Shut Up & Play: The Rare ArmonConcert Synthesizer

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Synthesist Alberto Napolioni shared this 100% blah-blah-blah free demo of the rare Armonconcert, a vintage Italian paraphonic synthesizer from 1974.

It’s not just a great demo of the possibilities of the Armonconcert, but also a great demo of the performance possibilities of paraphonic synths of the ’70s.


0:00 Ice Waterfall
0:09 Creamy
0:17 Funky Clav
0:28 Rubber Piano
0:41 Chamber Strings
1:27 Stranger Feet
1:34 The Escape
2:06 Funky Brass
2:15 Purple Sunset
2:35 Jazzy Snippets
2:47 Ennio’s Pad
3:10 Plucked Beauty
3:37 Filter
3:49 Dance of Mosquito
4:38 Ascension
4:58 God is in da house
5:14 Say Goodbye
5:51 Brass Tinto
5:59 Permutations
6:04 Harpsichord Stairways

Technical details:

Some patches are dry and other with FX used on it:

OTO Bim delay
OTO Bam reverb

Shut Up & Play: The ‘100% Eargasmic’ UDO Super-6 Synthesizer

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Sound designer Jexus shared these audio demos for their new collection of 128 custom sounds for the UDO Super 6 synthesizer.

The videos are more than a preview of the sound library, though – they do a great job of demonstrating the range of sonic possibilities of the Super 6.

Jexus describes the sound of the UDO Super 6 as 100% eargasmic, adding “The warmth, depth & smoothness of the Super-6 sound is one of a kind, there’s nothing else quite like it in the synth world. “

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Pricing and Availability

The patch library is available now for $24 USD.

Check out the audio demos and share your thoughts on the Super 6 in the comments!

Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of The Korg MS-20 FS Synthesizer

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Enough with the blah-blah-blah – this video, via Bonedo Synthesizers, gets straight to demoing the sonic possibilities of the Korg MS-20 FS.

The MS-20 FS is a full-size reissue of the classic Korg MS-20, a patchable analog monophonic synthesizer, originally introduced in 1978. The FS is designed to be a recreate the original in every way, including the original packaging and manual.

The MS-20 FS adds MIDI In via DIN & USB, and is available in Blue, Green & White, in addition to the original black.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the Korg MS-20 FS in the comments!