ARP 2600 Sample Library For Zampler & Akai MPCs

Zampler Sounds has introduced ZA2600, an ARP 2600 sample library expansion for Zampler & Akai MPCs.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“It‘s often called the Holy Grail of synths… and rightly so, because hardly any other instrument has as big a want-to-have factor as the legendary ARP2600.

With their ZA2600 expansion, Beat Mag presents 65 patches that capture the independent and distinctive sound of this analogue cult synthesizer, so you‘re just as equipped for music styles with a retro vibe like Synthwave and Electro-Pop as you are for modern club productions.”

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

ZA2600 is available now for €12.49.

Symplesound Debuts Tonepaper, First ‘Universal Sound Design Product’

Symplesound has introduced Tonepaper, described as “the world’s first suite of sound design products for both consumers and producers”.

Tonepaper is available as a three-hour ambient album, a collection of Ableton Live presets used to create the album, a collection of cinematic Xfer Serum presets and an assortment of free ringtones and alerts for both iOS and Android.

The Tonepaper 1 album – available from Spotify, Apple, and Amazon – is equal parts design and composition. Consisting of eighteen tracks, each 10 minutes in length and optimized to flow into any other track on the album, Tonepaper 1 was created to enhance your live/work audio space in the same manner that custom home lighting provides balance to your visual environment.

Since every track is 10 minutes long, Tonepaper can be used for discreetly timed events, like meditation, studying, yoga, and introspection. If you need a single hour of ambience, use a six track playlist.

Supporting the album are two preset packs. The Ableton pack for Live 10 Suite (and higher) encompasses every channel used to create the Tonepaper album, while Serum Tonepaper goes beyond the album’s textures with 100 presets specifically crafted for soundtrack work, melodic techno, progressive, chill-out and ambient production.

Finally, the Tonepaper collection includes a free downloadable set of 50 ambient ringtones and alerts for both iOS and Android.

Pricing and Availability

Symplesound Tonepaper is available now, with intro pricing (through January 1, 2021 )of $34.99 for the Ableton library and $29.00 for the Xfer Serum pack.

New Slicer/Sampler For iPhone & iPad, sEGments

[embedded content]

Developer Elliott Garage has introduced sEGments, a new slicer/sampler app for iOS/iPadOS.

sEGments lets you import any loop/sample/audio file and slice it using the automatic transient detection or manually adding markers.

You can play the slices with any MIDI external controller or with the built-in pads and keyboard. Each slice can be played chromatically, with mono or polyphonic voices (up to 12). Each slice also has independent parameters that can be automated, including reverse, level, attack, release, start point and length and effects (reverb, delay, bitcrusher and filter).

sEGments automatically detect BPM and root key of your audio file and it can adjust its tempo and pitch according to your project settings.


  • Stand-alone, AudioUnit, AudioUnit Multi-output & AudioUnit FX
  • Universal app for both your iPad & iPhone
  • MIDI in /MIDI out
  • AU3 multi-output
  • AU3 Fx to record samples from other apps
  • import your sample in multiple formats (wav, aiff, mp3, mov, caf, m4a)
  • Samples Drag & drop from File App or via airdrop from your Mac or other iOS devices
  • Up to 16 slices each one with individual parameters, ADSR and effects (delay, reverb, bit crusher and filter)
  • 6 triggering modes – one shot, gate, loop, ping pong, link, thru
  • BPM & Key detection
  • Record from device mic, usb audio devices or other apps
  • Transient detection
  • Transient beat division
  • Import/export presets
  • Open slices directly in EG Pulse
  • Support Apple loops transients recognition
  • Lazy chopping
  • Realtime time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Mono & polyphonic up to 12 voices
  • Downloadable sample pack by Soundtrack Loops

sEGments can be used both standalone or hosted as AudioUnit AU3 inside apps like GarageBand, AUM, BeatMaker3, NanoStudio2, n-Track9 and others. It also supports AU Multi-output.

Pricing and Availability

sEGments is available in the App Store for $7.99 USD.

Free Sound Library A Tribute To Florian Schneider Of Kraftwerk

Symplesound has released a free sound library, Honoring Florian, as a tribute to the late Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk.

“Kraftwerk was one of my primary influences as a young artist getting into electronic music,” notes SympleSound sound designer Francis Prève. “Florian Schneider helped create the template for much of the electronic music we listen to today, so I wanted to honor his legacy with this free pack for the fans.”

Honoring Florian includes:

  • An Ableton Drum Rack (inside a Live Intro compatible project file);
  • Roland TR-8S kit and pattern (with installation instructions); and
  • A collection of 18 .wav loops, derived from the Ableton and TR-8S patterns, for use in other DAWs.

“What’s most striking about Kraftwerk’s music is that from Autobahn (1974) to Tour De France (1983), nearly all of their drum sounds were created using analog synths and sequencers, not drum machines,” adds Prève. “So the drums in these packs were also synthesized in my studio, then sampled and used to create the libraries.”

Ableton Live Preview:

[embedded content]

Roland TR-8S Preview:

[embedded content]

In addition, Prève let us know that he’s posting regular updates to his Watch+Learn video series, which features mini-tutorials for Phase Plant, Serum, and Ableton Live. The series is aimed at the beginner and intermediate crowd, with one minute tutorials for iconic sounds like 808 basses, supersaw plucks, and 303 acid sounds.

You can view these on Youtube or via the embed below:

[embedded content]

Prève also let us know that he’s permanently lowered the prices for his commercial Symplesound products. See the Symplesound site for details.

Free Sample Pack Features ‘Busted’ 808 Sounds

Wavparty has released Busted Fake Oh 8, a sample library that captures what happens “when you take a perfectly good drum machine and run it through a gauntlet of Eurorack filters, effects, wavefolders and compressors”.

The library features 369 sounds, including:

138 kick drums (87 tuned to C)
58 snares
36 open high hats
26 claps
24 closed high hats
23 toms (tuned)
16 cymbals
13 claves
13 cowbells
12 maracas
10 rimshots

Audio Demo:

The samples are available as 44.1kHz 16 bit mono WAV files.

Busted 808 image via rokuez

Free Sound Library Of African Instruments For Ableton Live

Johannesburg-based producer Emile Hoogenhout (a.k.a Behr) has shared a free sound library, featuring four African instruments, developed into unique Ableton Live Racks.

The Live Racks are based on samples made over five days in Nairobi. The Racks are set up so that you can morph from pure, multi-sampled recordings to heavily treated, filtered and arpeggiated forms.

“I wanted to approach this project with the utmost respect to the culture and history behind the instruments and musicians, but with the ability to push the sonic boundaries with the use of Ableton Live. I sat down with all the artists and asked them about the history of all the instruments – everyone was very happy this vision of cross-pollinating the traditional with music technology.”

Audio Demos:

The behr – Santuri Safari – Instruments Pack is available now as a free download.