Tiptop Audio + Buchla Sequential Voltage Source, Dual Voltage Processor Coming This Summer In Eurorack Format

At Superbooth 2022, Tiptop Audio is previewing the next modules in its official line of Buchla 200 Series Eurorack modules.

The first batch of the 245t Sequential Voltage Source and 257t Dual Voltage Processor, above, are in production and are expected to ship this Summer. Both are Eurorack translations of classic Buchla 200 Series modules from ’70s.

Tiptop Audio also shared an update on their version of the 292 Quad Lo Pass Gate, which will feature handmade vactrols that they say will “satisfy the ears of the most die-hard Buchla bongo fans”, adding “Users will be able to build out their 200t systems with the classic Buchla signal chain.”

In addition to the Tiptop Audio & Buchla news, Tiptop announced that they are introducing an all-black Mantis Eurorack case.

The new black Mantis is identical in specs and price to the original. This case is made with black ABS with an overcoating to ensure a homogenous shade in various light conditions.

The first batch of black Mantis is limited and will be available very soon with additional quantities that should be ready toward the end of Summer. The gray Mantis will also be available again, and they plan to have them shipping in large quantities in the coming months.

Finally, Tiptop Audio has added black faceplates for the following modules: Miso, Forbidden Planet, Z8000, Z2040, Mix7. The black Z8000 is now released and the others will be sent to retailers in the coming weeks.

See the Tiptop site for more info.

Getting Started With The New Tiptop Audio & Buchla Eurorack Modules

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In their latest video, Wes from Perfect Circuit takes a look at the new Tiptop Audio & Buchla Eurorack modules.

These module recreate classic Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box designs from 1970. The originals are now rare and expensive, but the new versions are updated to use the popular Eurorack format and designed to be mass-produced, so the prices start around $160 per module.

Perfect Circuit notes, “These aren’t simply ‘inspired by’ Buchla designs—these are actual Buchla 200 circuits, modified to accommodate the format-specific requirements of Eurorack, such as voltage levels, power supply, connection types, and of course, they are modified in layout to fit into a standard 3U Eurorack rack space. Otherwise, these are as close as you can get to the real deal.”

If you want to read more about the new modules, check out Perfect Circuit’s article on the Tiptop Audio + Buchla 200 Series Eurorack Modules.

Interested in affordable Buchla modules? Share your thoughts in the comments?

Tiptop Audio Intros ModFX, FSU Eurorack Effects Modules

At Superbooth 2021, in addition to introducing a new line of Buchla 200 Series modules, Tiptop Audio introduced two new Euro effects modules, ModFX and FSU.

Built on the same platform as ECHOZ, ZVERB and the Z5000, they have the same UI with CV control over all three DSP parameter and the Fidelity control over the DSP clock.

Both are available in the White panel as well as the newer backlit Black panels.

ModFX offers three banks of modulations effects, from classic stomp box and rack effects to more experimental processing not found in any other hardware. The developers say that one of the strengths of ModFX is the way it moves static mono sources into expansive stereo sound fields.

The Chorus bank has effects that range from subtle widening to wobbly ambiences or deep detuned rooms, particularly when combined with the Fidelity control.

Flange effects come from the modulation of very short delay times and this bank expands on that to include Karplus and Resonant pitch effects and panning using the Haas effect. Programs like the Chord Resonator can turn percussive tracks into harmonic material and the Haas panning creates wide stereo spreads without pitch or amplitude modulation.

ModFX’s Filter bank doesn’t have the typical high and low pass options common to synths and instead features a set of highly modulated and unusual filtering options. Programs include a couple of vintage inspired all pass filter based phasers, filter based panning and some vocal formant options.

Here’s an in-depth intro video:

[embedded content]

FSU is designed to bring more aggressive and destructive processing to the FX lineup, from guitar pedal inspired distortion, to granular processing, to tape recorder style Sound on Sound looping.

Distortions include Ring Modulation and Frequency Shifting for some vintage analog mayhem.

Glitch bank has time-based effects that abuse the aspects of delay and pitch pushing them to more experimental and extreme sounds.

And Sound On Sound recreates one of the more interesting features of reel to reel tape decks that allowed overdubbing endlessly without multi-tracking. This bank uses a short tape loop and adds a variety of digital processes like pitch shifting and granular playback to make it more experimental.

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For more information, see the Tiptop Audio site.

Classic Buchla 200 Series Modules Returning As Inexpensive Eurorack Modules

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At Superbooth 2021, Tiptop Audio and Buchla USA have announced a joint project to bring classic Buchla 200 Series modules back as affordable Eurorack modules.

The Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box was introduced in 1970, and replaced the earlier 100 series. Like the original Moog modular synths, 200 Series systems were rare and expensive, so few people had access to them.

Buchla and Tiptop Audio say that they’ve joined forces to resume the production of these designs, but in Euro format and with module prices expected to start around $160 USD.

Pricing and Availability

Six modules have been announced for the Buchla & Tiptop Audio Eurorack 200 Series:

  • Dual Oscillator Model 258tDual Oscillator Model 258t – expected Winter 2021, priced at $160-200
  • Quad Lopass Gate Model 292tQuad Lopass Gate Model 292t – expected Spring-Summer 2022, pricing TBD
  • Dual Voltage Processor Model 257t – expected Spring 2022, pricing TBD
  • Source of Uncertainty Model 266tSource of Uncertainty Model 266t – expected Spring 2022, pricing TBD
  • Quad Function Generator 281t – expected Winter 2021, priced at $170-210
  • Sequential Voltage Source Model 245t, expected Winter-Spring 2022, price TBD

Tiptop Audio ZVERBZ Brings 24 New Reverbs To Z-DSP Platform

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Tiptop Audio has introduced ZVERBZ, a collection of new stereo reverb algorithms for the Z-DSP Eurorack audio effects processor.

The effects range from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb.

The effects are grouped by decades, based on either the era an algorithm was introduced or the time when the effect was most popular.

This variety of reverbs covers small to epic size spaces, with the addition of shimmering, feedback tunneled pitch shifting, tape delay drivers, gated reverbs and a lot more. Analog clocking of the DSP chip and CV over the parameters enables even more experimentation.

Video demo timeline:

0:00:00 70s Hall
0:02:12 70s Plate
0:05:56 70s Bright Plate
0:07:19 70s Tape Plate
0:09:35 70s Earliest Verb
0:11:55 70s Space station
0:15:00 70s Prehst A
0:18:25 70s Epic Mod Hall
0:23:17 80s Verb1
0:26:22 80s Ambience
0:28:44 80s Gate LPF
0:31:15 80s Delay – Hall
0:34:35 80s Shimmer Octave Up-Down
0:38:15 80s Shimmer Pich Adjust
0:43:37 80s Blooming
0:47:19 80s Pitch Over Plate
0:52:05 90s Room
0:55:57 90s Void
1:00:47 90s Downward Spiral
1:08:37 90s Random Hall
1:13:16 90s Pong Verb
1:16:51 90s Chord Verb
1:19:17 90s Delay Pitch Chorus
1:22:47 90s Formant Verb

70’s Card:

80’s Card:

90’s Card:

Details and extensive audio demos are available the Tiptop Audio site.