Cubasis 3.3 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

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Steinberg has updated its mobile DAW Cubasis to version 3.3, adding MIDI learn, MCU support, sidechain support, AUv3 multi out, extended MIDI routing and more.

They also shared this video, demonstrating the key new features in Cubasis 3.3:

00:00? Intro
00:33? Extended Midi Routing
04:42? Sidechain Support
08:21? Au Instruments Multi Out Support
13:18? Midi Learn MCU & HUI Support
13:44? Midi Learn Mode
15:56? Selected Track Mode
17:45? Midi Learn To Control Instruments
18:56? MCU & HUI Support

Cubasis 3.3 is available now for iOS & Android. See the Steinberg site for details.

Ableton Live 11 Now Available, With New Comping Tools, MPE Support & More

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Ableton has released Live 11 today, the latest major update to their popular DAW.

Live 11 introduces a wide array of new features, including:

    • Flexible comping tools;
    • Support for expressive performance with the MPE standard;
    • New devices;
    • Creative randomization options;
    • Live tempo follow;
    • New sound libraries and more.

You can get a deep dive into Live 11 with the official intro videos, embedded below:

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Pricing and Availability

Ableton Live 11 is available now, with the following pricing:

  • Download versions of Ableton Live 11 cost 79 EUR / 99 USD for Live Intro, 349 EUR / 449 USD for Live Standard and 599 EUR / 749 USD for Live Suite.
  • Upgrade pricing is also available for current Live owners.

See the Ableton site for details.

Ableton Live 11 Coming February 23, 2021

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Ableton today announced that Live 11 , the latest major update to the popular DAW, will be released February 23, 2021.

Live 11 introduces a huge array of new features, including:

  • Flexible comping tools;
  • Support for expressive performance with the MPE standard;
  • New devices;
  • Creative randomization options;
  • Live tempo follow;
  • New sound libraries and more.

You can get a deep dive into Live 11 with the official intro videos, embedded below:

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Pricing and Availability

Ableton Live 11 will be available February 23, 2021, with the following pricing:

  • Ableton Live 11 will be available for purchase from and at local retailers.
  • Download versions of Ableton Live 11 cost 79 EUR / 99 USD for Live Intro, 349 EUR / 449 USD for Live Standard and 599 EUR / 749 USD for Live Suite.
  • Existing Ableton Live owners should log into their accounts to check upgrade pricing.

See the Ableton site for details.

Solid State Logic Intros UF8 Advanced Studio DAW Controller

Solid State Logic has introduced the UF8, a new DAW controller that they say delivers “a new level of user focused design; insightful displays, intelligent fader and control access and function, multiple stand angles for user defined placement, and a production workflow enhancing control layout.”

The UF8 is designed for music creation, production and mixing, post production and webcasting. As your needs expand, you can chain up to 4 UF8s together, for a 32-channel SSL control surface.

SSL’s 360° control software lets you manage multi-controller configurations, customize user keys, and DAW switching across multiple layers, allowing for seamless switching between numerous sessions.


  • High-Quality 100 mm Touch Sensitive Faders
  • High-Resolution Color Displays
  • 8 Endless Rotary Encoders
  • Custom Workflows
    • 5 banks of 8 user keys + 3 quick keys = 43 assignable keys per UF8
  • Intelligent Multi-Purpose CHANNEL Encoder
  • Mouse Scroll Emulation
    • Control of any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over
  • Integrates With All Major DAWs
    • “Workflow ready” templates
  • Switch Control Between 3 Simultaneously Connected DAWs
  • Powered by the SSL 360° Mac/PC Application
  • Expandable System
    • Chain 4 UF8s for a 32-channel SSL control surface
  • Includes SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 & Drumstrip plug-ins

Pricing and Availability

The UF8 is available now for £833 + VAT, $1,299 + Tax, €999 + Tax

Reason Studios Intros Reason+ Subscription Service

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Reason Studios has introduced Reason+, a new subscription service that offers their Reason DAW – along with a library of 70+ Rack instruments, audio effects, and MIDI Player effects – for $19.99/€19.99 a month.

Additionally, Reason+ introduces the Reason+ Companion, where you can browse and download sound packs.

Subscribers have full access to Reason Studios’ complete array of devices, inside Reason’s Rack plugin and standalone audio workstation. There are over 70 instruments, effects and MIDI Player effects available in Reason+, including Europa, Kong, Grain, and the recently released Friktion and Pattern Mutator. Any new Reason Studios devices and features offered in the future will be immediately available to subscribers.

Pricing and Availability

Reason+ is available now for $19.99/€19.99 per month or for $199.00/€199.00 per year. You can try it for free for 30 days.

Endlesss Studio Cloud-Connected Looping Platform Now Available For MacOS

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Connected music-making platform Endlesss have launched Endlesss Studio, a MacOS app and VST / AU plugin that brings their iOS app into the world of digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Endlesss Studio is cloud-connected, so you can create music and collaborate across MacOS and iOS devices.

Endlesss is a cloud-connected multi-track looper, with a large collection of performance instruments and FX. It’s designed to let you quickly capture ideas and build on them, using a broad collection of instruments and 23 FX.

Endlesss Studio integrates with the iOS app to enable handoff of the track-building flow between mobile and desktop. This also lets multiple collaborators contribute live from anywhere in the world, with an instrument or their voice, hardware or software, on smart-phone or desktop system.

“Studio is Endlesss’s next step in building a home for creative musical culture where creators of every skill level can connect, learn and build communities around creativity,” explains Tim Exile, musician and Endlesss CEO and founder.

Here’s a 3-minute video that demos how you Studio enables fast workflows across multiple connected devices:

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Endlesss Studio Walkthrough Video:

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Pricing and Availability:

Endless Studio is available now, with an intro price through 31st March 2021 of $99 / €99 / £79 (normally $199 / €199 / £159). A Windows version is also under development and is expected be available in Summer 2021.

Steinberg Nuendo 11 Now Available, Adds Support For Dolby Atmos, Netflix Productions

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Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Nuendo 11, the latest version of its DAW for MacOS & Windows.

Nuendo 11 features new and enhanced features, including dedicated tools for Dolby Atmos and Netflix productions, along with new design tools and exclusive content.

What’s New In Nuendo 11

ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos is one of the highlights included in Nuendo 11. With this module and its integrated Renderer for Dolby Atmos, content can easily be created according to Dolby Atmos specifications, allowing producers to work within Nuendo while eliminating the need for further software or external hardware.

Nuendo now includes an entire metering plug-in suite with SuperVision. Providing more than 20 different display modules for level metering, loudness measurement and analysis, SuperVision is extremely flexible and offers customizable settings and layouts for up to nine module slots.

More metering options are integrated with the Netflix Loudness Meter and Intelligibility Meter. To ensure consistency of content production, the Netflix Loudness Meter in Nuendo 11 is calibrated to the official Sound Mix Specifications and Best Practices, measuring the dialog-gated loudness as required by Netflix.

Job Queues is a time-saver, allowing engineers to enter up to 20 different tasks in a list. This means that stems are individually exported together with all the settings available in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, but the tasks are processed in one single action.

Nuendo 11 also adds many enhancements to its sound design tools.

  • The MultiTap Delay now supports up to 7.1 surround sound. Frequency 2 offers dynamic EQ, with the filter nodes of the eight available bands responding to the input signal and also offering independent side-chaining.
  • The new Multiband Imager places up to four bands in different locations within the stereo image.
  • The new Squasher compresses the input signal in up to three bands, with an individual gate, saturation effect and independent side-chaining.
  • The enhanced Sampler Track now slices samples and includes two global LFOs.

SpectraLayers One is a simplified version of the acclaimed spectral editing software SpectraLayers Pro 7. SpectraLayers One offers a spectrogram view of the audio tracks in Nuendo, including selection, editing and display tools that allow intricate editing to improve dialog and location audio.

VST Connect SE 5, the remote recording plug-in already included in Nuendo, now supports HiDPI and offers a redesigned interface with scalable window.

Nuendo 11 also has several new tools for musicians.

The Scale Assistant lets users set the scale of the music, which is then adjusted accordingly within the newly enhanced Key Editor, which now displays Global Tracks.

Along with other improvements, the Score Editor includes Note Length and Velocity Overlays to edit notes, the new Property tab for easy access to notation settings and support for Dorico’s Bravura and Petaluma fonts.

Nuendo 11 provides many additional workflow and performance enhancements, including:

  • ARA improvements
  • Variable DPI on Windows 10 computers
  • Optimized GUI on macOS computers
  • Extended Eucon integration
  • Marker lines for an improved display of marker events
  • Further refinements to continue to facilitate working with Nuendo

Nuendo 11 also comes with a wealth of new sound content: over 750 game sound effects by Soundbits, six loop and sound sets, more than 200 plug-in and track presets, and the seamless integration with the Soundly cloud library of sound effects, allowing users to tap into a variety of premium sounds.

Here’s a video intro to the new features:

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Availability and Pricing

Nuendo 11 is available now, with these suggested retail prices:

  • Nuendo 11 boxed version – $999.99
  • Nuendo 11 downloadable version – $972.00

See the Steinberg site for details and upgrade pricing.

Logic Pro Live Loops & Launchpad Pro [MK3]

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Novation has announced that, with the introduction of Apple’s Logic Pro 10.6, the Launchpad Pro [MK3] is now ‘the most closely integrated grid controller for Logic Pro’.

The main new improvement is for Launchpad Pro [MK3] users, who can now take advantage of all the features of Live Loops, the cell-based looping playback and performance feature that was introduced in version 10.5. Also new is updated Live Loops interaction for Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini [MK3] users.

Here’s what’s they have to say about the new integration:

“Live Loops & Launchpad Pro [MK3]

For the first time in Logic Pro 10.6, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is compatible with Live Loops.

As part of the Live Loops and Launchpad Pro [MK3] experience, you can trigger cells from the grid, navigate projects easily, and get hands-on with producing and performing in Logic Pro. Express yourself in Note and Chord modes and record directly to cells, then mute, solo, record arm and stop tracks. Dedicated controls let you clear and duplicate cells, and quantise the notes recorded into a cell — all with a few button pushes.

What’s more, using the powerful features of Launchpad Pro [MK3], you can lose yourself in your creative flow without having to reach for the mouse. Custom modes let you map the grid to controls of your choice, and create your own personalised performance setups, including drum pads and velocity-sensitive faders. Custom Modes are designed using Novation Components, the free configuration tool that can be accessed via Google Chrome or as a standalone app.

Launchpad X & Launchpad Mini [MK3]

In Logic Pro 10.6, Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini [MK3] devices no longer need to be rotated to properly display the Live Loops grid, as was required in v10.5.

However, there are orientation options in Logic’s settings that allow you to choose vertical or rotated arrangement, to suit your preference. This flexibility provides a much more cohesive experience, allowing you to seamlessly jump between different modes.

See the official demos, embedded above, for examples of the update in action.

Steinberg Cubase 11 Now Available

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Steinberg has introduced Cubase 11, a major update to their DAW for MacOS & Windows.

Cubase 11 includes new features for all three editions: Pro, Artist and Elements. You can preview the new features via the update video playlist, embedded above.

Here’s what’s new in Cubase 11, by version:

  • Advanced Audio Export: Save time with new export queues [Pro]
  • Sampler Track 2: New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Scale Assistant: Follow, quantize and play live to a set scale [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Global Tracks: Stay in sync more easily [Pro]
  • Frequency 2: Precise dynamic EQ for better mixing [Pro]
  • Squasher: Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Score Editor: Workflow improvements and new fonts [Pro]
  • New Samples: Six fresh sound and loop sets [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • SuperVision: Flexible, customizable metering [Pro, Artist]
  • Imager: Multiband stereo placement [Pro, Artist]
  • MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Delay in up to 5.1 surround sound [Pro]
  • Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling settings [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Cubase Artists/Elements Upgrades: More bang for fewer bucks [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Multiple Side-Chain: Improved input architecture [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility [Pro]
  • VST Connect SE 5: Resizable HiDPI-ready interface for remote recording solutions [Pro]
  • Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier [Pro, Artist]
  • Apple Metal Acceleration: Better Mac performance [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • SpectraLayers One: Visual editing and audio source separation [Pro, Artist]

Pricing and Availabilty:

All version of Cubase 11 are now available. See the Steinberg site for pricing details and upgrade info.

Ableton Announces Live 11 – Here’s What’s New

Ableton today announced Live 11, a massive update to the popular music creation and performance software.

Live 11 introduces a huge array of new features, including flexible comping tools, support for expressive performance with the MPE standard, new devices, creative randomization options, live tempo follow, new sound libraries and more.

Here’s what’s new:


  • Comping – Live automatically organizes multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes. The best parts of these takes can then be stitched together for the desired final result. Comping can also be used as a fun way to explore sound and the sound design process.
  • Linked-track editing – Link two or more tracks to edit their content simultaneously.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression Support:

  • MPE support – Lets you add bends, slides and pressure for each individual note in a chord, add subtle expression variations, morph between chords and create evolving sonic textures more easily.
  • Expression View (above) – You can now edit the pitch, slide and pressure envelopes of each note to refine the expression of takes or do sound design in new ways by sequencing polyphonic sound variations.
  • MPE-capable native devices – Wavetable, Sampler and Arpeggiator have been updated
    to support MPE. You can now control parameters per note for these devices, as
    well as third-party plug-ins.

New Devices:

  • Hybrid Reverb – Combines convolution and algorithmic reverbs, making it possible to create effects from accurate real-world environments to those that defy physical reality.
  • Spectral Resonator – Breaks the spectrum of an incoming audio signal into partials, then stretches, shifts and blurs the result by a frequency or a note in subtle or radical ways. The MIDI sidechain input also allows musicians to process material in key and even play the device as if it were a polyphonic instrument.
  • Spectral Time – Transforms sound into partials and feeds them into a frequency- based delay, resulting in metallic echoes, frequency-shifted and reverb-like effects. The Freeze function captures and holds a slice of audio – either free-running or in time with the beat – for stuttered, glitched and washed-out effects.
  • Inspired by Nature – Six ‘playful’ instruments and effects, created collaboration with Dillon Bastan, that use nature and physics as their inspiration.
  • PitchLoop89 – Created in collaboration with Robert Henke, this device creates ‘jittery glitch effects, delayed digital shimmers and outlandish vibrato’.

Features for the Stage:

  • Live Tempo Following – Live listens to and adjusts its tempo based on incoming audio in real time, making it a dynamic part of the band, instead of the tempo source that everyone has to follow.
  • Macro Snapshots – Musicians can store the state of Macros for later recall – a fast way to create instant variations to sounds, or builds and drops during performance.
  • Rack improvements – Racks can be configured to have between 1 and 16 Macros, Macro states can be randomized with the push of a button.

Tools to add Chance:

  • Note chance – Set the probability that a note or drum hit will occur and let Live generate variations to your patterns that change over time.
  • Velocity chance – Define ranges for velocity probability for subtle, humanized variations in the dynamics of your patterns.
  • Improved Follow Actions – Follow Actions can now be linked to the clip length, be set to jump to specific clips and be enabled and disabled globally. Scene Follow Actions make evolving arrangements possible.

New Sounds:

  • Voice Box – A comprehensive collection of contemporary vocal samples from multiple voices, a set of playable vocal instruments, and Effect Racks designed for vocal processing.
  • Mood Reel – Evocative layered instruments that combine organic and synthetic sounds with textural elements to add mood, space and movement to productions.
  • Drone Lab – Tonal and textural samples, generative noise, multi-sampled instruments, plus devices and Effect Racks designed for experimentation.
  • Upright Piano – Upright Piano is close-recorded for an intimate feel – a classic sound that is at home in many styles of music. Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.
  • Brass Quartet – This instrument highlights the natural breathiness, range of expression and broad tonality of the brass quartet. Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.
  • String Quartet – This combination of two violins, viola and cello has a sound that is immediately intimate, and is also a great starting point for sonic exploration. Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.

More Additions & Updates:

  • Refined clip editing – Musicians can edit loops of multiple clips simultaneously, focus on a single clip in context and easily transpose entire arrangements from one piano roll.
  • Improved CPU metering – Live now shows current and average CPU usage. Per- track CPU meters show which tracks in a set use the most processing power.
  • Keys and scales – Allow musicians to use scales directly in Live’s MIDI editor as a guide or reference by seeing which notes are in key or folding the piano roll to show only those notes.
  • Improved Clip Detail View – New tabs and fold-out panels in the Clip Detail View provide a clearer overview of and access to relevant parameters and properties of audio and MIDI clips.
  • Updated devices – Devices already in Live – including Redux, Phaser-Flanger, and Chorus-Ensemble – now have expanded ranges and new modes, adding more sound and making each device more musical and usable in every session they’re used in.
  • Updated Core Library – Live’s Core Library is expanded with new drum kits, Instrument Racks, Audio Effect Racks, Grooves, presets, and loops, all with a focus on contemporary music production.
  • Updated Packs – Selected Packs from Live’s current library now include new MIDI drum grooves, MIDI chords, licks and basslines played by professional keyboard players, mix-ready presets and more.

Here’s the official video intro to the new features:

[embedded content]

Pricing and availability:

Ableton Live 11 will be available in early 2021. Here are the details on pricing:

  • A discount offer is running now until the release of Live 11. During the promotion, all Live 10 editions are 20% off. The purchase of any Live 10 edition automatically entitles customers to a free upgrade to its corresponding Live 11 edition upon release.
  • Ableton Live 11 will be available for purchase from and at local retailers.
  • Download versions of Ableton Live 11 cost 79 EUR / 99 USD for Live Intro, 349 EUR / 449 USD for Live Standard and 599 EUR / 749 USD for Live Suite.
  • Existing Ableton Live owners should log into their accounts to check upgrade pricing.