Composer, Developer & Podcaster Darwin Grosse Has Died

Darwin Grosse

Composer, developer & Art + Music + Technology podcast host Darwin Grosse has died.

He had recently announced that he was ending his podcast because of his health issues.

“While I wish this could continue, I’m afraid it no longer can. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and began treatments and procedures that have left me greatly fatigued,” he noted. “Early last week, it became clear to me that my health complications will prevent me from dedicating the time and concentration to AMT that I strive to achieve. As a result, I will be discontinuing the podcast production permanently.”

The news of his death has been shared by friends via Facebook.

Darwin Grosse was a composer & synthesist, a writer, the Director of Education and Customer Services at Cycling ’74 (developers of Max) and a hardware developer.

He released several solo albums via Bandcamp, including The Means Of Production and 2600.repast, and he collaborated with Colorado-based synthesist Mark Mosher as (no)poem.

Darwin Grosse created ArdCore, an Arduino-based programmable module for MU and Eurorack systems.

As a writer, Grosse authored dozens of articles for Recording magazine. For years, he wrote and edited the site He wrote the book series Modular Synth Mastery. And he created educational content like 20 Objects, “A Pragmatic Method for Learning Max/MSP/Jitter and Max for Live”.

As part of his Masters Degree program, Grosse developed the ArdCore platform,  an Arduino-based multi-function device for modular synthesizers. ArdCore is an early example of an open source hardware + software platform in the modular world.

The module, which has been made available in both MU and Eurorack formats, can be loaded with a wide range of firmware, so it can be used as a quantizer, sequencer, clock divider, gate sequencer and more.

Darwin Grosse was most widely known, though, as the host of the Art + Music + Technology podcast.

His wide-ranging background meant that he was equally at home interviewing synth pioneers like Morton Subotnick, tech gurus like Native Instrument co-founder Stephan Schmitt and keyboard gods like Herbie Hancock. He hosted more than 380+ episodes, which are a massive resource for synthesists.

Episodes of the Art + Music + Technology podcast are available via the podcast site.

New Herb Deutsch Interview On The Theremin 30 Podcast

The latest episode of the Theremin 30 podcast features a rare interview with electronic music pioneer and Moog modular co-creator Herb Deutsch.

In the interview, Deutsch discusses purchasing his first theremin, which led to a meeting with Bob Moog and their historic collaboration on the development of the Moog modular synthesizer.

Deutsch, a professor emeritus of electronic music and composition from Hofstra University, also talks about his theremin composition Longing. A recording of his song appeared earlier this year on the Theremin 100 compilation album released by the New York Theremin Society. The recording features thereminist Darryl Kubian and Herb’s wife, pianist Nancy Deutsch.

In addition to the interview, host Rick Reid features new music by theremin players from around the world.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below, or at the Theremin 30 site.

About Theremin 30

Denver-based media producer and amateur thereminist Rick Reid launched the Theremin 30 podcast series in 2019 to with the aim of promoting theremin instruments, music, and performers ranging from bedroom studio recording artists to internationally renowned professionals. Each episode typically includes 4 or 5 theremin tracks and an interview. Previous guests have included Dorit Chrysler (right), Thorwald Jørgensen, Lydia Kavina, Urs Gaudenz, Dan Burns, and Michelle Moog-Koussa.

50 Years Of Tangerine Dream

A 50-year retrospective of electronic music group Tangerine Dream is featured in the latest episode of the Echoes podcast.

Tangerine Dream-50 Years of Electronic Meditations: The Echoes Documentary features interviews with band members from the 70’s to today, including Edgar Froese, Peter Baumann, Christoph Franke, Klaus Schulze, Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss.

Host John Diliberto also talks with a variety of synthesists influenced by Tangerine Dream, including Robert Rich, Ian Boddy and Steve Roach, who share their perspectives on the group. And it even features composer Steve Reich sharing his take on the group’s borrowing from his Music For 18 Musicians.

You can listen to the documentary below or at the Echoes site:


50 years ago Tangerine Dream began recording their electronic music in what was then West Berlin. Founded by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream has epitomized the electronic age of music, recording over 150 albums of synthesized compositions. Their film soundtracks include “Sorcerer” “Thief,” “Risky Business,” and “Legend.”

Tangerine Dream founder and last original member, Edgar Froese left the planet in 2015, but the group continues on with music he composed.

On Echoes, we draw upon over a dozen interviews with the Dream members past and present including Froese, Peter Baumann, Christoph Franke, Klaus Schulze, Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss and many others to celebrate 50 years since the release of their debut album, Electronic Meditation.