Katie Tupper shares the heartwarming ode to connection on “How Can I Get Your Love?”

Canadian artist Katie Tupper shares the warming, soulful single “How Can I Get Your Love?” as a hazy ode to returning to familiarity and comfort.  

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Drenched in guitar plucks and elegant melody lines, the single wraps itself around you to offer a moment of solitude. Layered with evocative and personal lyricism, the track oozes calmness. Teaming moments of neo-soul with folk intimacies, the single effuses sacred moments with its reverb acoustics and hushed percussion. Swaddling rich tones underneath a blanket of soulful instrumentation, “How Can I Get Your Love?” hints at the possibilities we miss out on due to timing and cluelessness, reminding us of the importance of connections with the people around us. 

“It’s about coming back to your hometown and wanting things to be exactly as you left them, and the desperation for those memories once you realise that is not true,” she reveals about the song. “I wrote about moments in previous relationships where you fully lay yourself out on the line, almost to a desperate extent because you feel you need to. It feels like vulnerability and bravery in confessing an old love but it really is more of seeking comfort in the familiar and begging those around you to create that for you.”

Tupper’s exquisite vocals and expressive songwriting creates a pattern of quilted desire. A slow-burning tune that feels simplistic in its sound yet complex in its results, “How Can I Get Your Love?” is a striking release from an artist despite only being her second release to date. The soothing sounds of Katie Tupper are promised to be in high demand. 

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23-year-old Jem unveils the captivating single “Secrets”

Turkish-London-based independent singer-songwriter Jem shares the transfixing single “Secrets”. Despite being his debut release, the cinematic cut reveals an artist rooted with wisdom and the clarity of exactly the kind of artist he wishes to be.

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Blending Middle Eastern percussions and bolstered by a rock-infused guitar, the single pairs his Western sounds with the delicate sonics of the East. A flourishing exploration into contemporary culture, the paired visuals from renowned director Mu Tunc are cinematically captivating and enhance the track’s authenticity. The raw acoustic guitar plucks create an earthy texture to the track, encompassing the listener to truly be in the present.

Sometimes I visualise my songs before writing them,” he explains. “With this song, imagery came to me in a dream-like state, and all I did was react musically to how these images made me feel. When writing Music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up. I’ve always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.”

The track’s collaborative partnership between musician and director has enabled its ability to connect with its listener. The harmonies throughout are meditative, leading to an inspiring single underscored with warmth and sepia tones. Bolstered with vivid imagery, “Secrets” is a kaleidoscopic blend of worlds.

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Jeffrey James laments a year lost on “Songs I Found in the Year I Lost” EP

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Jeffrey James channels the restlessness felt during the pandemic into creativity on EP Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, a collection of five tracks pulled from a mix of new collaborations, forgotten demos, and previously unreleased songs, led by his smooth vocals and narrative-driven lyricism.

Opening with the gripping arrangement of “Sober,” that sees him lean into his trademark combination of cinematic instrumentation and thoughtful song writing, both of which stretches into following track, “Making It Up,” a relatable exploration of finding your purpose in life framed by an uplifting message that you will grow up as life goes on.

The eclectic musician establishes his versatility as he switches from anthemic soundscapes to soothing ballads with emotive track  “In The Back of My Mind,” a track written pre-pandemic yet fitting snugly into the reflective mood of the EP. He shines a light on his rich, warm voice on the feel-good, acoustic style “Small Talk.”

Final track “We Can Be Heroes,”  which was written alongside “In The Back of My Mind,” brings the production to a soft, slow ending with a trim of ethereal backing vocals elevating the layered pop ballad which drives the deeply introspective EP to a powerful end.

James who has continued to build a reputation for his sleek, brooding tracks since his first project in 2016, showcases his ability to challenge himself musically on Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, as he loses himself in the comfort of creating sonic explorations of the human experience, inviting us into the soothing world which thrums with lush instrumentals and relatable song writing that laments a year lost. 

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jxst j releases vivid new track “Pets”

Under the name jxst j, indie pop producer-singer James Pratley Watson takes inspiration from dreampop, acoustic, and trip hop to create colorful and trippy songs all within his Brooklyn apartment. Today, he shares his newest dreamy track “Pets.”

 Sensory and spiraling, the track carries a spaced-out, tranquil mix of keys and synths. His vocals, already soft, sound a bit hazy, adding to the mix. It all feels amazing when in the chorus, the beat drops into what feels like a cozy, cushioned cloud.

Jxst J tells where he found inspiration and the themes of dreams and reality, saying, “I made the music first and it had this very dark, mysterious, opulent vibe, like it would be played at a party in The Great Gatsby. […] The most important line in the song for me is “Don’t wake me up from my regrets, ‘cause part of me treats them like pets.” It’s this feeling of being hopelessly trapped by your own vices, so much that you can’t imagine a life without them.”

jxst j will release his debut album soon in the fall, but will be releasing other singles with accompanying music videos in the meantime.