Backbone Drum Synth Now Lets You Use Artificial Intelligence To Create New Drum Sounds

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Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of Backbone 1.5, an update to their drum re-synthesizer, that lets you create original drum sounds using artificial intelligence and Neural Audio Synthesis.

This person does not exist, but this photo is the output of a generative adversarial network.

Backbone 1.5 features DrumGAN, a recent development by Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL), that uses Generative Adversarial Networks to generate original drum sounds. Available samples can also be analyzed to create similar versions.

A generative adversarial network (GAN) is a machine learning approach, in which two neural networks are used to improve the accuracy of artificially-generated output, with the goal of making the artificially-generated output indistinguishable from the source material that the model is trained on.

Well known examples of GANs can generate photorealistic portraits of peoplecute cat pics and more.

“The cooperation between Sony CSL and Steinberg is a great example of how AI can be used in music production,” notes Steinberg’s Florian Haack. “The ability to generate new samples with DrumGAN for kicks, snare or cymbals, or analyze existing samples and further re-synthesize and
reassemble the components, gives producers unprecedented flexibility to design new

Here’s a look at the technology behind DrumGAN:

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Availability and Pricing

Backbone is available through the Steinberg Online Shop for 149 euros or 149.99 US dollars. With the release of version 1.5, Backbone is currently available at a 40% special offer discount until the end of July 2022. The update to version 1.5 is free for users who already purchased Backbone

Steinberg Nuendo 12 Now Available

Steinberg has announced the availability of Nuendo 12, a major update to its audio production tool.

The company says that the twelfth version of Nuendo has a clear focus on speech. Many of Nuendo’s new features and improvements not only ensure that dialogue is clearly heard but are especially designed for sound designers and post-production studios working in this area.

Here’s what’s new in Steinberg Nuendo 12:

  • Dialogue Detection AIpowered algorithms to remove silent parts from a recording and leave only the dialogue.
  • Multiple reference clips for audio alignment, to apply precise timing to a large set of field recorder files at once.
  • Free Warp tool in the Project window for subtle manual timing corrections to audio event waveforms.
  • Netflix TTAL import and export support for working on language dubbing projects for Netflix.
  • EdiCue v4 support for loading character text from PDF shooting scripts and storing cue date in Nuendo’s cycle markers.
  • Binaural Downmix in the Renderer for Dolby Atmos, for immersive sound mixing over headphones with the required spatial accuracy.
  • Headphones Match plug-in to compensate and/or emulate the frequency response curve of 387 different models of headphones from a hundred manufacturers.
  • New MIDI Remote system and API that automatically detects MIDI devices and maps their controls in Nuendo.
  • Sound Design tools featuring Raiser, a limiter with ultra-fast attack times, but without compromising transients or transparency; FX Modulator with an arsenal of effect modules and an envelope editor to create time-based modulations of sound effects; additional Randomize parameters for the StepFilter; extended ARA 2 support, improved Logical Editors and Input Transformer, plus more.
  • Music feature enhancements including Scale Assistant in VariAudio, Create Chord Events from Audio Events, Verve felt piano, Import tempo and signature tracks, Multi-selection and phase coherent AudioWarp editing, Lin One Dither and more.
  • Workflow and productivity improvements, including a new dongle-free licensing system, extended editing capabilities, a revamped ADR Taker, the ability to create markers from selected events, more flexible marker handling options, additional key commands, native Apple Silicon support, UI and performance improvements, enhanced audio and video engine performance.

Nuendo 12 Video Overview:

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Availability and Pricing

Nuendo 12 is available now for US$ 999.99. See the site for details on upgrades, crossgrades, etc.

Steinberg Intros Cubase 12 – Here’s What’s New

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Steinberg has introduced Cubase 12, a major update that they say adds significant new features and workflow enhancements.

Updates in Cubase 12 include enhanced controller support, new pitch and timing correction options, new effects, workflow improvements and more.

Here’s what’s new in Steinberg Cubase 12:

  • Enhanced Logical Editors for a more customizable experience [Pro]
  • Raiser: The powerhouse limiter for the final touch [Pro]
  • Pro improvements from the post-production system Nuendo [Pro]
  • FX Modulator breathes new life into your sounds [Pro?Artist]
  • Verve: A beautifully atmospheric felt piano [Pro?Artist]
  • Improved AudioWarp to make recordings even more perfect [Pro?Artist]
  • New Scale Assistant in VariAudio makes pitch editing a breeze [Pro?Artist]
  • MIDI Remote integration for enhanced external device mapping [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Improved editing workflow to make hitting deadlines easier [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Audio to chords lets you focus even more on the music [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Sample Accurate Volume Automation [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • Native Apple silicon support [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • New flexible Steinberg Licensing [Pro?Artist?Elements]
  • A range of other tool and performance improvements [Pro?Artist?Elements]

Here’s a series of videos that offer an in-depth look at Cubase 12:

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Pricing and Availability

Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12 and Cubase Elements 12 are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop.

  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Pro 12 is 579 euros or 579.99 US dollars.
  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Artist 12 is 329 euros or 329.99 US dollars.
  • The suggested retail price for Cubase Elements 12 is 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars.

Cubasis 3.4 Adds Ableton Link Support & More

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Steinberg has announced the availability of Cubasis 3.4, an update to the mobile DAW that adds Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Cubasis 3.4:

  • Ableton Link Support – No matter if you are using iOS, Android, desktop or hardware: Ableton Link support in Cubasis makes staying synchronized with other Link-enabled apps easy and effortless.
  • MIDI Recording Workflow Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 adds many features to make recording easier. A long tap on the locator range lets you place the locators in a new position to quickly start your recording. Use the Chord Buttons to  create chord sequences, while recording melodies in one go. You want to find out how your pad sequence sounds at half speed? MIDI time-stretch lets you easily find out.
  • State Save / Total Recall Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 makes sure you will find the project in the exact same state as when you left the app last time. The editors remember the zoom level and position for each audio and MIDI event, allowing you to instantly continue with your edits. The same goes for the arranger, the mixer channel width, the setup choices you’ve made and more.
  • 75+ Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 adds more than 75 improvements for performance and stability.

Pricing and Availability:

Cubasis 3.4 for iOS is available now for 49.99 euros, including German VAT, or 49.99 US dollars. Cubasis 3.4 for Android is available for 29.99 euros, including German VAT, or 29.99 US dollars.

Dorico Notation Software Now Available For iPad As A Free Download

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Steinberg has introduced Dorico for iPad, a music notation app that lets you write music, using traditional notation, and play it back using a built-in library of sounds.

Dorico for iPad comes with a new Key Editor that they say makes it possible to work seamlessly both on conventional music notation and detailed MIDI editing tools. An on-screen multi-touch piano keyboard makes inputting and editing music easy. You can also connect a USB or Bluetooth MIDI keyboard and input music both in step time and in real time. You can also add clefs, key signatures, time signatures, dynamics, tempos and other notation.


  • Automatic engraving
  • Easy note input using on-screen keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or external keyboard
  • Intelligently adjusts notation as you write
  • Any number of movements or pieces in a single project
  • Automatic layout of instrumental parts
  • Expressive playback using included sounds and effects
  • Supports Audio Unit virtual instruments and effects processors
  • Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
  • Sophisticated chord symbols, unpitched percussion and drum set notation
  • Unbarred music, tuplets across barlines, etc. all handled correctly — no workarounds
  • Transfer to and from other apps via MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, etc.

Pricing and Availability:

Dorico for iPad is available now as a free download. The free download version is limited to writing for two players. You can write for ensembles up to four players if you register for a free Steinberg account.

An option subscription unlocks the ability to score for up to 12 players, and adds Engrave mode, which lets you tweak the graphical appearance of every marking in the score.

Steinberg Nuendo 11 Now Available, Adds Support For Dolby Atmos, Netflix Productions

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Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Nuendo 11, the latest version of its DAW for MacOS & Windows.

Nuendo 11 features new and enhanced features, including dedicated tools for Dolby Atmos and Netflix productions, along with new design tools and exclusive content.

What’s New In Nuendo 11

ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos is one of the highlights included in Nuendo 11. With this module and its integrated Renderer for Dolby Atmos, content can easily be created according to Dolby Atmos specifications, allowing producers to work within Nuendo while eliminating the need for further software or external hardware.

Nuendo now includes an entire metering plug-in suite with SuperVision. Providing more than 20 different display modules for level metering, loudness measurement and analysis, SuperVision is extremely flexible and offers customizable settings and layouts for up to nine module slots.

More metering options are integrated with the Netflix Loudness Meter and Intelligibility Meter. To ensure consistency of content production, the Netflix Loudness Meter in Nuendo 11 is calibrated to the official Sound Mix Specifications and Best Practices, measuring the dialog-gated loudness as required by Netflix.

Job Queues is a time-saver, allowing engineers to enter up to 20 different tasks in a list. This means that stems are individually exported together with all the settings available in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, but the tasks are processed in one single action.

Nuendo 11 also adds many enhancements to its sound design tools.

  • The MultiTap Delay now supports up to 7.1 surround sound. Frequency 2 offers dynamic EQ, with the filter nodes of the eight available bands responding to the input signal and also offering independent side-chaining.
  • The new Multiband Imager places up to four bands in different locations within the stereo image.
  • The new Squasher compresses the input signal in up to three bands, with an individual gate, saturation effect and independent side-chaining.
  • The enhanced Sampler Track now slices samples and includes two global LFOs.

SpectraLayers One is a simplified version of the acclaimed spectral editing software SpectraLayers Pro 7. SpectraLayers One offers a spectrogram view of the audio tracks in Nuendo, including selection, editing and display tools that allow intricate editing to improve dialog and location audio.

VST Connect SE 5, the remote recording plug-in already included in Nuendo, now supports HiDPI and offers a redesigned interface with scalable window.

Nuendo 11 also has several new tools for musicians.

The Scale Assistant lets users set the scale of the music, which is then adjusted accordingly within the newly enhanced Key Editor, which now displays Global Tracks.

Along with other improvements, the Score Editor includes Note Length and Velocity Overlays to edit notes, the new Property tab for easy access to notation settings and support for Dorico’s Bravura and Petaluma fonts.

Nuendo 11 provides many additional workflow and performance enhancements, including:

  • ARA improvements
  • Variable DPI on Windows 10 computers
  • Optimized GUI on macOS computers
  • Extended Eucon integration
  • Marker lines for an improved display of marker events
  • Further refinements to continue to facilitate working with Nuendo

Nuendo 11 also comes with a wealth of new sound content: over 750 game sound effects by Soundbits, six loop and sound sets, more than 200 plug-in and track presets, and the seamless integration with the Soundly cloud library of sound effects, allowing users to tap into a variety of premium sounds.

Here’s a video intro to the new features:

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Availability and Pricing

Nuendo 11 is available now, with these suggested retail prices:

  • Nuendo 11 boxed version – $999.99
  • Nuendo 11 downloadable version – $972.00

See the Steinberg site for details and upgrade pricing.

Steinberg Cubase 11 Now Available

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Steinberg has introduced Cubase 11, a major update to their DAW for MacOS & Windows.

Cubase 11 includes new features for all three editions: Pro, Artist and Elements. You can preview the new features via the update video playlist, embedded above.

Here’s what’s new in Cubase 11, by version:

  • Advanced Audio Export: Save time with new export queues [Pro]
  • Sampler Track 2: New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Scale Assistant: Follow, quantize and play live to a set scale [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Global Tracks: Stay in sync more easily [Pro]
  • Frequency 2: Precise dynamic EQ for better mixing [Pro]
  • Squasher: Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Score Editor: Workflow improvements and new fonts [Pro]
  • New Samples: Six fresh sound and loop sets [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • SuperVision: Flexible, customizable metering [Pro, Artist]
  • Imager: Multiband stereo placement [Pro, Artist]
  • MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Delay in up to 5.1 surround sound [Pro]
  • Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling settings [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Cubase Artists/Elements Upgrades: More bang for fewer bucks [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Multiple Side-Chain: Improved input architecture [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility [Pro]
  • VST Connect SE 5: Resizable HiDPI-ready interface for remote recording solutions [Pro]
  • Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier [Pro, Artist]
  • Apple Metal Acceleration: Better Mac performance [Pro, Artist, Elements]
  • SpectraLayers One: Visual editing and audio source separation [Pro, Artist]

Pricing and Availabilty:

All version of Cubase 11 are now available. See the Steinberg site for pricing details and upgrade info.

Steinberg Cubasis 3 Now Available For Android Devices

Steinberg has released Cubasis 3, a mobile DAW originally introduced for iOS in 2012, in a new version for Android devices.

Cubasis is designed to let you perform, record, mix and share music from your mobile device.


  • Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
  • 32-bit floating-point audio engine
  • Audio I/O resolution of up to 24-bit/48 kHz
  • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting featuring zplane’s élastique 3
  • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 ready-to-go presets
  • MicroSonic with over 120 virtual instrument sounds, from acoustic piano to an array of drums
  • MiniSampler to create your own instruments, including 20 factory instruments
  • Mixer with studio-grade channel strip per track and 17 effects processors
  • Master Strip plug-in suite with exceptional great effects
  • Fully automatable DJ-like Spin FX effect plug-in
  • Over 550 MIDI and timestretch-capable audio loops
  • Virtual keyboard, chord and drum pads with intuitive note repeat
  • Audio editor and MIDI editor with MIDI CC support
  • MIDI editor for programming and editing MIDI tracks quickly and efficiently
  • MIDI auto quantize
  • Track duplicate
  • Automation, MIDI CC, program change and aftertouch support
  • Audio and MIDI-compatible hardware supported*
  • MIDI clock and MIDI thru support
  • Export to Cubase, Google Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox and more

Pricing and Availability

Steinberg Cubasis 3 for Android is available now for $49.99 USD.

If you’ve used Cubasis 3 on an Android device, leave a comment and share how it worked for you!

Steinberg Intros Backbone Drum Resynthesizer Plugin

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Steinberg has introduced Backbone, a new drum resynthesizer plugin.

“Backbone lets you create and manipulate drum sounds in unprecedented ways,” says Steinberg’s Florian Haack. “You can feed the Drum Re-synthesizer with your own recordings and combine them with any kind of drum sample. It is such a powerful tool for those who like to get creative and want to develop their own signature drum sound.”

Backbone lets you layer up to eight samples and then:

  • shape them with classic subtractive synthesis;
  • decompose samples into tonal and noise elements;
  • re-synthesize samples to manipulate them; and
  • apply up to eight effects with two fully routable buses.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Backbone is available now, for Mac & Windows, for $149.99 USD.

Steinberg Dorico 3.5 Expands Music Notation Capabilities, Improves Scoring Workflow

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Steinberg has announced Dorico 3.5, an update that introduces features to expand its notational capabilities and  expedite users’ workflow.

Dorico 3.5 offers new tools for trying out ideas during the composition process and for handling sample libraries through its expanded VST Expression Maps editor. Also new to Dorico is its support for figured bass and condensed divisi for string section players, plus many more new features.

New features include:

  • Pitch before duration input
  • More powerful VST Expression Maps
  • Figured bass
  • Condensing for divisi
  • Design your own vertical and horizontal lines with a comprehensive set of editors, allowing greater freedom of expression (Dorico Pro only)
  • Expanded guitar notation
  • Show a grid of the guitar chords used in a flow above the first system with a single click
  • Easier slur editing, smarter slur placement, improved collision avoidance, and refined appearance
  • More flexible beaming, including beams that start and end with rests
  • Create additional instrumental parts in different transpositions, making it easy to provide parts for flexible ensembles
  • New filter and search features, putting everything at your fingertips
    Expanded MusicXML export

Pricing and Availability

Dorico is available boxed for 579 Euros and as a digital release for 559 Euros. Upgrade pricing and education discounts are also available. See the Steinberg site for details.