SCHILLER + Thorsten Quaeschning Live Performance, ‘Behind Closed Doors’

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The latest episode of Thorsten Quaeschning’s Behind Closed Doors live performance series features a 47-minute electronic improvisation by Quaeschning & SCHILLER (Christopher von Deylen), embedded above.

The Behind Closed Doors series an epic project that pairs Quaeschning (Tangerine Dream, Picture Palace Music) with a wide variety of other electronic musicians. The goal of the pandemic-inspired project is to create improvisations that carry the listener “off into a unique world of sound, far away from nights of monotonous entertainment.”

The series features krautrock pioneers, kosmische jammers, prog rockers, dance music producers and more, including:

  • Christopher von Deylen (Schiller)
  • Schwarz (Roland Meyer de Voltaire)
  • Lüül (Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, 17 Hippies)
  • Paul Frick (Brandt Brauer Frick)
  • Markus Reuter (Stick Men, King Crimson Project)
  • Hoshiko Yamane (Tangerine Dream, Jane Birkin, Tukico)
  • Franz Bargmann (Michael Rother’s Neu!, Ex-Camera)
  • Satoshi Okamoto (sub-tle., Klaus Dinger + Japandorf)
  • Benjamin Schwenen (Counter-World Experience)
  • Adrian Bang (Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Chemsex)
  • Anna-Maria van Reusel (APAT)
  • Stephan Bobinger (Way Beyond)

The performances are being filmed with a multi-camera setup for live streaming, and subsequently being made available for on-demand streaming via Vimeo.

Quaeschning is also publishing the audio from many of the performances immediately to Bandcamp. You can preview a sample below and preview all of the performances at his Bandcamp page.

Live Synth Jam On The Synthstrom Deluge

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via José Luis Amores, captures a live performance, Primavera, on the Synthstrom Deluge.

Here’s what Amores has to say about it:

“Is a spring day and part of the day was sunny, part cloudy with a soft rain. This is spring! 🙂

I loaded in my Deluge a few samples from a retro japanese drum machine of the 60s, the Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1 (I love the sound of old drum machines) and I recorded this track in Rondó form.

All sounds are coming from Boards of Deluge soundpack.”

Berlin School Jam With Moog Slim Phatty, Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Brittle stR music, captures a live Berlin School style performance, featuring Moog Slim Phatty, ASM Hydrasynth, Virus C, and DSI Pro 2, sequenced by Gadget 2.

Here’s what they have to say about the4 technical details:

“This is Slim Phatty’s first recording (on bass) since arriving from eBay.

I’d not used Gadget for a long time, then the other day found it had updated itself to v2 – and it can now control hardware via the new “gadget” Taipei! Now it’s not limited to Gadget’s own instruments – some of which I like a lot, others less so – the excellent sequencer is perfect for my sort of rig.

The percussion is from the Gadget drum machine “London” put through a Lexicon MX200. Strings are from the Virus, arpeggios from the Hydrasynth, and space dust from the Pro 2.”

Live Improvisation By Tangerine Dream On A Boat In Budapest

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an extended improvisation by Tangerine Dream, the 10.00pm Session, recorded live at A38 in Budapest in 2017.

A38 is a unique venue – a 50+ year old Ukranian stone-carrier ship that was renovated to turn it into a floating event space.

The group’s recent performances often combine new arrangements of classic TD tracks with extended improvisational ‘Sessions’.

Longtime TD fans may hear echoes in their A38 improvisation of some of the group’s early incarnations, especially the melodic synth and Mellotron lines of the classic 70’s lineup of Franke, Froese & Baumann, and sequencing that’s closer to the group’s 80’s Franke, Froese & Schmoelling lineup.

The performance features the current lineup of Tangerine Dream:

  • Thorsten Quaeschning (Synthesizer, Piano, Sequencer)
  • Hoshiko Yamane (Electric Violin, Ableton Live)
  • Ulrich Schnauss (Synthesizer, Ableton Live)

The 10:00pm Session has previously been released on the EP The Sessions 1.

Ambient Music On A Macbeth Elements EL 2 Analog Synthesizer

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Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Caspar Hesselager shared this live performance, An Avalanche, featuring the sound of a Macbeth Elements EL2 analog synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details of the performance:

The Macbeth Elements EL2 is sequenced by a Moon Modular 569 quad sequencer. Three sequence rows go to the individual CV ins of the three oscillators and a fourth row (set to random with some gates turned off) goes to GATE in.

Output into T-rex Replicator analog tape delay into Eventide Space pedal.

Recorded to one stereo track.

Live Performance With Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack & Digitone

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live multimedia performance by synthesist and synth blogger Mark Mosher, featuring Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack & Digitone.

Here’s what Mosher has to say about the performance:

“The performance is a combination of live arrangement and live playing that features original electronic music with real-time visuals. This stream was also part of the Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology meetup event from the same day. More live streams are coming, so Subscribe to get notified.


All music and sound is from Elektron Analog Four MKI, Octatrack MKII, and Digitone. The machines are not synced. I mostly play directly from the machines, but also play notes on the Analog Four via the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 and on the Digitone via the Launchpad Pro MK3. I

I also use the Launchkey Mini MK3 along with a Logidy UM3 pedal to control Resolume Arena 7 in real-time. Visual sources are from live camera input and other various sources.”

Set list:

0:00 Stand By (Recording of soundscape “Slipping Into Stasis Entering Jump Gate 42” from album Sonic Encounters Volume 02
0:35 “Gonna Rise Up” performed live from album Fear Cannot Save Us
4:27 “Replicant’s Dream” performed live from a forthcoming album
7:42 “Techno Planet 01” performed live from a forthcoming album
11:49 “Disconnected” single performed live
16:50 “Light Runner” performed live from a forthcoming album
22:34 End Program with audio excerpt from song “They Walk Among Us” from album Reboot

Mark Mosher’s music is available via his Bandcamp site.

Terry Riley Lost Interview + ‘Music With Balls’

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This video, via Cuneiform Records, captures a lost interview with seminal minimalist composer Terry Riley.

Riley’s pioneering electro-acoustic music of the 1960’s explored combining tape delay with electronic and acoustic instruments to create feedback loops that allowed live layering of sounds.

His hypnotic 1969 album, A Rainbow In Curved Air, influenced musicians like Pete Townshend of The Who and classical composers like Steve Reich alike. Hearing the album now, it’s easy to appreciate how it blew people’s minds in the 60’s and has an influence that extends all the way to modern electronic music.

The 2005 Henry Kaiser interview was recorded for a DVD that was never released of Riley’s 1969 multimedia project with sculptor Arlo Acton, Music With Balls, embedded below:

Music With Balls was first televised on KQED in April 1969. It was a synthesis of abstract visuals, featuring Arlo Acton’s spherical sculptures of glittering titanium, and a soundtrack on which Terry Riley played hypnotically repetitive music using the feedback from two tape machines.

The interview is unedited, so it’s a little raw, but it offers a unique example of Riley discussing his process and demoing his approach, a style that has inspired other electronic musicians for 50 years.

Fanny Andersen doesn’t want to “Wake Up” [Video]

Norway based singer-songwriter Fanny Andersen first hit the main airwaves with her buzzy breakout song “Kids” in 2017 and after going through some personal turmoil she returned to the mic in 2019. She spent the rest of that year working on new material that touched on numerous experiences that she had persevered through – ranging from sour relationships, near mental break down and overwhelming stress. This past week, she’s released a new music video for her latest single “Wake Up.” Over punchy drums and smooth guitar riffs, she quips “… I don’t wanna wake up, fuck…”. That alone shows Andersen is ready to take the listener deep down into a dark recess of her own life where external elements can’t trouble her.  “Wake Up” is a mix of many things but for the most part, is mainly filled with catchy syrupy melodies and dark honest lyrics that reflect the depths of Andersen’s most bleak periods.

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The music video features a tapestry of snappy visuals, texturizing the wave of emotions that Andersen relays in the lyrics. The director makes use of a mix of stock footage, scenes from classic movies/music videos as cut scenes. The vintage shots do away with the traditional performance and use a classic stop motion effect reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” In a nutshell, it’s quite trippy and equally entertaining.

She is currently in the studio working with a new line of collaborators including Olly Burden (The Prodigy), Steve Weston (Skrillex / Rudimental), and Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons).

Connect with  Fanny Andersen: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Love Letter To Large Format Modular Synthesizers

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Synthesist and photographer/cinematographer Jeremy Sharp (Synthesizers Reviews) shared this video, A Love Letter To Large Format Modular.

“Moog Unit. Dotcom. 5u. Large Format. Whatever you want to call it, it’s gorgeous,” notes Sharp. “There is no ‘best’ format in modular synthesis, but this one happens to be my favorite.”

Technical details: The video combines an original soundtrack created with MU modules (except for drums and pads), smooth pans with a Edelkrone motion control slider system and HD video from a pair of Canon 5d mk4 cameras.