MOONWOOD unveil their dreamy new tune “Sydney Lights”

Travel restrictions placed on us due to the pandemic have been a struggle for many. Whether it is travel for pleasure, work or returning to the place we are from, getting out of our normal environment sometimes is just the escape we need. MOONWOOD sings of a new appreciation for your native city in “Sydney Lights.” With a light, passionate tone gliding over wistful guitars and shining synths, the tender track is so warm and inviting, with the imagery of Sydney lights illuminating the city clearly engrained in your mind. That longing to go to a place you once called home can be heard in the yearning angst oozing off the vocals.

The Australia born, United States and Canada based band consists of Jake (lead vocals), Justin (drums), Aaron (keys), Will (bass) and Paul (guitar). Inspired by U2 and Kings Of Leon, they enchant listeners with their gentle, melancholic sound. This release possesses that same delicate quality fans know and love. Singer Jake shares, “As a result of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting still, not being able to travel or leave the state. We have had no choice but to stay in our homes to think and reflect. It was in that place that this song was born.”

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The Velveteins are determined to “Make It Through”

Losing someone close to you can be a very difficult thing to cope with. We all deal with grief in different ways, but for many of us it takes a while to really come to terms with this kind of tragedy. The Velveteins beautifully detail that profound process in their newest single “Make It Through.” With twinkling arrangements and airy vocals this mellow yet passionate tune exudes a sense of hopefulness pushing through notes of pain. Singing with such gentle fragility, “We didn’t make it but we’ll make it through,” the sentiment becomes hard to ignore. 

The indie rockers are known for their otherworldly, psychedelic sound. Frontman Spencer Morphy started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014 and then were later joined by Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak. The four-piece has since found success through their lush, laid-back sound and mesmerizing live performances. Their growing fan base spans across the globe and they show no signs of slowing down. This new single not only expresses the loss of a few close friends, but also illustrates their strong dedication for their career as well.

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Howard Kaye shares a glimpse of his refreshed sound on ” Last Generation”

UK artist Howard Kaye showcases his experimental sonic style on “Last Generation,” a track which explores the relatable message of taking life for granted. Reflecting on the very human reaction of putting ourselves first when faced with trouble, the track leads with a combination of droning guitars and beats layered over Kaye’s soaring vocals.

Pinned to Kaye’s observations of how people went out of their ways to protect themselves over anyone else, especially during the pandemic, the track is deceptively catchy with a hard-hitting chorus that gets us playing it on repeat. Tapping into a genre-hopping sound that has seen him jump from the world of hip-hop and electronic to rock and beyond, the track establishes Kaye’s ability to build power-packed soundscapes around intelligent song writing.

Inspired by the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot, Kaye’s endless passion for music has simmered and bloomed from a young age has led him to develop himself as an explorative act, launched forward by confidence and authenticity. Offering “Last Generation,” as the first glimpse of his experimental, reinvented sound, Kaye comes out of his creative shell.

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Marlow share their dynamic new EP ‘Enthusiast’

Eastbourne, East Sussex band Marlow unveil their compelling new EP ‘Enthusiast’. Diving deep into a relationship breakdown it takes you on a whirlwind. The release focuses on pushing through those dark times of deep sadness in order to find light. Each track is so raw as they journey through the stages of sorrow and madness.

Opening with “Foreign Land”, it immediately hits you with a powerful passion. The bold beats, pounding percussion and glistening guitars create a freeing sensation. Being in a foreign land can be frightening, but it can also be very exciting and thrilling as well. The tune is all about navigating through the challenges of starting over, but with a renewed lust for life. 

“Blame It” details the anger that can arise when a partnership is nearing its end. The fast-paced in-your-face energy of the offering evokes those feelings of intensity that can come from an argument. The message of the song is you can blame our demise on anything else, but do not pin this all on me. Often when things fall apart we are quick to place blame, making this so relatable.

You know those times when are still dealing with aftermath of a broken heart? Usually others will advise that it is best to be alone for a while and rediscover yourself. Though a lot of the time that is very sound advice, it is human nature to crave that loving, affection you once had. The EP’s ender, “Someone, Anyone” is all about these two conflicting ideas. With light drums and strong, emotive vocals you really feel that battle of mind and heart.  

The five-piece band is comprised of Freddie (Vocals), Joe (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth) and Liam (Drums). Known for their organic music surging with so much sentiment, every piece Marlow constructs comes from the heart. This EP is no different. Inspired by musical talents such as Oasis and Tame Impala, they exude this spirited and mysterious air.

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Alexa Van delves into feeling trapped by society on haunting pop-rock track “Space”

LA-based act Alexa Van delivers a haunting slice of pop-rock on “Space,” which delves into the suffocating feel of being trapped by society, led by her gritty vocals and catchy pop soundscapes for an immersive experience. The intensely layered track which lays Van’s powerful voice over foreboding beats, brings to life the feel of being boxed in by the stresses of life.

Crafted to be claustrophobic yet expansive, “Space,” is underpinned by poetic lyricism carried by emotive instrumentation and delivery as she pulls listeners into the relatable feelings of begging for freedom yet being confined by the expectations of the world.

Consistently able and willing to bend the rules of creativity, Van who started a side hustle on Only Fans to fund her band Alexa Van and The Black Outs, circles back to her pop roots on the intricate and intimate offering fuelled by her fierce passion for her craft and her penchant for story-telling.

Having honed her sound over lockdown, and moving away from rock into a more refined alt-pop sound, Alexa Van makes use of music, which she refers to as her “lifeline” to build unshakeable bonds with people – and “Spaces,” with its dark tones and imaginative narrative is no different.

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The Velvicks unleash their spirited new single “ChaChaCha”

It is said that you can try and run from your problems, but you can never run away from yourself. The Velvicks release their latest riveting rock anthem, “ChaChaCha,” detailing the story of a woman who flees Mexico City only to discover her problems have followed her. Highlighting gritty guitars, pounding drums and fiery vocals, the track hits hard, as Vick Nader sings, “she drove all the way down from Mexico City/making decisions was never your best.” 

The bold Brazilian rock band is comprised of Vick Nader (lead vocals), Vinny Da Silva (guitar), Apoena Frota (bass) and Ed Marson (Drums). Reminiscent of Foo Fighters and The Black Keys, their jangly energetic sound captivates fans. This new release packs that same potent punch. The band shares, “This song is a take on how everyone is the main player in creating their own problems, whether it’s self-sabotaging one’s goals or fear of moving forward, or avoiding confrontation; only to realize that problems pile up quickly, especially with the abuse of alcohol and illegal substances.”

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Indie rock’s Ok Cowgirl explore heartache and lost love on “Across The Room”

Indie rock quartet Ok Cowgirl delivers a message that’s all too relatable to anyone who has ever loved and lost on “Across The Room,” giving us the first glimpse of their upcoming debut EP, Not My First Rodeo. Teasing out the complicated web of emotions that comes with crossing paths with an ex, the track’s heartfelt narrative hides behind upbeat sonics.

With reverb-drenched opening notes that give away to frontwoman Leah Lavigne’s hazy yet powerful vocals, the track moves from dreamy synths to gritty guitars over pulsing beats, as the lyrics take us on an emotive journey exploring the sudden moments when old heartbreak that had faded into the background of daily life, gains a spark of life stopping us in our tracks.

Delving into the fact that “heartache never completely dissipates,” “Across The Room,” splits evenly between tenderness and bitterness as the layered sonics wash over you, inviting you to explore the feelings that remain nestled away and ignored in your heart.

Made up of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Leah Lavigne, Matt Birkenholz on drums, Jase Hottenroth on bass, and Jake Sabinsky on guitar, theBrooklyn-based four-piece who have cultivated their artistry at the intersection of lyric-driven catharsis and dreamy, guitar-centric euphoria have refined their sound, building upon a rich combination of DIY productions, raw performance skills and honest lyrical endeavors. With this latest foray they let us have a sneak peek of the reprieve and release that their debut EP will offer us.

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MOONWOOD displays ethereal alt-rock at its finest with “Slow Down”

They say the most important thing in a healthy relationship is communication.  MOONWOOD’s latest single,“Slow Down,” speaks of the love and patience it takes to manage these connections. With warm vocals washing over glistening guitars and gentle drums, it creates a radiant and relaxed tune. Gently singing, “the greatest tension comes, from not knowing where […]

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Oxfloyd delves into taking loved ones for granted on “Empty”

Rising artist OXFLOYD drops anthemic single “Empty,” offering up his signature blend of rock and hip-hop led by his deep voice and emotive rhymes. With an atmospheric soundscape built on distorted guitars and pounding beats, the track is a hypnotic production woven with dark yet honest lyricism.

Tinged with post-breakup nostalgia, the track which draws on personal experiences weaves a relatable narrative of taking loved ones for granted. On the layered production oozing an earworm melody, the 20-year-old strips back all emotional complexities as he laments appreciating someone only after losing them. Intimate but with the ability to connect to people rooted in the rising act’s classic rock-and-roll influences, “Empty,” is as gritty, real and emotional as his previous releases.

Offering a sound that is diverse and ever-changing, OXFLOYD has never allowed himself to be confined with the boundaries of the rock-tinged genre he prefers, instead infusing his music with stories and experiences that bring it to life. Crafting worlds that are meant to make feel even as they dance their thoughts away, his artistry is one that taps into his love for various musical genres

With a passion for eclectic collections of music drawn from a childhood with musician parents, the Greece-born act has showcased a distinct sound right from his debut single “Falling,” and follow-up “Save Me.” Now with his newest foray he makes it clear that the catchy yet vulnerable musicality he has developed has been refined to capture listeners within the very first notes.

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The Velveteins drop their cozy, retro single “Cosmic Saturation”

Many bands are used to constantly having to travel for shows. There is something so adventurous and thrilling about going from place to place, but it can also be quite exhausting. The Velveteins unveil their fuzzy new single “Cosmic Saturation”.  The offering expresses that chaotic feeling of moving around and the many sights and sensations they experienced. Their warm vocals floating above soft vintage-sounding arrangements create the ultimate tranquil listen. Reminiscent of bands like Rainbow Babe and The Murlocs, the song is soaked in deep psychedelia.

 The Velveteins are indie rock talents with vibrant music laced in lush, ’60s-esque flair. After living for a year in a van by the beautiful Australian beaches, frontman Spencer Morphy was inspired to start a band. Returning to Canada, he joined forces with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak came aboard and they have been captivating fans ever since. Morphy shares of the tune, “’Cosmic Saturation’ was largely inspired by our lives at the time, being constantly traveling and the lifestyle we were living playing so many shows. Driving across the country from the east to west coast, watching the interstates fly by in the dawn.”

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