, LU

October 28 – Zenith South – Montpellier, FR

October 29 – The Dome – Marseilles, FR

November 4 – Warehouse N7 – Tbilisi, GE

November 10 – Hall 12 Brussels Expo – Brussels, BE

November 19 – Hall 622 – Zürich, CH

November 25 – Troxy – London, UK 

Dec 8 – Tanzbrunnen – Cologne, DE 

Dec 9 – Tempodrom – Berlin, DE

Dec 11 – Zenith – Munich, DE

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