Free Audio Plugins For Mac & Windows From Noise Engineering

Free Audio Plugins For Mac & Windows From Noise Engineering
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Noise Engineering has released three free audio plugins for macOS & Windows: the synths Sinc Vereor and Virt Vereor, a distortion effect, Ruina.

The company says that they’ve had lots of requests for plugins from existing customers, and they also want to make their products accessible to people without the barrier to entry of a modular system.

In addition to the free modules, they’re planning plugin versions of some of their popular Eurorack modules.

Here’s what they have to say about each of the free plugins:

“Sinc Vereor packs a powerful punch into a tiny package. The intuitive and inviting controls will make sound design a breeze. Blend between familiar waveforms like saw, triangle, and square. Super mode adds 6 phase-offset oscillators. Use Noise mode to generate self-similar noise for percussion, effects, and more. The Vereor section is our easily manipulated dynamics section using an ADSR envelope controlling a variable slope and analog-inspired multimode gate/filter.

Add to that a vintage-inspired chorus and a library of presets. Loosely based on Noise Engineering’s beloved Eurorack module Sinc Iter, Sinc Vereor will astound with its versatility.

Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer that is as easy to use as it is unique and fun to play. Choose between a quadrature algorithm, a supersaw-inspired beast, or an additive algorithm with spectral control and distortion of partials. The Virt section is combined with the Vereor envelope/multi-mode gate/filter section and chorus. Virt Vereor makes a tremendous number of unique sounds with an immediate and usable interface.

Ruina is a creative stereo distortion plugin built on digital distortion algorithms. Run any sound through Ruina for warm, lush distortion, or crank the sliders to unleash complete destruction. Ruina has a wavefolder, a multiband saturator, a chaotic suboctave generator, octavizer, and phase shifter. It also features a notch or bandpass filter with adjustable tracking, and a control to set the order of the distortions in the signal flow to further customize your sound. Last but not least, Overdrive adds up to 128x gain for maximal destruction. With seven distortion types and fully automatable controls, it’s easy to turn your sounds into something new and unique with Ruina.”

Pricing and Availability:

The three plugins are available now as free downloads from the Noise Engineering site. Setting up an account on the site is required to download.

Free Plugin, Samplab, Lets You Edit The Notes In Polyphonic Audio Samples

Free Plugin, Samplab, Lets You Edit The Notes In Polyphonic Audio Samples
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Swiss-based music software company Samplab has introduced Samplab, a plugin that lets you edit and rearrange pitches in polyphonic audio samples.

Here’s what the developers have to say about the plugin:

“When you drag and drop an audio file into the plugin, it is sent to our server for processing. Once this is completed, you recieve the result with all the notes in the audio separated. In order to edit the notes, we generate a MIDI file that you can drag into the Samplab track.

From now on, the plugin acts like a virtual instrument: It gets the MIDI events as input from your DAW and plays the (edited) notes. If you don’t make any changes to the MIDI, the result should sound the same as the original audio. Of course, you can also just use the MIDI file for other things.”

Pricing and Availability

Samplab is available now as a free download, for Mac & Windows.

Note: Samplab is currently limited to editing samples with a maximum of 127 notes.  Because this is a client-server app, an Internet connection is required.

Free String Ensemble Virtual Instrument, LABS Synth Strings

Free String Ensemble Virtual Instrument, LABS Synth Strings
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Spitfire Audio has introduced LABS Synth Strings, a free virtual instrument for Mac & Windows that recreates the sound of classic ’70s string synths.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

These classic synth textures have been created from the infamous Solina String Ensemble — a 70s string synthesiser, used on countless iconic disco and rock records. From fuzzy, warm vibrations to bright stabs that cut through the mix, LABS Synth Strings has been recorded at Spitfire HQ by Harry Wilson & Hannah Roberts-Owen, and comes complete with sampled modulation and processed pads — equally at home on a Herbie-style record as it is on a Blade Runner-style blockbuster template.

It’s available now as a free download.

Free Max For Live Instrument, Spectral Shiatsu, Lets You ‘Massage’ Sound

Free Max For Live Instrument, Spectral Shiatsu, Lets You ‘Massage’ Sound
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Sensel, the creators of the Morph multi-touch controller, today introduced Spectral Shiatsu, a free instrument for Max For Live that lets you ‘massage’ sounds.

Spectral Shiatsu uses the Morph’s ability to detect touch and pressure to give you a new way to interact with sounds. If you don’t have a Morph, you can use Spectral Shiatsu with a mouse or touchpad.

Here’s how it works:

When you load a sound file (or picture) into Spectral Shiatsu, it analyses it and creates a map of all the frequencies and their volumes over time.

This sonograph is then mapped to the Sensel Morph, so you can ‘massage’ the sound, pressing softly to play a small part or harder to play more of it.

“Artists and designers are all quite familiar with ‘massaging’ and ‘teasing’ their work,” says Sensel’s Peter Nyboer, “so we found a way to make this metaphor literal. You will definitely uncover some really unusual sonic textures, possibly even learning something about the nature of time and sound.”

Here are some examples of Spectral Shiatsu in action:

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Pricing and Availability

Spectral Shiatsu is available now as a free download. Source code is available via Github.

Free Open Source Drum Synth, ‘Chow Kick’, For iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows

Free Open Source Drum Synth, ‘Chow Kick’, For iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows
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Free Music Software: Chowdhury DSP has introduced Chow Kick, a free & open source kick drum synthesizer for iOS, Linux, Mac & Windows.

Chow Kick is based on ‘creative physical modelling of old drum machine circuits’. Along with a highly parameterizable pulse shaper, Chow Kick uses a resonant filter with several nonlinear modes, creating a wide range of possibilities for sound designers. The kick drum can also be easily “tuned” with incoming MIDI notes to match the key of your song.

It’s available now as a free download.

Is Audacity Now Spyware? And Why Is It ‘PG-13’?

Is Audacity Now Spyware? And Why Is It ‘PG-13’?

FOSS Post, an independent news site that covers open source software, reports that the popular open source audio software Audacity may now be spyware. They recommend uninstalling the application ASAP.

Audacity was acquired by a company named Muse Group two months ago. According to Foss Post’s report, “While Audacity is nothing more than a desktop program, its developers want to make it phone home with various data taken from users’ machines.”

The report notes:

“The updated privacy policy page (which was uploaded 2 days ago) for Audacity includes a wide range of data collection mechanisms. It states for example that it can hand any user data to state regulators where it is located – which is basically Russia, USA and the EEA zone.

All your personal data is stored on our servers in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, we are occasionally required to share your personal data with our main office in Russia and our external counsel in the USA.

One would not expect an offline desktop application to be collecting such data, phoning-home and then handing that data to governments around the world whenever they see fit. If you want to stay away from such things, then stay away from Audacity.

By doing these suspicious activities, the people behind Audacity and Muse Group have shown their selves to be unworthy of the trust of the open source community, and hence, the software should be abandoned and disposed from Linux distributions’ repositories.”

What The Fork?

The app is also now ‘rated PG-13’, as the privacy policy states that Audacity should not be used by people below the age of 13.

You can read details of the new policy on the Audacity site.

It appears that Muse Group may have updated the privacy policy to be consistent with its other products. But users on Github and Reddit argue that the changes are not only unnecessary and unwelcome, but violate Audacity’s GPL licensing, which states that “The act of running the Program is not restricted.”

As a result of Muse Group’s changes, some are calling for Audacity to be ‘forked’.

Open-source applications can be ‘forked’, which means that anyone can take the Audacity code and create a new version of the app, as long as they abide by the source’s licensing. You can follow the discussions at Github and Reddit.

Update: Muse Groups’s plans appear to be evolving – a May 17 Tech Radar article says that the company reversed their initial plans for data collection, but their Privacy Policy was updated July 2,.

Free FM Synth, OctaSine, For Linux, Mac & Windows

Free FM Synth, OctaSine, For Linux, Mac & Windows

Developer Joakim Frostegård has introduced OctaSine, a free and open source FM VST2 synthesizer plugin that the developer say “draws inspiration from the Elektron Monomachine, as well as from NI’s FM8”.


  • Works on macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Four operators with independent parameters such as volume, panning, modulation index, feedback, three different frequency modifiers (ratio, free and fine) and ADSR volume envelope parameters. The operators can be independently switched to white noise mode
  • Flexible routing allowing setting the output operator (with some limitations) as well as the percentage of signal that is simply added to the final output, enabling additive synthesis. By default, operator 4 is routed to operator 3, operator 3 to operator 2 and operator 2 to operator 1.
  • Modulation panning (!), not present in FM8
  • Master volume and master frequency parameters
  • Four LFOs capable of targeting most operator parameters as well as most parameters of lower index LFOs.
  • 128 voices
  • Fully automatable
  • Preset handling
  • SIMD-accelerated audio synthesis with runtime feature detection for less CPU usage

Audio Demos:


OctaSine is available now as a free download. The source code is also available.

Backup Your Elektron Gear With Free Transfer 1.4

Backup Your Elektron Gear With Free Transfer 1
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Elektron has released Transfer 1.4, a free update to their file transfer utility, designed to let you get more from your Elektron hardware.

With Transfer 1.4, you can quickly back up projects and sounds/presets or samples on all current Elektron products, except the Octatrack. You can also share your projects, complete with sounds, or move them to another device.

In addition, performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to ensure Transfer runs super smooth, whether it is updating the firmware on your unit or backing up its files.

You’ll need the latest OS installed on your device to ensure full compatibility with Transfer. Digitakt and Analog Rytm both have new OSs released today to support sample transfer.

Note: Monomachine, Machinedrum, Sidstation, and Octatrack are not supported by Transfer. See the Elektron site for details.

Download Free Moog iOS Music Apps In Honor Of Bob Moog’s Birthday

Download Free Moog iOS Music Apps In Honor Of Bob Moog’s Birthday

Moog Music has announced that their iOS music apps are available now as free downloads, in honor of the late Bob Moog‘s birthday (May 23, 1934).

The free apps include some of the best software synths and effects available on iOS:

  • Minimoog Model D synthesizer – a recreation of the most influential synthesizer in history
  • Model 15 modular system – a complete modular synthesizer and a recreation of a $15,000 hardware synth
  • Animoog – an original synth design that lets you create animated sounds that move with an x/y timbral space.
  • Filtatron – a Moogerfooger-style four-pole resonant Moog Ladder filter effect

The apps are available as free downloads for a limited time.

Free Noise User Oscillator For The Korg NTS-1

Free Noise User Oscillator For The Korg NTS-1
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NOISE is a free white noise user oscillator for the KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1 digital synth kit.

It’s based on the sine_test code in KORG’s logue-sdk. Parameter A has no effect on the sound, while parameter B adds soft clipping to the white noise core signal, slightly boosting the level, reducing the dynamic range, and adding some extra overall presence.

You can use NOISE along with the NTS-1’s filters, envelopes, and effects to create a variety of timbres including percussion, sweeps, and more. Or use it with external synths such as the KORG Volca Modular.

Pricing and Availability

NOISE is available now as a free download. If you like it, you can make a donation to help support the developer’s work.