Qwerty Mick captures contentment on If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now 

Irish musician Qwerty Mick drops triumphant six-track debut EP If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now which weaves a hypnotic, escapist atmosphere led by lush soundscapes and his deep, charming vocals. The EP moves smoothly through lo-fi sonic into anthemic punk and jazzy chords, as the singer takes through a journey of simmering frustrations into soothing contentment.

Opening with dreamy, synth-touched stylings of “Eternal Optimist,” Mick packs the production with jangly instrumentals giving away to a bold, carefree voice as seen in tail-end offering “Slumlord,” as well.

From the delicate sensibilities of early stand-out “Graffiti Literature,” to the introspective vibes of intricate guitar-led number “Google Your Symptoms,” If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now unveils themes of political disillusionment into more intimate frustrations within yourself.

The production moves through crystal clear twang of guitars on “What A Kip,” into the glitchy, layered experimentation of “Home,” as he offers a carefully crafted world music that still manages to remain rooted in reality.

Led by his charming, warm vocals, the understated but clever body of work sees the multi-instrumentalist tap into his trademark bedroom-built DIY sound and contemplative vibes. An enigmatic artist who is surprisingly intimate within the vessel of music, Qwerty Mick’s atmospheric soundscapes manage to toe the line between being downtempo and thrilling with ease.

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Berlin duo BLYNE weave a dreamy sonic treat on EP ‘Ethereal’

Berlin-based duo BLYNE offer an enticing sonic treat on their new EP Ethereal, a five-track collection of feel-good tracks stocked with catchy pop and alt-electro feels. With hazy vocals that allow the earworm instrumentation to shine, the artist and producer pair tap into their trademark ambient synth sound to draw us to a world that feels far away from life’s troubles.

From the wispy delicate touch of opener “Breathe,” to the anthemic build of synths and elegant feel of “Genuine Love,” the duo immediately establish their sonic range moving smoothly from gentleness to fierce confidence. Already released track “Randomness” remains the stand-out of the EP with its sleek synth sensibilities and dreamy vocals.

BLYNE realise their full genre-hopping abilities on “Religion,” a layered offering founded on soft beats and glitchy electronic sonics with touches of clear guitars. Bass-heavy, hypnotic finisher “Drum ‘n’ Heaven” bring Ethereal to a perfect end with BLYNE managing to weave a collage of varying genres and sounds into one cohesive electro-pop atmospheric soundscape.

Crafted to reflect the transience and timelessness of love equally, BLYNE’s latest foray is one that pulls into a sweet, melodic dream that leaves us uplifted and optimistic as the final shred of synths fade. 

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Australian act Miller Roberts drops genre-hopping EP ‘All The Things I Could Never Say’

Australian musician Miller Roberts reflects on vulnerability on expansive EP All The Things I Could Never Say, encapsulating the unpredictability of the past year in folk-infused soundscapes and ethereal melodies. The five-track collection which was penned in one single month spans ambient indie-folk to electro-infused anthems underpinned by Roberts’ haunting vocals.

Starting with the hushed vocals of acoustic style “All Over Again,” to the piano-led slow-build track “Let You Go,” the EP is stocked full of personal laments and contemplative observations woven into Roberts’ versatile sound. Balancing gently lulling harmonies of “Voice in my Head,” to showcasing a slightly sultry vocal lilt of “Bad Habit,” Roberts takes us through moments of love and loss, faith and hope all tied together by a warm and comforting myriad of sonics.

The 26-year-old infuses honesty into every delicate note, touching upon heartache and healing in equal amounts, as it extends “the hardest year” of the singer’s life while also offering comfort for anyone going through similar moments of hardship.

Having grown up heavily influenced by her parents’ love for James Taylor and Carole King, with a passion for music that began with impromptu performances, each new release sees Roberts bloom with a harmony-rich, narrative-heavy artistry that’s as open and unguarded as it is self-confident and uplifting.

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Murdo Mitchell allows a sneak peek into his mind on debut EP Stay Nocturnal

Rising Glaswegian singer-songwriter Murdo Mitchell gives us a glimpse into his mind, capturing his experience during the pandemic on debut EP Stay Nocturnal. Carried by Mitchell’s emotive vocals, the EP moves through deeply personal themes of addiction and failed relationships on a bed of heavily reverbed synths, earthy guitars and thumping beats.

Moving from the acoustic style of “Hide,” to an anthemic folk-tinged exploration of human hardship on “Faded,” Stay Nocturnal, displays the young talent’s full musical potential and range underpinned by mature song writing. Two stand-out tracks bookend the four-track EP as the atmospheric feel of guitar-led opener “Hollow,” switches smoothly into the dreaminess of synth-tinged, electro-infused final track “You Feel It.”

With lush uplifting sonics juxtaposed against dark, introspective narratives, Stay Nocturnalis a collection haunting, honest songs which channel Mitchell’s sharp ability to communicate his feelings within delicate instrumentals as he continues to hone his craft – going from a 11-year-old in love with music to busking on streets to finally emerging as talent who can capture hearts with his transportive productions.

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ROSIE delves into stages of grief on debut EP 20mg of Happiness

Emerging New York singer-songwriter ROSIE taps into her ability to flip negative experiences into uplifting messages on emotive debut EP 20mg of Happiness, which moves different stages of grief in a charming showcase of heartfelt song writing juxtaposed against anthemic sonics. Capturing vulnerability within loss and love,the EP simplifies complex themes within powerful arrangements.

Written with the intention to raise mental health awareness and chasing catharsis, the EP stops off on the five stages of grief moving smoothly through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance led by her melodic voice. From the slow-build yet soaring “Screaming Underwater,” to the relatable narrative of trying to distract yourself while waiting on someone to reach out to you on the dreamy layers of “Retail Therapy,” 20mg of Happiness comes to life an exercise in processing grief, forming a warm, safe space for anyone seeking comfort.

Throughout the seven-track production, ROSIE belies her young age of 21 with her explorative, ethereal song writing and syrupy vocals. Whether the sweet, poetic lyricism that weave vibrant visuals on acoustic style “All my favorite songs,” the loneliness that seeps through the groovy instrumentals of “To Get Over You,” or soothing lull of piano-tinged “Idk you at all,” the rising star shines with her honest artistry.

Bringing the grief to a peak on gentle final track “Sad Sad Sad,” the EP pushes us forward urging us to move forward from the pain that lives within our hearts, as it wraps around us as a sanctuary to escape into when life gets too tough. Leaning into ROSIE’s ability to strike a chord with her listeners, the multi-talent manages to find a place in our hearts with her heart-warming voice and vivid soundscapes.

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Gaby K narrates facets of romantic relationships on EP The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Birmingham indie act Gaby K narrates the different facets of romantic relationships on debut EP The Good, The Bad &The Boring, delivering an enticing fusion of soulful pop soundscapes and empowering messages drawn from her own relationships. Reflecting on her journey, framed by strength and the fierceness, the EP thrums with encouragement to stand up for ourselves as her husky, bold voice drives forward laid-back yet lush sonics.

Opening with the catchy croon of “Like You Should,” to the synth-infused, electro-tinged stand-out “Running,” the burgeoning musician moves from emotive tones to groovy foot-tapping vibes effortlessly. Following up with the minimal, acoustic style of “Not My Boyfriend,” Gaby K leans into her powerful song writing abilities, discussing the freedom to do whatever you want – whether it’s being in a relationship or enjoying single life.

Guitar-led offerings “On Your String,” and “Three Little Worlds,” shine a light on her soft, soothing vocals before the lush pianos of final track “War,” bring the EP to an uplifting finish. Channeling vulnerability and frustrations just as much as positivity, The Good, The Bad &The Boring is drenched in relatable tales of relationships as it reminds us of our own worth.

Having found her love for music aged only 12, Gaby’s passion and talent have consistently grown as her easy-going sonics, poignant lyricism and natural charm have seen her build up a solid fanbase set to catapult her into further fame.

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syence release hotly anticipated 5-track ‘bass pop’ EP

US dance music duo syence have unveiled their new 5-track EP bass pop, out now on all streaming platforms.

An exploration into the self-styled genre of music that the record is named after, bass pop captures the essence of the syence sound. Epitomizing this is opener “truth”, a vibrant, emotionally charged jam featuring an alluring sax line and the vocals of California artist Kyle Reynolds, who has had a striking series of recent works including”Best Is Yet To Come” with Gryffin, and “Drifting Away”with Autograf.

The five-track release also features three tracks that have been released as singles across the year, starting with “talking way too much”, a vibrant combination of glistening synths, euphoric bass energy and seductive vocals. Then there is the poignant, dynamic percussion of “hate me like you love me”, which also features the vocals of Nashville singer-songwriter Jake Neumar, and the punchy romance of “think about u”. Closing things out, the sombre “meet somebody” ensures the melancholic energy permeates bass pop right to the end. 

First meeting in a college science class, Zach Montoya and Brayden James were brought together by a shared love of live music and production. Soon they decided to form syence, experimenting together and pioneering a sound they describe as bass pop. Returning to the 2021 live event space in full force, syence played the acclaimed Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge Amphitheatre this past August, and are slated for upcoming sets at HiJinx festival in Philadelphia as well Countdown NYE festival in Southern California to ring in the new year. Furthermore, notable recent tour dates include playing alongside Two Friends for three nights across Connecticut and Massachusetts in June, alongside Whethan in Cleveland this September, and alongside Zedd in Boston during Labor Day Weekend.

Their largest and most diverse body of work to date, the bass pop EP is a landmark release in the story of syence.

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The High Plains Drifters delve into love and heartbreak on Songs of Love and Loss

Indie band The High Plains Drifters delivers catchy and relatable collection of tracks on Songs of Love and Loss, channeling memories of love and heartbreak wrapped in genre-bending sonics. Written as a thank you to their fans, the EP has been crafted to bring a smile to our faces even as the lyrics break down the notion of “one and only” in love.

Opening with the ‘80s new wave flavours of “The One That Got Away,” as frontman Larry Studnicky’s rich vocals reminisces on the one that got away.Keeping with the theme of lost love, lead single “Since You’ve Been Gone,” captures the feeling of disbelief after your significant other abandons you as a dreamy soundscape meets hushed vocals to bring alive feelings of nostalgia tinged with loss.

On following track, the remix of “Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Single?),” the band veers further into a light-hearted vibe, paying homage to the television and movie star with splashes of anthemic dance music. Finally wrapping up with the electro-pop stylings of “He Reminds Me Of You,” the EP jumps across genres and narratives underpinned by their ability to connect with listeners.

Offering an innovative blend of pop with Americana nuances, The High Plains Drifters – consisting of Studnicky,  JohnMacom, Mike DoCampo , Kyle Cassel, Charles Czarnecki and Dave Richards – continue to deliver earworm melodies that resonate with people and allure them in equal amounts.

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Jeffrey James laments a year lost on “Songs I Found in the Year I Lost” EP

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Jeffrey James channels the restlessness felt during the pandemic into creativity on EP Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, a collection of five tracks pulled from a mix of new collaborations, forgotten demos, and previously unreleased songs, led by his smooth vocals and narrative-driven lyricism.

Opening with the gripping arrangement of “Sober,” that sees him lean into his trademark combination of cinematic instrumentation and thoughtful song writing, both of which stretches into following track, “Making It Up,” a relatable exploration of finding your purpose in life framed by an uplifting message that you will grow up as life goes on.

The eclectic musician establishes his versatility as he switches from anthemic soundscapes to soothing ballads with emotive track  “In The Back of My Mind,” a track written pre-pandemic yet fitting snugly into the reflective mood of the EP. He shines a light on his rich, warm voice on the feel-good, acoustic style “Small Talk.”

Final track “We Can Be Heroes,”  which was written alongside “In The Back of My Mind,” brings the production to a soft, slow ending with a trim of ethereal backing vocals elevating the layered pop ballad which drives the deeply introspective EP to a powerful end.

James who has continued to build a reputation for his sleek, brooding tracks since his first project in 2016, showcases his ability to challenge himself musically on Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, as he loses himself in the comfort of creating sonic explorations of the human experience, inviting us into the soothing world which thrums with lush instrumentals and relatable song writing that laments a year lost. 

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