TI Blaze drops “Sometimes Remix” feat Olamide [Video]

As rising Nigerian singer TI Blaze prepares to drop his debut project, he teams up with fellow Nigerian rapper Olamide for “Sometimes Remix.” The mid-tempo track is a deep dive into the trials and tribulations of young black men in the most populous country in Africa and sees TI Blaze in a reflective mood. He delivers his verses in pidgin English and armed with his laidback vocal tone, he pours his all on wax. He is followed by Olamide’s introspective bars which use lyrics from Islamic prayers, Yoruba adages and street-savvy confidence.

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The visual is expressive and makes use of engaging set pieces, unique storyboarding, and performance shots that show both artists in the respective space. From the gritty urban streets of Lagos to the plush lit offices and saloon where we see TI showing his hair designing skills, the visual capture different sides to the singer. “Sometimes Remix” is taken from his forthcoming debut EP The Fresh Prince of Lagos. The 6-track EP is an anecdote to his fans as he tells his story of hope and hustle inspired by his own life.

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Amaarae, Kali Uchis and Moliy team up for “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” Remix [Video]

It’s sad girls season as multi-talented Ghanaian-American artist Amaarae and Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis collide with Ghanain singer Moliy for the remix of “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY.” The money anthem is a hypnotic mellow tune that showcases Amaarae’s sultry whispery vocals over the soothing backdrop provided by Nigerian producer Yinka Bernie. The inclusion of Kali Uchis and Moliy also adds a whole new dimension to the record as both singers throw in their sensual and entrancing melodic runs elevating the record.

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Video director Remi Laudat delivers a high-tech, futuristic video clip that captures the off-kilter and unique fashion style of Amaarae and her cohorts. The sci-fi-infused clip dives into the singer’s declaration of female financial independence, empowerment, and wealth. We see Amaarae and Kali Uchis as powerful “Zaibatsus” pulling the strings in the financial world and making things happen on their terms. The visual is quite cinematic and employs a lot of visual effects, moody color schemes and it won’t be a blast without the army of sad girls ready to wreak havoc on any men getting in the way of their progress. Moliy also makes an appearance in the visual.

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Photo by Blaire Brown

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FII3RD blends R&B and Afropop in new project ‘Son of Imo’

California-based Nigerian singer-songwriter FII3RD who dropped his debut single in 2017 returns with his long-awaited debut album Son Of Imo—an 18-track body of work that blends Afropop and R&B aesthetics in a seamless fashion. Hinging on his Igbo roots, the singer doesn’t shy from fusing his Eastern Nigerian background on wax, reminding listens of who he is and where he is from. Over the length of the project, he dwells on a myriad of topics ranging from his personal ambitions, love, life goals, his family, and the effects of celebrity culture to name a few.

Son Of Imo starts with a phone call from FII3RD’s dad who calls in to check up on him and leads into the guitar-laden track “For The Money”. The track is a celebration of his self-growth and being proud of his heritage and success. As he croons in the bridge “I’m for the money, not to display, not to clout chase,” reminding us of his goal-oriented mentality. On “Come Home,” he teams up with Cailie Majik for a mellow lovelorn tune about unrequited love. Not to be stuck in the gloomy room, FII3RD switches up the energy on the anthemic “Usman (Naija Champ)” with its cinematic synths, heavy percussions, and bravado lyrics that is inspired by the famed UFC champion Usman Kamaru. The project continues with soothing Afropop cuts from the Boybreed assisted “Amina,” the mid-tempo party jam “Wayo” and even got US-based rapper Yung 6ix on the hypnotic “Jafac.” Overall, the singer has enough for everyone, mellow love joints, mid-tempo to energetic pay jams and some reflective tunes that listeners can appreciate. Son Of Imo is his first release since inking a partnership deal with UK-based music services company Afrisounds.

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London musician Mulimba reminds us to count our blessings on “Chasing Gold” [Video]

London-raised act Mulimba covers an expanse of sounds from soaring church choir to hard-hitting hip-hop on “Chasing Gold,” a powerful showcase of gospel-tinged beats and earworm electro hooks that speaks of a dreamer’s hustle to find their path. With a layered build of indie guitar picks and booming rhythms, the track is designed as a much-needed reminder to count your blessings and carrying forward to better days.

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Infused with a trademark edgy enigma that’s found a place in his genre-hopping music, the track is a haunting yet upbeat offering made up of an intricate soundscape and uplifting message. Accompanied by a lo-fi, organic music video that cuts seamlessly between the gloss of his live performances and the grounding humility of his every day, Mulimba captures the charm that has seen him draw massive amounts of love since emerging onto the music scene in 2019.

Consistently building a sound that’s personable yet polished, versatility and unpredictability from the cornerstones of this exciting act who has managed to use the lockdown to hone his sound into something brimming with originality. Formed around the crux of his distinct wash of vocals, “Chasing Gold,” is an anthemic indie-hip-hop crossover that brings this rising act’s musical journey in 2021.

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Blaqbonez drops deluxe edition of debut album ‘Sex Over Love’

Nigerian rapper turned Afropop singer/rapper Blaqbonez closes out 2021 with the deluxe edition of his debut album Sex Over Love. This new edition goes the extra mile by revamping some of his old tracks and extending the length of the project.  Consisting of several of Blaq’s hit singles such as “Haba”, “Bling”, “Fendi” and “Okwaraji” it includes three new additional tracks “Run My Race”, “Shut Up – Remix”, and “Medicine” featuring Afropop star Oxlade.

On “Okwaraji” he embodies the spirit of a good boy turned player after numerous heartbreaks and disappointments. On there, he is joined by singer Bella Shmurda who closes it out with an unapologetic verse over the sublime and punchy trap backdrop. On “Shut Up – Remix” he recruits Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur,  South African singer/producer Tellaman, and Afropop singer Kuami Eugene who all have fun over the hypnotic backdrop laid before them. Blaq is in his element in “Novacane” a dreamy melodic trap track that displays his braggadocio demeanor in all its glory. He reminds us that he came from the bottom and now he is living his dreams despite what the naysayers think.  Other stand-out tracks include the sensual record “Never Been in Love” and the catchy hit “Bling” featuring singers Amaarae and Buju

Overall BlaqBonez sticks to the anti-love theme religiously in a slightly humorous manner where he seems to be living his best life devoid of girl troubles. In a nutshell, he reminds us that he is just here to have fun and further express his Sex over love gospel. “The album is my most successful body of work,” Blaq said via email, ” I’m just tryna show y’all more reasons why you should pick Sex Over Love.”

Blaqbonez a.k.a Akumefule Chukwu-Emeka George is a Nigerian rapper signed to Chocolate City Music who is popular for his versatile, energetic, and competitive style of rap, as well as his many personas.

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Aries breaks down the making of new album ‘BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU’ [Interview]

For Aries, the 23-year-old multi-hyphenate, it’s always been about the journey to the sun. “The sun was a goal of mine,” he explains to EARMILK over Zoom,“let me work hard here and get out, it was a metaphorical goal for me.”

Throughout high school, Aries was a recluse, skipping parties and hangouts with friends to stay home, in fear of a panic attack or anxiety episode. For him, the sun became his symbol of escape; freedom from the fears he had. His new album marks a clear progression on his eventual journey to it, as BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU is filled with bright sunny imagery, whether it be in the cover art, visuals, production, or lyrics.

The brighter imagery throughout the project reflects a shift in practice while creating the album. He explains that when making his first album, WELCOME HOME, he “didn’t have an off button, [he was] working until 8 am or 10 am.” The dark place that Aries entered in that time was draining, and he believed it came through in the music, which felt very nocturnal and dark.

For the making of this new album, Aries was very consciously trying to do the opposite. “This album, I really wanted to take my mental health into consideration.” Over the past two years, he focused on going to bed at a reasonable time, stepping away from the music, and avoiding the dark pitfalls that his work ethic can take him to. Naturally, the music reflected this. “What I’m going through mentally always comes out in the music,” he adds. This time around, Aries clearly was focused on reaching his metaphorical goal of the sun, and while he claims he isn’t there, the practices he put into place moved him closer than ever before.

Along with prioritizing his mental health during the making of the album, Aries was actively searching for a new sound. The WELCOME HOME era was over. The change was a bit scary for him. He explains how WELCOME HOME was the first thing that had ever “worked” for him music-wise, and it was a risky and daunting idea to leave that behind. But, for Aries, stagnancy isn’t exciting. “I am not someone who likes to keep doing the same thing. I always want to change and push myself in another direction.” Thus ushered in the new era. Tracks like “RIDING” utilize bossa nova drums, which are a step away from the typical trap drums used in WELCOME HOME. Visually, especially for “RIDING” and “KIDS ON MOLLY”, Aries explores a warmer colorway, with sandy dunes and bright yellows. Even lyrically, Aries is more transparent than ever, especially in tracks like “ETA” and “EASY.” It’s a brighter era, with less cryptic messages, more melodies, and more fun.

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Throughout the process of the album, Aries grappled with the delicate balance of pleasing his fans but pushing himself to do something new. “At the end of the day I make the music for myself, but obviously I don’t wanna the piss off the people that got me here.” Despite the nerves and the jitters, it worked. BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU is a completely fresh body of work that is being well received from the Aries fandom. Even better, the album is viewed in a positive light by the artist himself. This feeling is rare, explains Aries, as he typically gets stressed and bothered by listening to his own released music. Yet, when asked how he feels about the new album, he smiles, and explains, “I listened to the album front to back and sh*t, I felt really good about it. It feels good to have this thing that has been forming for two years to finally be out.”

Since the release, Aries has focused on relaxing and taking time away from social media. Looking forward, in a couple of months, Aries will embark on his biggest tour to date, which inches closer every day to selling out. When asked about his future plans aside from the tour, Aries reverted back to his typical mysterious and cryptic demeanor. With a smirk, he said, “there are many other ventures I want to dabble in, but I won’t speak too much on right now.”

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Frya prefers some “BDE” [Video]

South African singer/songwriter Frya (pronounced fre-yah) releases the visual for her single “BDE” (short for Big Dick Energy) following her music placement on the hit Netflix show Blood & Water. The rising singer teams up with veteran producer Mr. Kamera on this sensual single which celebrates femininity and sexual empowerment far from the restrictions of societal norms. She adds via email that she created the song to help women feel empowered and bold enough to shoot their shot if they want to, but more importantly, for them to fully embrace themselves and live their true lives. Bolstered by the hypnotic soundscape, heavenly horns, and punchy dancehall-infused drums, Frya delivers an unapologetic performance ripe with sultriness and vivid lyrics about what she desires from her man. She aims to please, warning her man that there is none like her out there.

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The visual is directed by Evan Wigdorowitz and Mzonke Maloney who help ramp up the sensual energy with their eye-popping visual style. From the dim lighting, regal costumes that project her feature, and her male backup dancers who play the background, the video sure delivers something enticing and straight to the point.

Frya and Mr. Kamera both worked together on the Blood & Water soundtrack — featuring four of her songs from her forthcoming debut album.   

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MOONWOOD unveil their dreamy new tune “Sydney Lights”

Travel restrictions placed on us due to the pandemic have been a struggle for many. Whether it is travel for pleasure, work or returning to the place we are from, getting out of our normal environment sometimes is just the escape we need. MOONWOOD sings of a new appreciation for your native city in “Sydney Lights.” With a light, passionate tone gliding over wistful guitars and shining synths, the tender track is so warm and inviting, with the imagery of Sydney lights illuminating the city clearly engrained in your mind. That longing to go to a place you once called home can be heard in the yearning angst oozing off the vocals.

The Australia born, United States and Canada based band consists of Jake (lead vocals), Justin (drums), Aaron (keys), Will (bass) and Paul (guitar). Inspired by U2 and Kings Of Leon, they enchant listeners with their gentle, melancholic sound. This release possesses that same delicate quality fans know and love. Singer Jake shares, “As a result of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting still, not being able to travel or leave the state. We have had no choice but to stay in our homes to think and reflect. It was in that place that this song was born.”

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The Velveteins are determined to “Make It Through”

Losing someone close to you can be a very difficult thing to cope with. We all deal with grief in different ways, but for many of us it takes a while to really come to terms with this kind of tragedy. The Velveteins beautifully detail that profound process in their newest single “Make It Through.” With twinkling arrangements and airy vocals this mellow yet passionate tune exudes a sense of hopefulness pushing through notes of pain. Singing with such gentle fragility, “We didn’t make it but we’ll make it through,” the sentiment becomes hard to ignore. 

The indie rockers are known for their otherworldly, psychedelic sound. Frontman Spencer Morphy started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014 and then were later joined by Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak. The four-piece has since found success through their lush, laid-back sound and mesmerizing live performances. Their growing fan base spans across the globe and they show no signs of slowing down. This new single not only expresses the loss of a few close friends, but also illustrates their strong dedication for their career as well.

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Sadistik and Kno show us what lies beneath “Neptune Skin” [Video]

Seattle, Washington-based alternative hip-hop artist Sadistik teams up with producer Kno for this short experimental collaboration entitled “Neptune Skin.” Clocking at just 2 minutes in length, the track is ripe with Sadistik’s distinct laidback flow and stream of consciousness style where he takes us deep into the dark crevices of his mind. From evolving species, solar flares, and aborted flight missions, Sadistik paints a gloomy tale detailing his journey over Kno’s ominous and somewhat cryptic production.

[embedded content]

Directed by Kno and theolddustytrail, the visual takes viewers to what we can presume to be the planet, Neptune. Here, Sadistik plays the role of a space adventurer who crashed on the planet and now tries to find a semblance of the meaning of his surroundings as he faces the adverse environment and an unknown individual lurking around. “Neptune Skin” is the first collaboration between Sadistik and Kno since their 2015 EP Phantom Limbs.

Cody Foster, better known by his stage name Sadistik, is an American alternative hip hop artist from Seattle, Washington. He is currently unsigned to a label. In 2008, he released his debut album The Balancing Act on Clockwork Grey Music.

Kno is a producer/rapper and a member of the renowned alternative hip-hop group CunninLynguists and also Built to Fade.

“Neptune Skin” on all DSPs here.

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