bexx explores solidarity and sympathy on “One More Night”

Eclectic alt-pop artist bexx is back with her latest single “One More Night.”  Topped with 80’s-inspired synths, layered harmonies, and eloquent vocals, the British artist delivers a tune that will blast fans straight into summer.

Carving out her own style and musical persona, bexx’s experimentalism has been thriving in recent months. “One More Night” takes inspiration from the 1997 romcom My Best Friend’s Wedding and narrates a compelling narrative. Pairing that with throbbing bass-lines and devoting tales of love, bexx has not only pays tribute to her favorite movie, but also expresses her own emotions about facing an impending breakup. In her words, she shares, “The song is from Julianne’s perspective in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it’s also from mine. Even though my relationship wasn’t healthy, I really just wanted one more perfect night with this person before I had to cut them loose.” Painfully honest, the relatable song shimmers with colorful synths and movement-inducing melodies as she sings, “we’ll be drunk at karaoke / dancing to the way you look tonight.”

Whether you’re looking to delve into a tune resembling the very best of 80’s inspired euphoria, or hope to find solidarity in bexx’s lyrical ingenuity, we can guarantee that “One More Night” is not one to be missed!

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Alt-pop musician Elita explores anxiety and depression on Anxiety Angel

Emerging alternative pop musician Elita ties deeply personal themes of anxiety and depression with spine-tingling supernatural elements on addictive EP Anxiety Angel. With hypnotic sonics layered over her haunting vocals, the five-track production is an eerie yet emotive collection of songs capturing Elita’s musical versatility.

Starting off strong with psych-rock sensibilities of “Sour Switchblade,” Elita’s enticing vocal lines weave a tale of seeming romanticism which gives away to something darker and more sinister.On following track, “Satanic Slumber Party,” the rising talent plays into her artistic duality as her innocent airy vocals and a delicate instrumental veil the beginnings of someone’s downfall.

While “Am I Scaring You,” featuring Salem Creeps, is a relatable exploration of dysfunctions in a relationship backdropped against the tensions of the pandemic, Elita switches gears with a softest offering of the EP with “Sucking Souls,” a soothing lullaby doubling as an eerie tale on lost souls.

The EP wraps up neatly with title track “Anxiety Angel,” a cathartic and comforting single tinged with synths and guitars, giving Elita and her listeners a moment to get every burden weighing them down off their chest in a strong but sensitive finish.

Finding solace in music, growing up in the isolated Canadian town of Cupids, Elita’s creative signature lies in her powerful ability to struggles into strength. Her love for singing and music, among various other creative outlets, led her out of loneliness into this career- now with a body of work that’s as haunting as it is healing, she seems to be using that very career to remind other people that they aren’t alone either.

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KDVSGOLIATH announces himself with infectious “PLAY YOUR PART” [Video]

Hailing from South London, after having been raised in Ethiopia, KDVSGOLIATH is a welcome injection of energy and authenticity into the left-of-center hip-hop and alt-pop-adjacent genres.  “PLAY YOUR PART” is a heavily hyperpop-leaning departure from some of his more rap-centric records that puts him on notice as one of the more exciting and inventive up-and-comers from across the pond.

[embedded content]

Boosted by his radiant sonic charisma, “PLAY YOUR PART” is a breakup song reflecting on the struggle of trying to work things out when the relationship is destined to end regardless of any changes.  Produced by KD, Jack Campbell, and Keanu Luca, the seemingly heavy subject matter stays airy and infectious as ever with simple production layered beneath the South Londoner’s eminently catchy chorus.  It’s one of the most unlikely songs that will inevitably be stuck in your head for days, if not weeks, on end.  With a simple but equally engaging visual, there’s enough content in the short and catchy song to merit a surprising amount of spins even for the casual listener.  

Debuting at #18 on the ultra-coveted New Music Friday playlist on Spotify, “PLAY YOUR PART” is KDVSGOLIATH’s most accessible and replayable single to date.  Don’t be fooled, however, as he possesses several more hip-hop-leaning records that absolutely deserve airtime as well.  Whether he chooses to pursue hyperpop, alt-pop, or rap, one thing for sure is that the UK-based creative is here to stay, and primed to make his mark on the international stage.

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Alexa Van delves into feeling trapped by society on haunting pop-rock track “Space”

LA-based act Alexa Van delivers a haunting slice of pop-rock on “Space,” which delves into the suffocating feel of being trapped by society, led by her gritty vocals and catchy pop soundscapes for an immersive experience. The intensely layered track which lays Van’s powerful voice over foreboding beats, brings to life the feel of being boxed in by the stresses of life.

Crafted to be claustrophobic yet expansive, “Space,” is underpinned by poetic lyricism carried by emotive instrumentation and delivery as she pulls listeners into the relatable feelings of begging for freedom yet being confined by the expectations of the world.

Consistently able and willing to bend the rules of creativity, Van who started a side hustle on Only Fans to fund her band Alexa Van and The Black Outs, circles back to her pop roots on the intricate and intimate offering fuelled by her fierce passion for her craft and her penchant for story-telling.

Having honed her sound over lockdown, and moving away from rock into a more refined alt-pop sound, Alexa Van makes use of music, which she refers to as her “lifeline” to build unshakeable bonds with people – and “Spaces,” with its dark tones and imaginative narrative is no different.

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Little Victories unveil their poignant new single “Love Gets Me Down”

Three-piece, alt pop outfit Little Victories has concocted a vibrant release narrating a familiar sentiment. “Love Gets Me Down” beautifully highlights warm, haunting vocals atop glistening guitars and soaring synths. Describing a bad mental health battle, they passionately detail the pain some face that is not always easy for others to comprehend. They sing “I’m drifting in the street light, make believe who knows/I’m all alone.” With those profound lyrics they seamlessly capture that dark, hopeless feeling of isolation.

The British band’s highly emotive music takes inspiration from Bon Iver and The 1975. Comprised of Marcus Gooda, Nay Shalom and Sam Rose, the trio’s aim is to create powerful music that resonates deeply with fans. With compelling tracks that touch on topics of relationships and mental health, their hope is others can feel less alone. “Love Gets Me Down” is another song that allows listeners to connect through knowing we all have our struggles. The group confides, “We wanted to be personal and relatable whilst also keeping the reasoning ambiguous.” Take a listen to the melancholy piece now.   

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Belot returns with vibrant new single “Harmless Fun”

East London-based alt-pop riser Belot returns with the ultimate bop, “Harmless Fun”. Peppered with glossy, buoyant beats, the single’s vibrant guitar melody lines are infused with brightly coloured hues and feelings of ‘what if’.

Teamed with a funk-leaning guitar motif, the track’s effervescent nature pairs well with Belot’s own brand of cheeky and unapologetically honest pop. With upfront lyricism that makes her work insanely relatable at times, her rich and vivacious sounds help to elevate the mundanities of everyday living and encourages your being to get up and boogie a little. Although “Harmless Fun” is bolstered by the idea of having fun, the track’s freeing sounds entice you to live a little and let loose.

“Harmless fun came about during the first lockdown in the UK,” she explains. “I found myself binge watching Modern Family, and it led me to this idea. The concept was essentially: What if the Dad character Phil Dunphy turned up to a conference thinking it was going to be a very legitimate and educational work conference and then all of a sudden he sees a whole bunch of businessmen absolutely hammered. He swiftly realises this is an adult version of spring break. The song is about giving in to the lighter side of life, and not being afraid to let your hair down. After all that’s what life is about, having fun!”

Belot’s work, including this year’s “Bed”, remains to be a statement of colour and excitement. It’s a clear sign that the 21-year-old BRIT School graduate is on a journey of great things, and with each release, she’s showing us her multi-dimensional qualities. 

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Good Rzn bounces back on “Rebound”

There’s something to be said for the independent artists out there crafting radio-ready pop hits completely unabetted.  Los Angeles pop duo Good Rzn is doing just that, crafting DIY-pop rock that sounds as polished as anything you’ll hear from a major label artist.  Their newest release “Rebound” is a rock-solid example of this, with Ghirardini’s virtuosic guitar work providing a dazzling background for the song to find its wings. 

The duo, consisting of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini, is coming off a stellar debut single “Sleep Talking,” that defined their new-wave pop sound.  Their newest single “Rebound” builds upon the guitar-driven alternative pop that they already established with Molasky’s crystal clear vocals easily cutting through a richly realized mix to build another memorable hook that lends itself to endless replays.  There’s hints of grunge, garage, and psych-rock in the song, a testament to the eclectic ear of its producer.  A brilliant guitar solo elevates the track to a new level and announces the duo as a pair not to be taken lightly.  

There’s a clear creative chemistry at work between the Angelinos that manifests itself through their two nearly perfect alternative-fueled pop ballads.  Any spin of the singles just makes one crave what the duo has coming next, as they make the producing and songwriting process look effortless and sound great while doing it.  

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The High Plains Drifters delve into love and heartbreak on Songs of Love and Loss

Indie band The High Plains Drifters delivers catchy and relatable collection of tracks on Songs of Love and Loss, channeling memories of love and heartbreak wrapped in genre-bending sonics. Written as a thank you to their fans, the EP has been crafted to bring a smile to our faces even as the lyrics break down the notion of “one and only” in love.

Opening with the ‘80s new wave flavours of “The One That Got Away,” as frontman Larry Studnicky’s rich vocals reminisces on the one that got away.Keeping with the theme of lost love, lead single “Since You’ve Been Gone,” captures the feeling of disbelief after your significant other abandons you as a dreamy soundscape meets hushed vocals to bring alive feelings of nostalgia tinged with loss.

On following track, the remix of “Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Single?),” the band veers further into a light-hearted vibe, paying homage to the television and movie star with splashes of anthemic dance music. Finally wrapping up with the electro-pop stylings of “He Reminds Me Of You,” the EP jumps across genres and narratives underpinned by their ability to connect with listeners.

Offering an innovative blend of pop with Americana nuances, The High Plains Drifters – consisting of Studnicky,  JohnMacom, Mike DoCampo , Kyle Cassel, Charles Czarnecki and Dave Richards – continue to deliver earworm melodies that resonate with people and allure them in equal amounts.

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VÉRITÉ adds an alt-pop flair to Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream ”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer VÉRITÉ transforms Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream,” into an alt-pop confessional with her cover led by her sweet vocals. Reframing the thrilling track with a nostalgia-drenched perspective, the rising singer’s interpretation manages to capture the addictive pop feel of the original while introducing a softer touch with minimal sonic palette.

[embedded content]

Layered over quiet piano and slow synth beats,VÉRITÉ’s soaring vocals become the star of the track as the warmth and emotion in it pulls us back into a journey looking back adolescence and first love with rose-tinted longing. Produced by TOMI and VÉRITÉ herself, the lush cover is proof of the alt-pop act’s ability to bring originality to every note she crafts, her fresh alternative style giving even the most well-loved tracks a new life to be heard and absorbed in ways that they weren’t before.

Having emerged from lockdown with confidence and determination to establish herself,  VÉRITÉ has paved her own way with reinvigorated alt-pop soundscapes.

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Canadian quartet Gold and Youth explore the power of love on “Blush”

Vancouver band Gold and Youth highlight the power of love on groovy number “Blush,” from their second record Dream Baby. Made up of lush pianos and a slow beat with hushed vocals, the track weaves a vibrant sonic world exploring how love offers us a purpose in life and how we can get through the biggest adversities of life as long as we have each other.

The hazy offering which leans into the band’s trademark sound nestled between alt-pop and art-rock, with a tinge of quiet bedroom sensibilities, channels cynicism before flipping the narrative into something far more uplifting with its sharply observational yet witty lyrics.

With an anthemic, shoe-hazy flair built on atmospheric synths and subtle ambient arrangements, “Blush,” gives us a glimpse of Gold and Youth’s liberating artistry, delicately balancing freedom and ambition with anxious tension for a sprawling, gently lulling instrumental that brings hope to the forefront.

A fulfilling glance of the comfort and contemplation they offer on their sophomore record, the warmth and earworm quality of this latest foray captivates us.

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