Alt-pop musician Elita explores anxiety and depression on Anxiety Angel

Emerging alternative pop musician Elita ties deeply personal themes of anxiety and depression with spine-tingling supernatural elements on addictive EP Anxiety Angel. With hypnotic sonics layered over her haunting vocals, the five-track production is an eerie yet emotive collection of songs capturing Elita’s musical versatility.

Starting off strong with psych-rock sensibilities of “Sour Switchblade,” Elita’s enticing vocal lines weave a tale of seeming romanticism which gives away to something darker and more sinister.On following track, “Satanic Slumber Party,” the rising talent plays into her artistic duality as her innocent airy vocals and a delicate instrumental veil the beginnings of someone’s downfall.

While “Am I Scaring You,” featuring Salem Creeps, is a relatable exploration of dysfunctions in a relationship backdropped against the tensions of the pandemic, Elita switches gears with a softest offering of the EP with “Sucking Souls,” a soothing lullaby doubling as an eerie tale on lost souls.

The EP wraps up neatly with title track “Anxiety Angel,” a cathartic and comforting single tinged with synths and guitars, giving Elita and her listeners a moment to get every burden weighing them down off their chest in a strong but sensitive finish.

Finding solace in music, growing up in the isolated Canadian town of Cupids, Elita’s creative signature lies in her powerful ability to struggles into strength. Her love for singing and music, among various other creative outlets, led her out of loneliness into this career- now with a body of work that’s as haunting as it is healing, she seems to be using that very career to remind other people that they aren’t alone either.

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London musician Mulimba reminds us to count our blessings on “Chasing Gold” [Video]

London-raised act Mulimba covers an expanse of sounds from soaring church choir to hard-hitting hip-hop on “Chasing Gold,” a powerful showcase of gospel-tinged beats and earworm electro hooks that speaks of a dreamer’s hustle to find their path. With a layered build of indie guitar picks and booming rhythms, the track is designed as a much-needed reminder to count your blessings and carrying forward to better days.

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Infused with a trademark edgy enigma that’s found a place in his genre-hopping music, the track is a haunting yet upbeat offering made up of an intricate soundscape and uplifting message. Accompanied by a lo-fi, organic music video that cuts seamlessly between the gloss of his live performances and the grounding humility of his every day, Mulimba captures the charm that has seen him draw massive amounts of love since emerging onto the music scene in 2019.

Consistently building a sound that’s personable yet polished, versatility and unpredictability from the cornerstones of this exciting act who has managed to use the lockdown to hone his sound into something brimming with originality. Formed around the crux of his distinct wash of vocals, “Chasing Gold,” is an anthemic indie-hip-hop crossover that brings this rising act’s musical journey in 2021.

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Anja Kotar delivers a dose of sunshine pop on relatable track “Fun For You”

Emerging singer Anja Kotar drops playful offering “Fun For You,” a funky production led by bold vocals and a relatable theme of spending hours staring at our phone and forgetting to have any real conversation with those around you. With a burst of sunshine pop founded on pulsing guitars and synths, the groove-laden track draws from simple daily life annoyances, giving us an uplifting, light-hearted musical nook to escape into.

Crafted with a minimal yet melodic soundscape and an easy-going delivery, Kotar channels her ability to take small moments from life and create addictive productions that can be played over and over. Speaking of the process behind the track, the rising singer shared, “The origins of this song go way back to 2019 when Noah and Tyler were staying together in Colorado and wrote the chorus of Fun For You for, well, fun. Noah texted me the demo recording of it and I was immediately hooked. We quickly jumped on a Facetime call and co-wrote the rest of the song that day.”

Anja Kotar has made use of the pandemic in the most creative way possible, refine her sound to build a signature pop sound rooted in everyday things we take for granted. Her recently released EP Songs From Isolation demonstrated an artistry of swirling sonics and a swooning, confident voice and this latest track further creates a unique space for her earworm music in the pop scene.

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Canadian rapper DillanPonders celebrates his Jamaican heritage on “Dibby Dibby”

Canadian rapper DillanPonders celebrates his Jamaican heritage on high-energy offering “Dibby Dibby,” which delivers the message that he has no time for senseless chit-chat. Filled to the brim with swag underpinned by booming beats and fierce delivery, the track is accompanied by a stylish video that kicks the groovy vibe up a notch.

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Taken from his much-loved album BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, the track channels the rapper’s signature hip-hop style which combines a distorted and hazy sound with sharp, poetic lyricism that make for a well-rounded musical experience. Layered sonics and his gritty rap verses make “Dibby Dibby,” the perfect backdrop for parties, even as the culturally-nuanced style gives us an opportunity to embrace Dillan’s culture.

From homelessness to a part-time job and a small home studio, the promising rapper has grown exponentially within a short period armed with perseverance, passion and talent. Making lasting impressions from one track to the next, Dillan who has established the easy-going versatility of his sound, continues his rise to stardom as he meticulously preps his future music.

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Alt-rock duo Brick + Mortar wanting to find yourself on “Mystery to Myself”

American alternative rock duo Brick + Mortar drops self-reflective anthem “Mystery to Myself,” which explores the urgency of wanting to find yourself, wrapped up in glitchy sonics and anthemic vibes. Built on distorted synths and mystery-tinged vocals of lead vocalist Brandon Asraf, the track laments the realization that you don’t recognize yourself.

With an expansive soundscape that breaks down the confines of genre, appearing polished yet gritty and organic carried by their ability to craft intricate sonics that inspire people, the duo offer a heartfelt and message-heavy artistry that can paint vibrant but contemplative worlds.

Coming across as uplifting as they are framed by anxiety, depression, and the social complexities, Brick + Mortar which began a small-scale musical experiment Brandon’s little brother’s couch, with his buddy John Tacon has grown leaps and bounds, as the duo have hit their creative stride.

Infusing authenticity and emotion into every explosive note, “Mystery to Myself,” gives us a glimpse of the sonic and lyrical direction that the rising act is taking.

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Hip-hop act VIBE WORLD ORDER share uplifting anthem “LIFT” [Video]

New Jersey hip-hop collective VIBE WORLD ORDER share uplifting anthem “LIFT,” highlighting everything we’re able to do in our lives despite a lack of resources or support for it. With an explosive combination of fierce rap verses over a gritty soundscape and booming beats, group members Reg Mason and JTT showcase the depth and expanse of their craft on the narrative heavy offering.

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The sharp lyricism and catchy sonics of the self-described “half boastful, half working-class anthem,” is taken to the next level with a cinematic music video that sees the group weave a tale of an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist to save one of their members who has been taken by some yet-to-be-revealed people, hinting of a story that will continue in their future releases.

Deeply engaging and innovative, “ LIFT,” sees VIBE WORLD ORDER channel unity and ambition that we all think about as we move towards our goals in life. Backed up a consistently growing fanbase, the collective who arrived on the scene in 2018 has gone from strength to strength, refining themselves as a fully rounded act capable of production, songwriting and visualisation.

From an appearance on the star-studded AFROPUNK Brooklyn festival in 2019 to the release of their debut album STILL BROKE, this latest track continues to establish VIBE WORLD ORDER as a force to be reckoned with.

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Howard Kaye shares a glimpse of his refreshed sound on ” Last Generation”

UK artist Howard Kaye showcases his experimental sonic style on “Last Generation,” a track which explores the relatable message of taking life for granted. Reflecting on the very human reaction of putting ourselves first when faced with trouble, the track leads with a combination of droning guitars and beats layered over Kaye’s soaring vocals.

Pinned to Kaye’s observations of how people went out of their ways to protect themselves over anyone else, especially during the pandemic, the track is deceptively catchy with a hard-hitting chorus that gets us playing it on repeat. Tapping into a genre-hopping sound that has seen him jump from the world of hip-hop and electronic to rock and beyond, the track establishes Kaye’s ability to build power-packed soundscapes around intelligent song writing.

Inspired by the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot, Kaye’s endless passion for music has simmered and bloomed from a young age has led him to develop himself as an explorative act, launched forward by confidence and authenticity. Offering “Last Generation,” as the first glimpse of his experimental, reinvented sound, Kaye comes out of his creative shell.

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R.A.P. Ferreira returns from the malaise with jazz on his side in new single “East Nashville”

January’s Bob’s Son album set up R.A.P. Ferreira as hip-hop’s bop poet laureate, masterfully stitching together narratives and painting broad, expressive strokes over rap’s tattered canvas. The album was heavily lauded and it seems the laureate may have been resting on his laurels in the months since the release, but any radio silence has been shattered by the release of a new single, “East Nashville”, and welcome news of a new R.A.P. Ferreira album. Jazz legends of the atonal Möbius strip be praised.

“East Nashville”, as well as being a touching tribute to the place Ferreira lays his various extravagant hats, takes a more straightforwardly funky approach than much of the work on Bob’s Son, and hits the groove perfectly. As if to say, I can do regular boom-bap, I just choose not to, Ferreira skips all over a jazzy, playful vast ness. beat, casually dispensing couplets and insights so pragmatically it’s easy to take them as gospel. The beat is decidedly lo-fi, but any attempts to study or relax to it will ultimately prove fruitless thanks to Ferreira’s undeniable turns of phrase. An upbeat organ melody and crackling drums keep the necks cramping while elsewhere third eyes are being prised open.

The lyrics shoot off on various freeform tangents, but the general arc concerns R.A.P. Ferreira and a few good Nashville folk embarking on the classic American road trip, complete with artistically justified misadventures. The track is purposely peppered with local references designed to keep music reviewers thousands of miles away rightfully out of the loop.

“You never seen Professor Pretty Feet half-step

Black Aztec in Tribec, sippin’ Schweppes

Poetic terrorist made inept

Took the L and kept it pushin’

Recouped in Houston, resumed the cruisin’

Soulfolks do the bruisin’

In Pasadena, lean into that audio patina

Mementos in Sacramento

Sacraments in escrow

Vêtement, tore a hole

In Minneapolis, we became unbearable”

Ferreira has an instinctive understanding of tone and flow, as well as the inner mechanisms of words, and he gleefully sets about deconstructing them around his own blueprints, often little more than rough sketches which are fleshed out in the moment. If this is a snippet of what we can expect from the upcoming album, the snappily titled The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures, released on November 26 on Ruby Yacht, R.A.P. Ferreira may be lining up his usual art rap fare but with a more upfront inflection. This may be the release to elevate him to a new plateau and make his witty semi-autobiographical anecdotes part of the curriculum. Pre-order The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures here to avoid having to type it all in.

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Bangladeshi musician Sabbir Nasir delivers call-to-action against human evils on “Drowning”

Bangladeshi musician, poet and philosopher, Sabbir Nasir protests the evils of the world, touching on important topics of human trafficking, child prostitution and more on impactful protest song “ Drowning.” Opening with  soaring synths and airy vocals, the EDM-pop offering comes alive with funky basslines and subtle guitars, underpinned by catchy dance beats as Nasir draws us into the depth of his heart.

Heartfelt and emotive, “Drowning,” is serene yet thrums with currents of anger as Nasir calls on the elimination of all the evils that enveloping human race, a powerful music video from Shahrear Polock, carrying the message of the sensitive track forward. Channelling his signature lyrical style that seeks to address the unfairness of society, Nasir weaves strong connections that swell with the strength of his soulful voice.

[embedded content]

Having made a name for himself as a folk act, Nasir has slowly and steadily infused his interest in sonic experimentation moving effortlessly across various music styles.

With touches of spirituality and technical training coming together to develop an artistry that’s as organic as it is carefully crafted, Sabbir Nasir delivers a fiery mix of frustration, protest and a call for action on his latest foray that marks another notch in recent series of successful singles.

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