25+ Ways To Get More From The Moog Mavis Synthesizer

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In his latest video, Ben ‘DivKid’ Wilson takes a look at 25+ ways to get more from the Moog Mavis synthesizer.

Video Summary:

“Want to add CV control to a wavefolder? Modulate the symmetry or a folder? Explore an underused harmonic treat with PWM? Or even turn your envelopes into oscillating wave shapers? Well, strap in!

In this video we’ll explore patches to expand your semi modular synthesisers. Looking at more advanced patching to further your synthesis and sound design. We’ll be exploring these patches with the Moog Mavis but these patches can be applied to other semi modular gear, fully modular systems or with software.”

The video features lots of tips for getting more out of the Mavis, and also does a great job of demonstrating the synth’s sonic range.

Topics covered:


00:00 Hello & patch previews

02:13 What are we doing in this video?

03:08 Mavis feature run down

06:15 CHORUS/PHASER PAD // Lisa Bella Donna patchbook

06:54 Duophonic Mavis – beautiful!

08:37 A modulation foursome!

09:49 FOLDING BASS // patch overlay

10:07 Expand the wavefolder with CV control

11:28 Adding symmetry modulation to the wavefolder

12:46 Bonus PWM fold tones tip

13:14 Even BETTER (+ modulate-able) wavefolding

15:16 FOLDABLE KICK DRUM // patch overlay

15:46 Hack a high pass! Turning the low pass filter into a high pass

17:10 Sub oscillator creation from the LFO

18:06 FM PLUCK // Mavis exploration patchbook

18:19 Envelope Generators as oscillators and wave shapers

19:49 Turning Mavis into a unique STEREO voice

21:18 WHO NEEDS A SEQUENCER ANYWAY? // patch overlay

21:33 Audiorate PWM – a harmonic TREAT!

23:02 Quirky digital overtones from musical audio rate PWM

23:56 ALL ABOARD THE TRIP SHIP // Mavis exploration patchbook

24:32 YOI vocal synthesis from sample & hold

25:52 Patching a noise oscillator and clean sine waves

27:19 BUZZ SAW // patch overlay

27:55 Pitch tracking downsampling – aliasing style

29:20 Dancing filters and dual oscillators

30:14 TOUGH GUY BASS // Mavis exploration patchbook

30:45 Mavis as a processor for FX

32:16 Getting weird with FM

33:20 DETUNE DUAL SQUARE // patch overlay

33:33 Mavis as a back end for other synth voices

Bitwig Studio 4.3 Now Available

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Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 4.3, a free update that adds a convolution device for real and imagined spaces, a new delay and more.

Here’s what’s new in Bitwig Studio 4.3:

A new device, Convolution, can take any sound anywhere. All convolutions imprint your sound with an “impulse,” and Bitwig’s comes ready-made with 270 of them, ranging from 12th-century cathedrals and legendary studio effects to more abstract “environments.”

Delay+ is Bitwig’s latest boutique audio effect. By balancing familiar controls along with a few thoughtful new ones, Delay+ can either add a little character or fully transform your sound as it ping-pongs along. Set the delay in seconds or beats, then nudge each channel a few milliseconds for instant stereo. Pick from five Blur options to go from a lightly animated feedback to a full, blown-out reverb. A Ducking control keeps things under control by quieting your delay cloud when strong signals arrive.

Two modules are new. Union is an oscillator that plays it straight, blending three waveshapes into one pleasant, drifting output. And for filtering, Low-pass MG honors Mister Moog by imitating both his classic filter and mix buss.

But plenty of other features have also arrived. Low-pass SK filter is now Sallen-Key, with 16 modes on tap. Our Comb filter gained a Damping control for a touch of finesse. ADSR and two other envelopes now have added modes for Digital precision, or Analog simplicity and feel. Plus all filters get a Q Limit to rein in their resonance, and all oscillators have more phase mod range for more brittle, digital sounds. So whether starting a sound in Polymer or growing a world in The Grid, new sounds are at hand.

As always, a few more new features came along for the ride. For example, FX tracks now have sends of their own. And yes, direct feedback routings are available — and clearly labeled (Achtung!). And the ADSR module gets a lot of use, so why not add a “bias” out port for a bipolar signal that centers around sustain? Good for pitch or anything that might want a little drift.”


Bitwig Studio 4.3 available now.

AJH Synth Intros Tap Temp VC-LFO Eurorack Module

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AJH Synth has introduced the TAP TEMPO VC-LFO, a skiff-friendly, 12hp Eurorack low frequency oscillator.

The company calls it “a modulation powerhouse”, because it features 16 waveforms, 15 with ‘wave form twist’ PWM-like control, random sample & hold type waves, and CV control over all functions.

It can serve as a clock source, or can be clocked by external pulse/gate signals, with a clock multiply/divide function, along with a built-in VCA, controlling both bipolar (LFO type) and unipolar (envelope-type) outputs. It’s designed for everything from simple expression-controlled pitch vibrato, to clocking or being clocked by sequencers for time-synced modulation, and generative patches, where randomness and/or time control is needed to be shared between different modules.

Pricing and Availability

See the AJH Synth site for additional details.

No Bounds Festival announces full line-up and programme for 2022 edition

Sheffield’s No Bounds festival has added more artists and new venues to its 2022 programme.

Craig Richards and Calibre are confirmed for a back-to-back, as well as sets from Yazzus, LTJ Bukem, Tailor Jae, Ifeoluwa, Palms Trax, DJ Fart In The Club, Mun Sing, and I. JORDAN, among others. Live performance additions include Nik Nak, Wanton Witch, Polinski and the premiere of Rian Treanor and Ocen’s live collaborative show. 

The new format of the Mark Fell-curated “Closing Sequence” will see sets from Beatrice Dillon and Nakul Krushnamurthy, as well as performances from Working Men’s Club, Explore Ensemble, Charla Green and more. 

Among the new venues for the Sheffield-showcasing weekender is the brutalist Moore Street Electricity Substation, which has only been used by another organisation for an event once before. It’ll host an exhibition in collaboration with the SADACCA (Sheffield And District Afro Caribbean Community Association) curated by Amy Carter Gordon. DIY venue Delicious Clam and the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre will also hold festival events.

The sixth edition of No Bounds festival will take place at venues across Sheffield from 14th to 16th October. Already announced acts include Helena Hauff, dBridge, Deena Abdelwahed, Lyzza, and SHERELLE & Kode9. 

Find more information on No Bounds’ website and check out the line-up below.

Tresor Records announces Drexciya catalogue special edition reissue

Tresor Records is preparing special editions of its Drexciya catalogue to mark the 20th anniversary of co-founder James Stinson’s passing and the releases of the electro pioneers’ ‘Transllusion’ and ‘Shifted Phases’ albums.

First up in the reissue series will be ‘Neptune’s Lair’, out 2nd September and originally released by Stinson and Gerald Donald in 1999. The updated ‘Hydro Doorways’ single will arrive later that month. Following the September releases, the special editions will come out over the next six months: ‘Harnessed The Storm’ and ‘Digital Tsunami’ coming in November; the two ‘Transllusion’ records ‘The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate’ and single ‘Mind Over Positive And Negative Dimensional Matter’ in February 2023; and ‘Shifted Phases – The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope’ to close out the anniversary rereleases in March 2023. 

Each of the reissues will have new artwork by Detroit-based artist Matthew Angelo Harrison who will combine the Drexciyan mythology with the Black American experience and the history of labour in the US using his abstract aesthetic aided by 3-D printing and digital graphic technology. 

Check out ‘Neptune’s Lair’ on Bandcamp.

Hudson Mohawke announces new album, ‘Cry Sugar’, shares megamix video: Watch

Hudson Mohawke is releasing his third album, called ‘Cry Sugar’, later this summer. Watch a megamix video for the LP and listen to lead single ‘Bicstan’ below. 

Out via Warp Records on 12th August, ‘Cry Sugar’ is inspired by “apocalyptic” film scores and soundtracks, like the works of the late Vangelis and the John Williams’ peak ’90s material. According to the press release, the 19-track double-LP “score[s] the twilight of our cultural meltdown.”

This isn’t Hudson Mohawke’s first score-related release of the year; in February his theatrical rework of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde’ was performed at Edinburgh’s Leith Theatre. He also revived his Valentine’s Day Slow Jams mix series for LuckyMe that month.

Revisit Amy Fielding’s cover feature on Hudson Mohawke from September 2020.

Listen to the track ‘Bicstan’ on Bandcamp, and check out the album’s megamix video, directed by kingcon2k11.

Bicep release new track, announce biggest UK show to date at Alexandra Palace: Watch

Bicep have announced the release of a new track, ‘Mele (II)’, as well as their biggest UK show to date at Alexandra Palace on 3rd December 2022.

‘Mele (II)’ is out now, and is a rework of ‘Meli (I)’, from the deluxe version of their January released album, ‘Isles’.

Speaking about the track in the press release announcing the track, the duo said, “’Meli (I)’ was a beatless track on ‘Isles Deluxe’. Truth be told we just couldn’t get a drum version right in the studio throughout the pandemic, there were many failed demo versions whilst we were working on ‘Isles’, it just never felt like it worked.

“We always knew there was room for this version though, hence naming the original ‘Meli (I)’. ‘Meli (II)’ was formed slowly on the road. Each week we changed the drums a bit, the structure and generally allowed the crowd to inform the process. It was great to grow the track in this way, it felt like a very organic way of working.”

Tickets for Bicep’s show at Alexandra Palace on 3rd December 2022 go on sale this Friday 1st July here. You can watch Bicep perform ‘Mele (II)’ on the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury 2022 below and listen to it here.

Hï Ibiza voted world’s No.1 club in DJ Mag Top 100 clubs poll 2022

Hï Ibiza has been voted the World’s No.1 Club in this year’s Top 100 Clubs poll.

Top 100 Clubs is a celebration of the world’s definitive dancefloors, ranked entirely by votes from DJ Mag’s global audience. More than 600,000 verified votes were counted in this year’s poll.

Top 100 Clubs typically runs from December-April, but has been delayed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, as restrictions ease and the electronic music world opens up again, clubs in many countries are gladly returning to some semblance of normality. 

Voting opened on 9th March at 12:00 GMT and ran until 11th May at 23:59 BST. The results were announced today (28th June) via a countdown on our social media channels.

“We’ve waited a long time to welcome our worldwide music family back to Hï Ibiza,” said Yann Pissenem, CEO and founder of The Night League, the company that presides over both Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza. “So it was an amazing feeling to open the club doors on April 30th for our first opening party in two years, titled Better Together — a celebration of opening both Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza, as well as the return to the dancefloor and Ibiza for thousands of excited clubbers.”

It’s been a long anticipated moment for this year’s Top 100 Clubs winner. And loyal clubbers were rewarded with the fruits of Hï Ibiza’s lockdown freshen-up. First up is the giant mural by Argentinian-Spanish street artist Felipe Pantone, which adds a vivacious splash of colour to the club’s entrance. Inside, a rebuild of the stage means it now covers the full width of the venue, making the setup fully customisable for each party. A brand new high-resolution, full-width LED screen has also been added, allowing for bespoke visuals. And the club’s ‘The Twist’ lighting structure, which ran down each side of the venue, has been replaced with three hundred lights covering the walls and ceilings, their different sequences of colour allowing an incredible array of effects and atmospheres. Accompanying all of this is a brand-new, bespoke L-Acoustics soundsystem, ensuring that Hï Ibiza is at the cutting edge of world-beating sound.

All this merely augments the venue’s already stunning design. Main room, The Theatre, is based around an Italian amphitheatre, its dancefloor surrounded by a raised terrace hosting the VIP area. As well as boasting six BB4 lasers, a CO2 Megatron and confetti fans in the ceiling, its production is bespoke for each party. The Club Room then offers an underground vibe. With the low ceiling giving it an intimate closeness, accentuated by a dancefloor-level DJ booth, its darkness is punctuated by lighting that sends out hundreds of coloured beams. The Wild Corner, meanwhile, is a unisex bathroom that also boasts a DJ booth — big-name guests often drop in for unannounced DJ sets — and The Magic Garden and The Secret Garden are two outdoor spaces for alfresco adventures or simply chilling out. There’s also an outdoor rooftop terrace and bar when you need to escape the crowds. Into this comes the club’s biggest line-up so far, not only welcoming back favourite residents from previous seasons, but also hosting new residencies in both The Theatre and the Club Room.

“Hï Ibiza is a venue where everyone is welcome,” said Pissenem when speaking about winning DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs. “From locals to seasoned clubbers and all those that have a love for the music and the island. We want people to dance, smile, feel free and go home rejuvenated. We’re already deep into planning for 2023 as well, with many exciting changes and improvements. But, for now, we’re focused on making this our best summer ever!”

Tomorrowland announces fantasy fiction series

Tomorrowland is expanding on the fantastical themes of its festivals in a series of novels, currently in development. 

The Belgian festival giant is partnering with literary agency Janklow & Nesbit and United Talent Agency for book-to-screen options for the fantasy fiction trilogy, announced on 22nd June.

According to agent Paul Lucas, Tomorrowland “has managed to successfully knit that unique magic together with their core values of unity, hope, love, nature and health in an enchanting first novel of a trilogy.” 

“Every year Tomorrowland presents a new festival theme, which comes to life via a beautiful trailer, at the legendary Mainstage and throughout the festival grounds,” Tomorrowland founder Michiel Beers said in a statement. “As the stories of each theme cannot be expressed fully during the festival, we have dreamt for years of taking more time to develop them.”

That’s the only hint about the content of the series right now, though Lucas intends for the trilogy to have crossover appeal with fantasy fiction fans as well as Tomorrowland’s loyal festivalgoers.

Tomorrowland’s 2022 flagship festival takes place in just over two weeks, from 15th July through 29th July at Boom in Belgium. The full timetable for the 800+ artists is out now. 

Tomorrowland will also expand this summer with a new programme of production and DJ education courses for kids and adults. Find more information here.

Photo credit: Facebook

Watch Jamz Supernova live from DJ Mag HQ, this Friday

This Friday (1st July) we welcome Jamz Supernova to DJ Mag HQ for a 60-minute livestream.

A multifaceted DJ, broadcaster at BBC Radio 1Xtra and Selector Radio, Future Bounce label boss and all-round champion of the scene, Jamz Supernova is one of UK dance music’s busiest stars. In the midst of a busy summer that’ll see her bring her energising and percussive sound to festivals such as Beat Herder and We Out Here, as well as dominating the airwaves, she’ll be stopping by DJ Mag HQ on Friday to remind us all just what she’s all about.

Revisit our 2021 cover interview with Jamz here, and watch her share some tips on her DJ technique here.

You can sign up to come to DJ Mag HQ for free here.

We’ll be announcing more streams in the coming weeks. You can keep up to date with announcements via DJ Mag’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Tune in to Jamz Supernova’s set below on Friday at 17:30.