Jeffrey James laments a year lost on “Songs I Found in the Year I Lost” EP

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Jeffrey James channels the restlessness felt during the pandemic into creativity on EP Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, a collection of five tracks pulled from a mix of new collaborations, forgotten demos, and previously unreleased songs, led by his smooth vocals and narrative-driven lyricism.

Opening with the gripping arrangement of “Sober,” that sees him lean into his trademark combination of cinematic instrumentation and thoughtful song writing, both of which stretches into following track, “Making It Up,” a relatable exploration of finding your purpose in life framed by an uplifting message that you will grow up as life goes on.

The eclectic musician establishes his versatility as he switches from anthemic soundscapes to soothing ballads with emotive track  “In The Back of My Mind,” a track written pre-pandemic yet fitting snugly into the reflective mood of the EP. He shines a light on his rich, warm voice on the feel-good, acoustic style “Small Talk.”

Final track “We Can Be Heroes,”  which was written alongside “In The Back of My Mind,” brings the production to a soft, slow ending with a trim of ethereal backing vocals elevating the layered pop ballad which drives the deeply introspective EP to a powerful end.

James who has continued to build a reputation for his sleek, brooding tracks since his first project in 2016, showcases his ability to challenge himself musically on Songs I Found in the Year I Lost, as he loses himself in the comfort of creating sonic explorations of the human experience, inviting us into the soothing world which thrums with lush instrumentals and relatable song writing that laments a year lost. 

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