Solar Glider

Solar Glider
Duration: 05:26Year: 2017
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This song amongst other things is about ‘tape backup strategies’ and when I used to be addicted to ‘car surfing’ when I was 19 years old.

‘Car surfing’, for the uninitiated, is a time trial event and involves drinking copius amounts of neat vodka, absynthe, strong lager and cider within a short space of time and running along car roofs for a full street length. To be blunt, if you are drawn in either lanes 1 or 4, you really need to be off the smokes.

100 bonus points are awarded for roundhousing the wing mirrors off a 1960’s getaway driver lookalike’s car and 200 bonus points if the car owner supports a football/soccer team that wears red and white stripes. Your time starts now…


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